Friday, January 16, 2015

AVON Selling Cycle

Are you aware that AVON sells in two week cycles? Each representative has a date on which they are to turn in the current campaign order, so that things flow smoothly with our processing facility and customers get their orders on a regular schedule. On the date we turn in an order for a given campaign, we can also go back to the two previous brochures and order from them as well, thereby giving every customer the best buy that is available. There are 26 campaigns to a year, and right now we are selling in Campaign 3. TIP: If you are ordering at my personal website, you will only see brochures for the current campaign, but if you choose to shop by product number (click on "Shop Now" and then on the heading at the top right that says "Shop Product #"), you can choose to have your items ordered at the prices in the two previous brochures. 

Here are some of the best deals I spotted in the Campaign 3 brochure. You can shop the brochure page by page by clicking here:
  • Page 5, NEW in the Moisture Therapy line, Derma Soothing Body Lotion, suitable for eczema prone skin, and specially priced at $7.99.
  • Page 13, Extra Lasting Lipstick will give you 24 hours of comfortable wear and you can choose any 2 shades for $9.99.
  • Page 15, Ultra Color Lipstick, available in Soft Matte, Satin, and Shimmer finishes, is also any 2 shades for $9.99.
  • Page 17, True Color Eyeshadow Quads and six of our best selling mascaras are any 2 for $9.99.
  • Page 21, Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss - especially nice for dry winter lips - is Lowest Price Ever (LPE) of $2.99!
  • Page 30, Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation is $6.99.
  • Page 35, ANEW Age-Transforming Foundation is LPE of $10.99. (This rarely sells for less than the sale price of $13.50, so this is truly a good deal.)
  • Page 39, AVON Pro Brushes (there are 11 of them!) are any 2 for $10.00.
  • Page 47, Mesmerize Cologne Spray for men is only $10.99. This is one of my all time favorites, and if you have a brochure you will find a scent spot on the page.
  • Page 49, Far Away Eau de Parfum Spray for women is $9.99. This is favorite of several of my customers, who stock up when it is this good of a buy.
  • Pages 63-67, Three of the ANEW skin care lines (Platinum, Ultimate, and Reversalist) are any two products for $38, and..
  • Page 74-75, the ANEW cleansers for those same lines are Try It Now price of $6.99 each.
  • Page 83. Do you prefer a very basic, old-fashioned, cold cream cleanser? We have one for you, and it is only $1.69!
  • Page 112. I love the Pendant Necklace Set for Valentine's Day, or anytime you want to spread some love. Heart shaped open pendant with three optional heart shaped insets for only $9.99. It comes in a heart shaped gift box, and you can also get matching earrings for $7.99.
  • Page 151, Naturals Hydrating Shower Gels are half price of only $1.99.
  • Page 155, Dew Kiss and Flavor Savers Lip Balms are only .79 each. These have been around a long time, haven't they? That's because they are so well loved by our customers!
  • Page 161, You won't find Perfumed Liquid Deodorant in the brochure every time, but we still have it. I guess this product has been around longer than any I know of, except perhaps Skin So Soft Bath Oil. Right now it is LPE of $2.49.
  • Page 163, And speaking of SSS Bath Oil, the 24 fl. oz. size - the biggest we sell - is also LPE right now at only $9.99.


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