Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cloud Climbers Newsletter Recapping Campaign 12


I've just been looking at maps of Nashville and figuring out how to get to AMP it UP and where to park, as I'm scheduled to work for Avon there on Thursday from 9:30 to 2:30 and again on Saturday at the same time. Eek! I'm going alone and have never driven in that area before. In fact, I believe the only time I ever drove in Nashville was when I drove a carpool of Reps to RepFest last year. Siri, I will be depending on you to guide me to my destination and I am so very thankful for the fact that I don't need to look at a map. 😍  I don't suppose any of you will be attending the CMA Fest, but if you are going, please go by the Avon AMP it UP tent on the corner of Demonbreun Street and 5th Avenue by the Music City Walk of Fame Park and say "Hello!" to the Avon Reps. there. We had a call this morning with details on our goals for the event and what we can expect to be doing. I will, of course, give a full report in the next newsletter. I'm attaching an image of what the tent set up is supposed to look like and I'll post pictures on the Cloud Climbers Facebook page when I return.   

Top Ten in Sales for C12

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $2,605   (I conducted a fundraiser this campaign.)
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $635
 3. Rene Parker  PC   $518
 4. Melanie Hamilton   $376
 5. Amanda Poarch   $326
 6. Deanna Buswell   $318  
 7. Gladys Faulk   $274
 8. Phyllis Smith   $233
 9. Ruby Nunnery   $218
10. Vicky White   $217

Top Ten in Sales Cycle-to-Date

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $17,708
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $5,588   (More than halfway to President's Club!)
 3. Rene Parker  PC   $4,059   (Almost halfway to President's Club!)
 4. Gladys Faulk   $3,251
 5. Deanna Buswell   $2,989
 6. Phyllis Smith   $2,989
 7. Margaret McCrary   $2,462
 8. Vicky White   $1,994
 9. Judith Lea   $1,924
10. Hattie Bush   $1,903

We currently have 91 active Cloud Climbers, another 32 who have not turned in orders at all this year, and 5 appointments still pending their first order. If you are among the 32 who are taking a break from Avon, I hope that it is only a break and that you will place an order and reinstate yourselves before your 26 campaigns of no activity are ended. If you don't get an order placed during that time and you come back to Avon later, you will start over as a new Representative. I'd still like to have you back after that time, so be sure and use my code of SMOORE (or the code of whoever you signed with initially if you are second generation CCs) should you need to start fresh. 

Happy June Birthday to: Vicky White on the 4th, Amanda Poarch on the 9th, Annette Shepard on the 25th, Denise King on the 28th, and Kathy McAlpin on the 28th. Celebrating Avon Anniversaries in June are: Deanna Buswell, 1 year on June 1; Anna Kinsaul, 1 year on June 12; Paula Russell, 1 year on June 14; Susan Watkins, 2 years on June 16; Vicky White, 15 years on June 20; and Ann Henry, 28 years on June 25. Congratulations to all of these!

Avon Awards for C12: Deanna Buswell earned Espira products for a year from her scratch off ticket. I believe I reported on that in the last newsletter, but I did see the official notice of it so I wanted to mention it again. Ruby Nunneryand Julie Thomas received some retroactive payments that Avon owed them for the activity of their team members, so I'm sure that was nice for them. Rene Parker received 50 PRP Points for Sales Increase, and I received 375 PRP Points for the Sales Increase. I have used some of my points to order my Mrs. Albee for 2018, so I look forward to receiving her soon so she can join the other ladies on my shelves. 

Six of us had Direct Delivery orders in C12 (myself, Anna KinsaulCaroline McCulloughApril MooreRene Parker, and Julie Thomas) and I have been pleased to see that my own direct delivery orders have increased recently. I don't know the main reason for that, but it could be that more people are loving Avon than ever before, or that I have been actively sharing on social media and it is paying off, or that I am listed on Google Maps, or that people were just running out of their products during May. I only know that I'm pretty sure my Direct Delivery Sales broke a record for me last month and I'm happy about that! Consistent activity = Consistent results. Sometimes you have to keep at the consistency for awhile before you see the results, but it will pay off in the long run. I look forward to seeing more and more Cloud Climbers who work consistently at their businesses with similar (or better!) consistent results. Speaking of DD orders, if you have not read the Beauty Buzz you need to be aware that there is a free shipping on $25 code available tomorrow (Weds, June 6) and that code is SUNNY.  Email the code, post it on social media, text it to your customers, but get it out to your customers any way you can. Let's see who can get the most DD orders in one day! Hint: There may be an extra award for the winner. 😊

That's all for now. Let me know how we can work together to further your business goals, and don't forget to be consistently looking for new customers and new team members to grow your business in two ways!!     

