Thursday, July 23, 2015

Celebrating 30 Years of Imari!

Three decades ago, the scent of a rose inspired Imari, one of Avon's most successful fragrances. In fact, it was Avon's top selling women's fragrance for several years. Imari was just the beginning of what would evolve into an iconic fragrance collection. Today, Imari is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a new look, a new scent (Imari Elixir), and special anniversary offers.

What the perfumer's who created Imari Elixir are saying: 

"Imari Elixir is especially unique because it was crafted
using ingredients of the highest and purest quality:
Italian Mandarin, Rose Absolute from Turkey, Mohéli Ylang-Ylang from the Comores Islands, Indonesian Patchouli, and Vanilla Extract Pure from Madagascar. The layering of these ingredients imparts a deeply sensual and exquisite feeling to the fragrance."

What others are saying about Imari:

"I remember when Imari first came out. My mom gave
us all samples and carried a bottle in her bag to share
with her Customers. I love how something as simple
as a scent can bring back special memories like
spending time with mom. She had her Avon business
for 48 years and that inspired me to become an Avon
Representative. Our Avon family tradition has continued
with my daughter, Amanda, who is my biggest helper.
And her daughter, Elaina, who’s almost 7 years old,
loves helping out and “talking Avon” with her friends.
I love that the tradition continues."  (Chris Jenkins, Ind. Avon Sales Rep from Pennsylvania)

"As a 30 year old, I literally grew up with Imari! Imari has
been my godmother’s favorite scent ever since I was little.
I remember being at her house when her “Avon Lady”
came by to drop off her order. There was always a bottle
of Imari in it! Working with my team, I see how Avon can help change people’s lives. Whether it’s earning an extra income or meeting new people, Avon can help in so many different
ways. I will be honored to pass along the Avon experience
to my daughter."  (Courtney Mecca, District Sales Manager from Pennsylvania)

Here are a few fun facts about the Imari collection:
  • Rose is present in all 3 Imari fragrances.
  • The word "Imari" describes a type of richly decorated Japanese porcelain.
  • A bottle of Imari is sold every 30 seconds in the U.S.
 (f you would like to be a part of the sales force for this wonderful fragrance, go here to get started today! Or learn more of the details by clicking here to read my previous blog post on how to do what I do. I'd love to add you to my team of Cloud Climbers!)

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