Thursday, February 20, 2020

Welcome Back!

The "welcome back" is for me, because I have been missing in action on this blog for almost a month, or is it longer??? I've been busy though, learning and processing new info, new products, new training, new team members, etc. There have been many changes in all those areas over the past few weeks, and I'm still trying to keep up! It's "all good" as they say, and perhaps I can get back into the swing of blogging again now. I'm thinking I need to update here regularly, to maybe keep my blog from ending up in the hands of scammers who are using the "Contact Me" form to send me messages in foreign languages. What's up with that?!?!?!?! They are Russian or Arabic, or who knows what. I just delete them and carry on with my life.

Since I'm here now, let me focus on one big change with Avon that is only temporary, and that is the opportunity to begin your business at NO cost until the end of March, 2020. This option is great for anyone who wants to open an account to sell online only or just for personal use, because it does not come with brochures or a kit of any kind. There are two other ways to open an account: 1) Make a donation of $5 to $25 to the AMC, and 2) Pay $30 to purchase a kit of products and brochures. Go here to get all the details, and ask me any questions that you have using the Contact Me form in a legitimate way if you like. 

We've added 6 new Cloud Climbers to our team since this limited time opportunity began, and there is always room for more! 

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Campaign 3, 2020, Customer Reminder & Best Buys!


I hope that each of you are surviving the messy day with no wind damage or flooding. We have the storm shelter open just outside the door, so we can make a run for it if the need arises. I'm thinking the worst is behind us now, though. 

First of all, here is my special offer for this campaign only. There are some of you who only order one or two favorite Avon items and you haven't tried any of the others. In order to encourage you to try something new, I am allowing you to order one core brochure item (that means any personal care item that can be used up, but not items like clothes or shoes) at my cost, which is a 40% discount. The one stipulation is that it MUST be an item you have not tried before! When you place your order, just tell me which item you want at the 40% discount and it will be yours. The 90 day money back guarantee still applies, of course.

You can also view the online brochure here. Below are some of the best buys I spotted in C3:
  • Pg. 24, A Limited Edition Honey Blossom Gift Set - Eau de Parfum, Travel Spray, and Rose Gold Makeup Bag - all 3 for $27.  (If the bag is not important to you, get the Eau de Parum & Travel Spray for $23 on pg. 95.)
  • Pg. 26-28, Any 2 of the Ultimate and Platinum skin care items featured for $46. Individual sale prices are usually $23.99, so this is a good deal.
  • Pg. 31, The Ultimate & Platinum Kits are $55 each with a free matching cleanser. That makes this a best buy if you are use all the products or are ready to give them a try.
  • Pg. 44, Anew Clinical Eye Lift is only $21.99!
  • Pg. 54, The Basics - Dramatic Firming Cream, Banishing Cream, and Nurtura - are any 3 for $13.
  • Pg. 63, Glimmersticks are any 3 for $10.
  • Pg. 97, The Limited Edition Mesmerize Sports Car Decanter Cologne is now the ridiculously low price of only $8.99!! Get it before it is gone!
  • Pg. 131, All Foot Works products are on sale.
  • Pg. 134-135, Lip Balms are $1.29 and Full-Size Hand Creams are $2.50.
  • Pg. 206-207, NEW from Avon x The Face Shop - The Solution Mask for only $2.50. Choose from Firming, Nourishing, and Pore Care
  • Pg. 208, NEW from Avon x The Face Shop - Root Touch-Up, an instant way to cover up your grey roots, available in 4 shades and only $15 each.
  • Pg. 210, The Gold Standard A Box is $10 with a $40 purchase and includes a Full-Size Eye Lift Pro along with Try-It Sizes of Anew Ultimate Day Cream and Night Cream - a $70 value!
Thanks for your continued support of my business in 2020. Stay safe!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Campaign 2 Best Buys - Hit Re-Fresh in the New Year!


How were your holidays? Blessed, I hope! It's always nice to take a break and spend more quality time with family, but the time has come to get back to work. It's also time to check our stock of personal care items and see what we might be running low on. Be sure to take note of the Avon x Face Shop products near the end of the list, because there are a few new items. 