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best Buys of the Campaign 13 Brochure

Where did the time go this weekend?!? I fully intended to get this reminder out before now, but I let the time slip away while working on other things. I hope that you enjoyed your Memorial Day and taking time to remember those who fought and died so that we could enjoy this day.

Here are some of the best buys that I spotted in the C13 brochure:
  • Pg. 19, All the Avon Reps who have tried True Color Dazzle Drops have been raving about this product. Just a drop or two will have your skin glowing with a dewy finish, either alone or over makeup. The $14 bottle should last for the whole summer.
  • Pg. 23, True Color Eyeshadow Quad is only $4.99. Some palettes have all matte shades and others have a mix of matte and shimmer shades.
  • Pg. 25, Glimmersticks remain at their LPTY of $2.99. 😊😍
  • Pgs. 26/27, Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Lip Crayons - all are any 2 for $10. This is the last brochure for Glazewear Lip Gloss to appear so the shades are "while supplies last." But don't despair, because True Color Lip Glow is coming in C14 and it will be even better!
  • Pg. 28, True Color Kohl Eye Liner, with its tip for smudging, is only $4.99.
  • Pg. 30/31, Big & Daring, Big & False Lash, and Big & Multiplied Mascaras are each $6.99. Super Shock, SuperExtend Lengthening, SuperExtend Winged Out, and SuperExtend Nourising Mascaras are each $5.99.
  • Pg. 35, Anew Age-Transforming 2-in-1 Compact Foundation is $11.99.
  • Pg. 36, Bronzing Pearls and Bronzing Powder are $7.99 each.
  • Pg. 39, Makeup Brushes are all on sale with prices ranging from $4.99 to $9.99. 
  • Pg. 45, IT'S BACK! Soap-on-a-Rope for Men is back by popular demand in Avon's three best selling men's fragrances: Mesmerize, Black Suede, and Wild Country. Each one is only $4.99 and would make a great gift for Father's Day on June 17.
  • Pg. 49, Speaking of best selling men's fragrances, Black Suede and Wild Country are each $8.99 this campaign. (Take note that the Wild Country Boot Collectible Decanter, pg. 51, is in the brochure for the last time.)
  • Pg. 57, Far Away Soleil, the limited edition summer version of Far Away with tangerine, orange blossom, and soft amber is only $12.99. All other Far Away fragrances are $12.99 each as well.
  • Pg. 71-73, NEW! Anew Clay Masks - three masks that will treat every area of your face so you can customize your treatment - Brightening Clay Mask with Citrus Peel for dull skin, Calming Clay Mask with Aloe to calm and soothe areas, and Purifying Clay Mask with White Charcoal Powder for oily areas. Each mask is $9.99.
  • Pg. 76/77, Anew Cleansers for all skin types are $6.99 each.
  • Pg. 83, Anew Ultimate Supreme Advance Performance Creme with Black Pearl Extract is $34.99.
  • Pg. 89, Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and Skinvinicible Deep Recovery Cream are each $19.99.
  • Pg. 91, Avon has done it again! These 4-pc boxed kits of Anew Ultimate and Platinum Regimens are actually 5-pc sets this campaign, because you get the matching cleanser FREE!! These kits are truly the best way to buy your Anew regimens.
  • Pg. 99, The SSS Satin Glow Collection is back in the brochure so your body can stay moisturized with a gradual sun-kissed hint of tint for a healthy-looking glow. Firming Body Lotion is $7.99 and Skin Illuminator and Body Gel Moisturizer are $5.99 each.
  • Back Cover, the A Box is Power Plum and includes 4 products with a plum theme for only $10 with your $40 order.
I'll be back again soon with the C12 Team Newsletter. Until then, just let me know if you have any questions or needs.

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader 

p.s. Don't forget about the Avon Outlet - where you can get the best deals on discontinued products while supplies last. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for Campaign 11


This newsletter is coming out a little later than planned, but yard work, my Spring fundraiser for ALANA, and my event Saturday took precedent. Oh yes, there was that other little thing, the PRP Tribute! Once again Avon treated its top performers (and Avon considers anyone with sales over $10,000 in a year a top performer) to a fantastic lunch, gifts, awards, and lots of fun. One of the best parts for me is getting to see so many of my fellow Reps. that I have known and celebrated with for many years. I posted pictures from the event on the "Southeast Region - New Avon" Facebook page and this link should take you to those: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.598288710546994&type=3   

