Tuesday, August 11, 2015

C16 & C17 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

 (This is the newsletter I send to the representatives that I mentor in my unit. If you would like to become one of them, please visit this link.)

In my last newsletter I presented this challenge: 

"For every order over $100 during C16-C18, the person placing that order will get their name put into a pot and if I meet my goal, I'll draw a name out and send the lucky winner a crisp $20 bill."

The reason for the challenge was that Avon had set goals for me to reach in order to DOUBLE my leadership check, and those goals required
78 orders for campaigns 16 through 18, with 39 of those orders being over $100. I am less than 2/3 or the way to each goal, so I REALLY need you to put forth some extra effort with C18 to push for orders from your customers. Specifically, I need 31 orders in C18 with 18 of those being over $100. If you are not successful in getting orders, I will not be successful in meeting my goals. Can you help? I know you can! I know that you want to earn money and keep your customers interested in ordering from you, so contact them to see what they need to order. They are busy people, especially if they have kids starting back to school right now, and they may not remember to contact you, in which case they would very much appreciate you reminding them that you are about to turn in an order so that they don't totally run out of the items they need. And then there is that crisp $20 bill that you could win too.

Here are the names of the people who currently are entered into the drawing for the crisp $20 bill. Ruby Nunnery (2 entries), Rene Parker, Susanne Walters (2 entries), Brenda Taylor (2 entries), Gladys Faulk (2 entries), Steffanie Erdelt, Ashley Baldwin, Lacey Harmon, Diane Fowler, Carolyn King, Darren Mannahan, Maria Loza, Barbie Breen, and Lois Johnson.

Top 8 in Sales for C16*

1. Darren Mannahan
2. Susanne Walters   PC
3. Maria Loza
4. Ruby Nunnery
5. Brenda Taylor
6. Gladys Faulk
7. Barbie Breen
8. Lois Johnson

Top 10 in Sales for C17 1. Ruby Nunnery
 2. Rene Parker   PC
 3. Susanne Walters   PC
 4. Brenda Taylor
 5. Gladys Faulk
 6. Steffanie Erdelt
 7. Ashley Baldwin
 8. Lacey Harmon
 9. Diane Fowler
10. Carolyn King

With only 9 campaigns left for this President's Club cycle, there are three Cloud Climbers who are tracking toward PC but need to put on an extra push to make it. With the 4th Quarter starting soon, hitting the goal of $10,000 in sales is certainly doable for these three and I have confidence that they will do it!

Top 3 in Cycle to Date Sales

1. Rene Parker
2. Ruby Nunnery
3. Susanne Walters

What's New

I hope all of you have looked at the What's New coming up for C20, because we have some fantastic items for fall this year! I love the candles, and we will have two new scents as well as two returning from last year. Plus, there are two new candle sleeves. a wax warmer, wax melt set, and ceramic filled apple candle that will look great as a fall accent piece. That is just a start on all the fall offerings available, so take a look at the What's New if you haven't already. Be sure to order extra C20 brochures with your C18 order and get them into the hands of your customers so they will see what we have too!

I must get out to make some deliveries in this humid heat now. Take care of yourselves and your customers, and have a great rest of the week.

Sandra Moore

*I only report on those whose orders are over $100, and I'm sad to say that only 8 people met that goal in C16. :(


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