Here are a few of the best buys I spotted in the C2 brochure:  

  • Pg. 19, I'm starting off with jewelry, which I rarely feature in the best buys, but the Layered Chain Necklace has been a big hit already and it's #17 on Avon's list of 20 Beauty Musts for 2020. The goldtone set of three connected chains is only $24.99.
  • Pg. 23, Live Out Loud Eau de Parfum Travel Spray is $7.99. This fragrance is a blend of sweet wild strawberry, sparkling mimosa, and comforting fluffy vanilla.
  • Pgs. 25-30, The Far Away, Haiku, Rare, and Imari Fragrances are $15.99 each - a savings of $9.
  • Pg. 41, Get it Before It's Gone! The Limited Edition Mesmerize Sports Car Decanter Cologne has run its course and is leaving the brochure. The "while supplies last" price is only $8.99!!!
  • Pg. 50, Avon Crave Lip Gloss, available in 12 flavors, is enriched with Vitamin E to moisturize, smooth, and soften your winter weary lips. Only $4.99 in this brochure, and easy to carry in a pocket.
  • Pg. 70, Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel is only $6.39 and available in 20 gorgeous shades. 
  • Pgs. 72-78, Buy the Anew Skin Care item of your choice and receive a free mini Day Cream to match!
  • Pg. 83, Hydro Fusion Replenishing Serum is only $19.99.
  • Pg. 86, Get all 3 Vitamin C products for instantly brighter skin for only $39.99 the set.
  • Pg. 99, Are clogged pores a problem? Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask is only $5.89.
  • Pgs. 106-111, Many SSS products are Buy 1, Get 1 Free!
  • Pg. 117, Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream is $3.99. Trust me when I say this cream will not disappoint! It's great for the whole family, especially those suffering from the most severe dry-skin conditions.
  • Pg. 130/131, Lip Balms are any 2 for $2.50 and Full-size Hand Creams are any 2 for $4.50. 
  • Pg. 152, NEW Paper-Clip Style Bracelet ($9.99) and Long Necklace ($14.99) that can be worn alone or with any of the charms that are 2 for $10 on pg. 153. More charms will be coming soon!
  • Pg. 188, NEW from Avon x The Face Shop - Rouge Satin Moisture Lipstick in 20 high-impact shades for only $15 each.
  • Pg. 195, Also NEW from Avon x The Face Shop - Mono Pop Eyeshadow Palettes in Mood Brown or Mood Coral with 9 complementary monochromatic shades in each palette for only $18. 
  • Pg. 208, NEW Root Touch-Up from Avon x The Face Shop instantly covers up your roots or gives bare areas a fuller hair look. Four shades available at $15 each.
  • Pg. 211, The A Box is "The Gold Standard" with a full-size Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro and trial sizes of our top selling Anew Ultimate Day and Night Creams. Still only $10 with your $40 purchase!
Thanks so much for your support of my business in 2019! I hope to continue to serve you throughout 2020, so let me know if there is anything extra you need from me. 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Friday, January 3, 2020

First Cloud Climbers Newsletter for 2020!

Happy New Year!

I hope that your year is off to as great  start. We were able to do all the usual traditional celebrating that we do and have a few extra fun times with family and friends as well. I'm quite thankful for my cell phone that allows me to participate in activities, perhaps even short out of town trips, while still staying connected and available for my customers and all of you. The hubby and I will be doing a bit more of those during basketball season, as he loves to support friends and family members who play his favorite sport.

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 1

 1. Rene Parker PC   $787  (Congratulations on beating the "Tree Top" this campaign!)
 2. Sandra Moore HS   $691
 3. Leslie Clendenon PC   $588
 4. Phyllis Smith Pr $259
 5. Margo Prytz PC   $252
 6. Brandy Duke   $250
 7. Juanita Stephens   $249
 8. Judy Strawn   $249
 9. Amy Layne   $200
10. Annette Shepard   $188

👄HOT TIP: Let all of your customers who have ordered at your online store for direct delivery from Avon in the past know that they only have 5 more days to take advantage of free shipping on a $25 order. I've notified mine and I've gotten several orders since then. I've set a team goal to have the Top 10 in Sales for C2 over $200 each and online orders can definitely help us reach that goal!

Speaking of direct delivery orders, here are the Top 5 in Sales for 2019. These numbers include orders placed by the Cloud Climbers themselves, because the report does not show customer orders only and I know that some of us place orders to be shipped to our customers as well as ordering for ourselves at our online stores. 

Top 5 in Online Orders for 2019
  1. Sandra Moore HS   $6,814  (About 95% of this figure consists of orders placed by customers.*)
  2. Rene Parker PC   $1,914
  3. Amy Budisalich   $1,006
  4. Anna Kinsaul   $749
  5. Leslie Clendenon   $641
It will be interesting to see how our online orders go for 2020 with the change in shipping costs as of January 7 and with us bearing $8 of the cost on orders over $60. I know that I will most likely be doing less ordering at my online store, but I wonder if my customers will? It remains to be seen! 