Top Ten in Sales for C11

 1. Leslie Clendenon   $713   Wow!
 2. Kelsey McGowan   $542    Way to go!
 3. Sandra Moore  HS   $537   Yes, I was outsold by two of my team members, and I'm happy about it, too! 😍
 4. Gladys Faulk  $352
 5. Debbie Fortenberry  $328
 6. Phyllis Smith  $302
 7. Margaret McCrary  $288
 8. Amanda Poarch  $273   New! I know Deanna Buswell is happy for her newest team member to be doing so well! 
 9. Kelli Violet  $230
10. Alison Hogan  $200

I put out a challenge to the team in the last newsletter and only had two team members accept that challenge - Deanna Buswell and Leslie Clendenon - so I want to thank them both for participating in this effort to put more money in their pockets from sales and from me! Deanna will have to let me know if she meets her goal, as she is working to build the number of Direct Delivery eStore orders she has and that won't show on my reports. I just checked my reports for Leslie and I see that she is on track for her goal of increasing her sales over prior campaigns. I'll let you know in June how well these ladies did and I'll continue to put out more challenges for you later, so be sure to always read these newsletters to learn what you can earn from your mentor!

Congratulations to Deanna Buswell for earning a Scratch Off Ticket in the #BLAB incentive! Yesterday she did a FB Live video with her two children so others could see the scratching, (because you never want to scratch alone), and her gift was Espira for a year!! Now, we don't know exactly which Espira products she will be receiving for a year, but I know this is a valuable gift and I expect there will be LOTS of Espira products coming to her. Congratulations to Deanna, and a big thank you  to her recruit, Stacie Barnes, for having a $150+ first or second order. Deanna was asking me a question about claiming her prize and I told her I could not answer that question because I have never earned a scratch off ticket due to not having a successful personal recruit during the time frame. So, Deanna has the honor of being the first scratch off ticket winner for the Cloud Climbers. 😊 But wait! There's more!! Because Stacie was added to Deanna's team during my race to earn the entire $1,500 in Bonus Money for making Bronze Leader, (it's official now, since I received my pin 😉), Deanna will also receive $50 from me in the incentive I put out for that time frame. Deanna, I'll be getting that check in the mail to you this week.

So....what is happening in your life that we need to celebrate? It does not have to be Avon related, just something you want to "Be proud out loud" about for yourself or your family, or maybe a special need you would like for us to pray about. Also, I'm always looking for people to Spotlight in the newsletter, so if you have never been in the Spotlight, please share some details about yourself so we can get to know you better.

I'm off to sort a bunch of Avon products, because the fundraiser has arrived. I'm betting that none of you will beat my sales for C12, but I would certainly be excited and grateful (for you and me) if you did!! 😍 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Avon Social - the Newest Way to Spread the Word about Avon!

A news release from Avon that I am sharing so you will know what this amazing company has to offer you as a Representative. If you are ready to take advantage of this program that does so much of the social selling work for you, go HERE now!

Dear Avon Leader,

Earlier this year, we launched Avon Social, our new game-changing platform created just for Avon Representatives to help them manage all their social media, all in one spot. We’ve had such fabulous feedback and success with Avon Social that the moment has come to say so long to our Social Media Center on Thursday, May 31, and make Avon Social our one-and-only hot spot for all things social media.

Almost 80,000 of our Representatives are already enjoying the benefits Avon Social offers their business, but we need your help spreading the word to all our Representatives. We invite you to be a social media role model and share your expertise with your teammates. Avon Social makes working your business and connecting with customers simple, easy, fun, (and faster!) while putting more money in your pocket—so it’s a win-win for everyone!

Many of you are already social savvy but for those of you who want to step up your social game, now’s the perfect time! Head over to AVON Utoday to take our Avon Social course to get started. Next, take our Leader-only course, Social Sharing and Recognition, to learn how recognition doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Each course only takes five minutes to complete!

We also have a very special Facebook Live on Wednesday May 23 at 2 p.m. ET/ 11 a.m. PT with Multibrain’s CEO Scott Kramer (the genius behind our cool new platform) to share the need-to-know details for getting started with Avon Social!
Join monthly social selling training sessions hosted by Multibrain’s CEO, Scott Kramer.
Access an exclusive Avon Social Facebook Group for fast answers from thousands of your Avon friends.
Have a setup question? Get one–on–one Brain Chat Support on Avon Social.
Access a library of hundreds of social media training how-to videos and articles to boost your social savvy as you work your business.
Select from thousands of Avon and lifestyle images, a library of Beauty Tutorial videos, and specially curated featured Campaign posts right at your fingertips. Plus, publish weeks’ worth of content in minutes using our out-of-the-box Content Planner or design your own unique posts.
Every piece of content you post to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest clicks through to your Online Store – cha-ching!
Track your social selling success every step of the way in the "How Am I Doing" dashboard featuring real-time performance feedback.
So, what are you waiting for?
Spread the word about Avon Social today!