Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm Not Happy!!'s what everyone is searching for, right? :)  Well, this post is not about how to obtain true happiness, although you just might find a clue to that buried within here somewhere. This post is about what to do when you are not happy with your AVON purchase. After all...

Seriously, if you ever purchase an AVON product that you are not completely satisfied with for any reason, whether you have used the product or not, you can return the product to AVON in one of two ways. If you ordered the product for a representative to deliver to you personally, contact the representative and she will handle the return or exchange. If you ordered the product at a representative's personal website for AVON to deliver directly to you, follow the instructions on the invoice you received with your order. Either way, this is the AVON guarantee which you will see on the back of every AVON brochure:

Of course, you will have to return the product to AVON or to your AVON representative, so don't just throw it away if you don't like it or there is a problem with it. And you will want to take care of the return or exchange as soon as you determine you are not happy with the product, so that the issue can be handled in a timely manner. And don't worry about "taking money out of the pocket" of your representative. AVON gives the representative credit for the cost of the product.

Occasionally I have heard stories of AVON representatives who weren't the best at handling returns for their customers. If you should ever have an issue with your personal AVON representative that you are unable to resolve, (and I hope that you don't), you can most likely find another representative in your area who will be glad to work with you to see that you are happy with your AVON purchases. Most representatives are quite happy to handle returns, because we know that if the customer is satisfied with our service we will keep their business! AND, we want people to be happy, since one of the keys to happiness is to do what we can to make others happy. (See? I said you might find a clue to true happiness buried in this post.)

I would be happy (there's that word again) to have your personal delivery business if you are within 10 miles of Harvest, Alabama, so contact me with your address so I can bring you a brochure. If you live outside my delivery area, you can order from my website at and choose direct delivery from AVON. If you outside my area and would prefer to have a local representative, contact me and I'll help you find one. If we can't find one close to you, that means that you are in a perfect position to become an AVON representative and give great AVON service to the people around who who are also looking for an AVON representative! I'd be happy (Wow! I'm using that word a lot in this post.) to help you get started and mentor you along the way to success. If you should want to learn more about what the business is all about and/or get started right away, visit  #happy #returns #guarantee 


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy! There will be something extra for you in your next order. :)

  2. I missed getting that something extra in your next order, as promised, but I haven't forgotten about it, and you will get it soon. I certainly don't want to break a promise to one of my best customers!