Congratulations to those who titled in 2019:  Honor Society - Myself -- Presidents Club Leslie ClendenonMargo PrytzRene Parker. -- Premier - Amy Layne, Gladys Faulk, Phyllis SmithMy Goal for 2020: 6 of us at PC Level or above! Let's do this!! Make me look like I don't dream big enough by having 10 of us hit the goal!!! 😁

Celebrating Birthdays in January are: Antia Scott (Jan 8), Yvonne Lassiter (Jan 15), Barbara Stansky (Jan 17), Susan Watkins (Jan 25), Peggy Hand (Jan 27), Martha Schrimsher (Jan 28), Sheila Stephens (Jan 29). Celebrating Avon Anniversaries in January are: Donna Langford (3 years on Jan 9), Wendy Robinson (1 year on Jan 10), Hattie Bush (40 years on Jan 11), Leslie Clendenon (2 years on Jan 13), Patsy Cloud (19 years on Jan 13), Barbara Stansky (1 year on Jan 15), and Kelly Fuller (3 years on Jan 21). 

It's time for me to get ready to head back out into the rain for another activity, so I shall close and get this sent. Always remember that I am praying for you and your business. Let me know if you would like for me to pray about specific things in your business or your general life and I'll be happy to do so.

May God bless you in 2020!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

*If you work at promoting your online store consistently and frequently, orders will come!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaign 26, 2019


I'm sure all of you are busy, busy, busy, so I will make this newsletter brief. We are still working on building our number of team orders for each campaign, with a goal of 60% activity. I didn't put a lot of thought into my goal, or I would have set it just a little lower, but 60% it is and will remain. 🙂 We've had 53% activity a couple of times recently, which is pretty good for a team of 81 Reps.*, but in C26 we only had 39% activity. 😳 I sure hope we do better in C1! 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 26

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $701
 2. Rene Parker PC   $678  (Way to go toward the PC goal!)
 3. Ramona Hyman   $396  (Great campaign, Ramona!)
 4. Leslie Clendenon PC   $353  (Good work!)
 5. Benetta Staten   $312  (Nice!)
 6. Magalis Justiniano   $302  (Looks good!)
 7. Hattie Bush   $272
 8. Linda Wardell   $196
 9. Vicky White   $190
10. Steffanie Erdelt   $187

Since Campaign 26 would normally end the cycle for the year, I thought I'd go ahead and post the Cycle to Date Top 10. Of course, this year Avon is extending our cycle for Award Sales to the last day of the year, which means that if you turn in your Campaign 2 order early, it will also count toward your goal if you are aiming for President's Club or Premier to lock in extra earnings for 2020.

Top 10 in Sales for the Cycle to Date

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $30,466  (I can only claim Rose Circle until the end of the year. 😭)
 2. Leslie Clendenon PC   $11,986  (Locked in for PC for 2020!)
 3. Margo Prytz PC   $10,298  (Hit PC and will earn at the 40% level on Beauty Sales for all of 2020!)
 4. Rene Parker PC  $9,728  (Only $272 to go and I know you can do it!) 
 5. Phyllis Smith   $6,118  (Locked in for Premier level, so will earn 30% on Beauty Sales for 2020!)
 6. Gladys Faulk   $5,823  (Congratulations on hitting Premier level and locking in your 30% for 2020!)
 7. Amy Layne   $5,576  (Congratulations to you on hitting Premier level!)
 8. Vicky White   $4,426  (You are only $574 away from Premier level, so I hope the next 2 campaigns will get you there!)
 9. Linda Wardell   $4,152  (It is still possible for you to hit Premier level, with a little extra push!)
10. Rosanna Cassidy   $3,590  

In the past I contacted my team members who had past due accounts to remind them of the amounts past due. This would only be for those of you who are not required to pay for your orders when you place them, of course. I had not been doing that for quite some time, but after a group call with Dee Power last night, I realized that I was doing you a disservice by not sending that reminder, since some of the past dues have likely just forgotten to pay their bill and didn't realize it was past due. I don't like to see any of you get late fees added to your accounts, so I'm going to start texting or emailing reminders again and I sent out a few of them this morning. 

Have a great weekend! Thanks for all that you do to provide service to your customers each campaign.

