Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"Busy Feet"

"God planned for feet. Feet are what you stand on. They are at the bottoms of your legs. Your feet are the first ones out of bed in the morning. They walk you to the bathroom to wash your face. They walk you to the kitchen to eat your breakfast."

So begins the A Happy Day Book for young children titled "Busy Feet."* And the book continues by telling all the other things that feet do. 

A normal, healthy adult's feet are very busy each day, and as we age they begin to show the wear and tear of that busyness. Avon has products to take extra care of our feet before they get into bad shape, as well as products for repair if we have let them go too far before taking control of their situation. Our product line is FootWorks, and there are currently more than 20 products available, with more added now and then in various fragrances. You won't need them all, of course, but you are sure to find some that are just right for the needs of your feet.

FootWorks products get some of my best customer reviews, and they are highly recommended by those who are diabetics and must take particular care to make sure their feet stay healthy. You can take a look at my Avon FootWorks Pinterest board to see what is currently available, and be sure to follow the board to keep up with new ones as they are added. You will especially be interested in seeing the gift sets that will be available during the holiday season. A gift to pamper a loved one is always a good thing!

One of my own favorite FootWorks products is the Lavender Softening Balm. I like it so well that I also use it on my hands at night. In addition to the softening benefits, you have the better sleep benefits of the Lavender scent.

Take care of your busy feet so they can continue to carry you wherever you need to go in your busy life. 

If you would like to be a part of the busy Avon family and provide these wonderful products, and others, to your family and friends, go here to learn more and get started today!


*By Elizabeth Elaine Watson, The Standard Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, copyright 1981. 

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