Monday, April 20, 2015

WOW! Do I ever have a challenge before me! :)

Being challenged to work harder can be daunting or it can be exciting. I choose to make it exciting! My business is growing and I am growing with it, and as long as it's growing and I'm growing we aren't dying!!

My challenge for the next two weeks is to add two more Cloud Climbers to my team while simultaneously helping one of my Cloud Climbers to build her team. So, in order to meet my challenge, I must make it worthwhile to my potential future team members to jump aboard now rather than later. Hmmm.... I wonder what incentive I might be able to offer? Well... Avon has already offered a great one, the Hit the $100 Challenge, so I think I will offer the Hit the $50 Challenge. 
Here is Avon's - 

With each $100+ order a new Representative places in her (or his) first four Campaigns, they'll "bank" (or reserve) a $20 rebate
and receive a FREE assortment of samples (in their next order).

The Representative will receive the total amount of their rebate (up to $80) after placing their fifth order of $100 or more.

She (or he) must place a fifth order to receive any rebate that she banked.

When the new Representative places a fifth order of $100 or more, they’ll receive another $20 rebate (for a grand total of up to $100) [via check or Direct Deposit].

If the new Representative places consecutive $100+ orders in all four Campaign they’ll receive a bonus product bundle
valued at $100(after placing their fifth order).

And here is my own -


When a new Cloud Climber (Avon Rep who signs up with me either online or in person) turns in a $50 order in their first campaign of appointment and pays for that order on time, they will receive a product bundle worth $50 from me. This offer is valid if you start your business anytime from today (April 20, 2015) until the end of the day on Monday, May 4, 2015.

The fastest and easiest way to begin your Avon business and become one of my wonderful Cloud Climbers is to go here: and start yourself online. The total cost is $15 and Avon will send your comlete kit to you. I will be here to help you as you learn the business, unless you are a self-motivated individual who prefers to press forward on your own. Avon has terrific free online training in Avon University.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and help me meet my challenge? Let's do this!!


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