Sandra Moore 
Avon Bronze Leader

*If you are coached by Dee Power and you look at the "Best" reports she sends out, you will see that some teams have 100% activity. However, those teams are generally very small - perhaps only 5 Reps or so. 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Campaign 1 Has Begun!


This Avon year is a bit unusual, because Campaign 1 will finish before the new year begins. In fact, I'll be turning in my Campaign 2 order before the new year begins! Campaign 1 does not introduce very many new products, but has a lot of great gift ideas that will arrive in time for Christmas if you don't delay in ordering. I use these reminders to concentrate on products that customers regularly order, but you will find loads of items for Christmas - jewelry, gift sets, pajamas, slippers, candels, etc. - at my online store:  💓

Now, for some of the best buys I spotted in the Campaign 1 brochure
  • Pg. 16, Limited Edition SSS Gift Sets - choose from Winter Lavender or Wintersoft - 3 piece sets for $15.
  • Pgs. 67-69, All regular Avon Lipsticks are any 2 for $11.
  • Pg. 73, Glimmersticks are individually priced at $3.99 each.
  • Pg. 79, Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Lash & Brow Activating Serum is only $24.99.
  • Pgs. 102/103, Avon Classic Fragrances and Avon Stories Fragrances are only $9.99 each. These make nice gifts or stocking stuffers!
  • Pg. 104, Perfumed Skin Softeners are Buy 1, Get 1 Free and several are only available while supplies last.
  • Pgs. 108/109, Black Suede Eau de ToiletteBlack Suede Sport Eau de Toilette, and Wild Country Cologne are $10.99 each. Make sure your man keeps smelling fine through the winter months! :)
  • Pg. 110, Reminder - all Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorants will be going up in price on December 24, so this is your last opportunity to get them for $1.79 each!!
  • Pg. 112, Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-Off Mask is $9.99. Use 1-2 times per week to reveal radiance.
  • Pg. 117 Anew Ultimate and Anew Platinum Regimen Sets are $52.49 each - a $136 value each!
  • Pg. 138, Clearskin Professional 3-Step Acne Treatment System is only $21.29 for the boxed set.
  • Pgs. 146-151, Lots of Skin-So-Soft products are Buy 1, Get 1 Free. Look for your favorites!
  • Pg. 159, Whitening Essentials Toothpastes are $7.50 each. Watch for more tooth care products coming in 2020. 
  • Pg. 161, Representatives and their customers are loving the new Veilment Natural Spa Collection exfoliating body washes for only $12 each. These make great hostess gifts for any time of year.
  • Pgs. 170/171, Lip Balms for $1.29 and Hand Creams for $2.50. You can't beat these prices for quality products!
  • Pg. 211, The A Box is a Serum Boos- 3 try-it sizes of Avon's serums and 1 try-it size of Hydra Fusion Gel Cream. Only $10 when added to your $40 purchase. Don't need it yourself? Use it as a gift for a special person - mail or female. Men like to take care of their skin too. You can even split it up to make 4 stocking stuffers.
Thanks so much for your support of my Avon business. I truly appreciate every order I deliver to you as well as every order Avon delivers to you from my online store. Speaking of which, did you know that you can place your order, mark it as a gift, and have it sent to anyone within the United States? It's a great way to take care of your shopping for loved ones far away! 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Cyberweek Has Begun!

Did you enjoy your Black Friday shopping? Or are you, like me, a shopper who avoids the crowds and shops from my seat at home? If you are the at home kind, this is YOUR week to get the deals and the freebies from Avon! As you can see in the first picture, when you shop my online store for direct delivery from Avon, you can get free shipping on a $20 order or free shipping and 20% off of a $45 order by using the code AVONCYBER

If you truly love Avon products and want to stock up on your favorite skin care products, purchase our new CHI Hair Care products, or buy presents for the family and friends, your order is likely to go over $65 and you can choose one of the free gift sets (Wow! Just look at the value of each one!!) using the code attached to each one. (Please notice that the free gift is only available if your order is over $65 once your 20% discount is applied.) Are you a fan of Avon makeup? Use MAKEUP to get the first set. Is Skin So Soft a staple in your bathroom and bedtime routine? Use the code BATH to get a fantastic set of SSS products. If you have been using Avon Skin Care for a long time but would like to try a few new products, or if you love our skin care items already and would like to have some travel sizes, then SKIN is the code for you.

Choose carefully, and come back again to choose again, because it's not just Cyber Monday, with Avon it's Cyber Week