Thursday, February 5, 2015

Your Lipstick is HOW Old?!?

My mama raised me to be frugal, cut coupons, only buy on get the drift. It's in my nature not to want to throw things away, to squeeze all I can from the tube and then cut it in half to dig out the rest, to dig out the lipstick in the bottom of the tube with a lip brush...well, you know. Perhaps you are one of those people too, or perhaps not. If you are though, I'm sure it is tempting to keep using your makeup until there isn't a smidgen left. Well, that is fine if you only have a few makeup items and you use them up in a reasonable time. But for those of us who end up with an abundance of makeup, it is good to be reminded now and then what the "experts" recommend for replacing makeup. No law says you have to follow their recommendations, but knowing them can be helpful. So, here are the latest recommendations that I have seen.

Foundation, replace after one year. I can't imagine foundation lasting more than a year, but I suppose it could if you only used it on special occasions. 


Mascara, replace every 3 to 4 months. I use mascara every time I make up my face, which is several times a week, so I use it up and have no trouble with this unless I start trying different mascaras and have several open at a time. This is a good rule to follow, because we really need to protect our eyes from danger. It is especially important to throw out eye makeup whenever you get an eye infection. If you just opened a mascara and then got pink eye, it might be hard to throw it away, but it is important to do so to keep from reinfecting yourself.

Lipstick, replace after one year. This is the one I don't follow. I have an unreal number of lipsticks, and some of them are many years old. However, when they begin to have an "off" smell or taste, out they go!

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