Thursday, October 8, 2015

C21 Cloud Climbers Newsletter

This is the newsletter I write for my downline every two weeks. If you would like to become a Cloud Climber and get in on the fun, just click here.


I decided to turn my newsletter a little "fallish" since this is my favorite season of the year. I don't know if all of you will be able to see the colors within it, but I can see them as I type and they make me feel good, so perhaps if you see them you will enjoy them as well.

We had a great Open House/Business Meeting at the Sheraton on October 6 and learned a lot about upcoming promotions and products. It was a lot of fun reconnecting with other representatives I usually only get to talk to on Facebook as well. Some of us have been friends for many years, and some I got to know for the first time. I saw one Cloud Climber there, Deborah Williams. Thanks for coming, Deborah! If any others were there, please let me know. Our next chance to get together will be the Christmas party, so watch for notification of that coming from Shana when she returns from vacation. Avon has told her that we will be able to have meetings once each quarter next year, so that will be nice. If you are not already keeping up with the FB group for our district ( you should check that and mark that you want to receive notifications when things are posted. Also, don't miss out on this group, which I believe I have written to you about before: It's great for getting flyers to use with your business and new ones are posted almost every day.

Here is one of the best opportunities available to you right now. In fact, it was mentioned several times at the meeting that this is a perfect time for new representatives or representatives who have never been a part of Avon Leadership. You can just click on the link on your home page that looks like this -


and refer a friend to Avon. Go ahead, click on it, see what you can win just for referring one friend to become an Avon representative. In fact, I'll show you here...


And this is how it works... don't have to officially "start a team," you don't have to "be a part of Avon Leadership," you only need to refer one friend to be rewarded. Neat, huh?!? 

Top 10 in Sales for C21

 1. Rene Parker   PC
 2. Shawn Willie
 3. Lacey Harmon
 4. Barbie Breen
 5. Ruby Nunnery
 6. Susanne Walters   PC
 7. Magalis Justiniano
 8. Darren Mannahan
 9. Steffanie Erdelt
10. Annie Watts

Only one of you is reporting Direct Delivery orders this campaign, and that would be Rene Parker. Congratulations on excellent promoting of your eStore, Rene! Rene is our top Cloud Climber in DD orders for the Year to Date. Here is the complete list of those with DD sales this year:

Direct Delivery Orders for 2015 YTD

 1. Rene Parker   PC
 2. Darren Mannahan
 3. Susanne Walters   PC
 4. Virginia Washington
 5. Carolyn King
 6. Caroline McCullough
 7. Barbie Breen
 8. Patricia Rodgers
 9. Ashley Baldwin
10. Benetta Staten
11. Maria Loza
12. Ruby Nunnery
13. Suheidy Colon
14. Nikia Banks
15. Kneeland Ford

It's great to see this many with DD order activity for this year, but that is only 15 out of more than 40 representatives. For the year. That means that more than half of my Cloud Climbers are missing out on orders from customers who want to do their shopping online and have orders shipped directly to themselves either because they don't live near you or just find it more convenient. So...are you promoting your eStore? Do you put it on every brochure that you pass out? Do you have it in your signature on emails you send out - not just to customers but to family, friends, and acquaintances? Have you selected on Web Office to have your customers receive promotional emails? Those are good ways to let everyone know that your eStore is open for business. And did you know that there are certain items that are only available at your eStore? These include three exclusive ornaments from Disney coming up in just a few weeks.

Celebrating Birthdays in October are: Carolyn King, Lacey Harmon, Rebecca Rains, Dot Kelly, Kelly Whipple, Maria Loza, and Rene Parker.

October is a big month for Avon Anniversaries, because the beginning of the Christmas selling season is a great time to start an Avon business. That's why its a great time to Refer a Friend to Avon. (See above promotion.) Celebrating anniversaries this month are: Lois Johnson (Oct 8, 25 years), Caroline McCullough (Oct 15, 2 years), Rebecca Rains (Oct 16, 8 years), Ramona Hyman (Oct 17, 1 year), Kelly Whipple (Oct 22, 1 year), Annie Watts (Oct 22, 5 years), Amy Odell (Oct. 24, 4 years), Shawn Willie (Oct 26, 8 years), Barbie Breen (Oct 27, 22 years). I wonder how many of these became Avon representatives with the idea of only selling for a short while and ended up staying with us for years? I know that happens quite often!

Have you seen notification from Avon about Double Dollars in Award Sales for Anew products in C23 and all beauty products (skin care, makeup, bath & body, fragrance) in C26? In case you don't understand how that works, you do not earn more money on those products, but Avon credits you with double the sales on those products. That means that if you are close to making Presidents Club (Rene Parker, Ruby Nunnery, Susanne Walters) you have a good chance at making it. That would effect your earnings for next year, as you would be guaranteed 40% on regular products and 25% on fixed earnings products for the entire year. For myself, I fully expect to be back in Rose Circle at the end of this cycle and I'm pretty pumped up about that!!

I hope you each have a great weekend. Ask me any questions you have about anything I have written here or anything about the Avon business and promotions you don't understand. I leave you with this motivational slide from our meeting on Tuesday:


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