Sunday, January 18, 2015

I might be interested in doing what you do. So how do I do it?

If you need to (or just want to) make more money, either BIG MONEY or small money, you should seriously consider an AVON business. In order to seriously consider an AVON business, you need to know the details about how the business works. Personally, I like to know the bottom line before I get involved in something, therefore, I like to share the basics with anyone interested in an AVON business before expecting them to sign on with my Cloud Climbers unit. This is what I tell my potential recruits:

The beauty of starting an AVON business is that you invest so little, only $15, and there is no long term commitment required. If you should try the business and decide you don't like it or it does not fit your life, you just pay what you owe for the products you have ordered and you are done.

For your $15 investment, you will receive resource materials to get you started as well as 10 books for each of your first two campaigns. We turn in orders every two weeks (called a campaign) on the internet and orders are delivered to our doorsteps within a few days. AVON will determine from the information submitted on your contract what your credit limit is. It is your own business, so people pay you with cash, checks (made out to you), or by credit/debit card, and you pay AVON the amount due them. You can sell to anyone you want.

Earnings levels with AVON range from 20% to 50%, depending on the amount of your order. Your discount on the products you purchase for yourself is equal to your earnings level on the order. You must turn in an order of at least $50 in order to receive any earnings or discount. If you order products when they first come out on demo, you get an additional 5% off.

When you place your first order with Avon, you order brochures for your third campaign. The brochures are sold in packs of 10, and one pack is $6.29. The more brochures you buy, the less they cost per brochure, with 20 books costing $8.69, 30 costing $11.09, etc. This is to encourage you to build your business by getting new customers. You charge each customer a service charge of .75 on their order, and you keep all of that to help cover your expenses. You will need to purchase bags for sorting the customer orders, and you can get 50 of those for about $1.25. AVON charges One Simple Fee to cover the cost of the shipping of your products to you and your personal website, and it is very reasonable and based on the size of your order - starting at $5.95. Other than the occasional product return, those are your basic expenses. Of course, you can invest more in the business by purchasing samples, demo products, etc., but that is up to you. There are many free interactive training courses at the AVON website to help you build a successful business. These courses are excellent, and well worth your time if you want to build a successful business.

AVON will also furnish you a personal website at no additional cost where your customers can shop if they choose or if they live outside of your delivery area. With your website you can sell to anyone within the continental United States, with those not in your delivery area choosing direct delivery from AVON. You will receive at least 20% profit on those direct delivery orders. AVON creates many social media posts that you can use in promoting your website.

If you decide to start your business, we can meet for about 60 minutes at a location we agree upon (usually a fast food restaurant). Call me at 256-479-4061 if you have more questions or when you are ready to get started. Alternately, you can start yourself for the same $15 at this website: Either way you will become one of my "Cloud Climbers" and I will work with you to create a successful business!

Did I miss anything in the above that you would like to know? Just ask me! I don't keep secrets about the AVON business, as that would be counter productive. #makemoney  #sellavon


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