Thursday, November 5, 2015

C23 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

(This is the newsletter for my Avon team. I produce one every campaign. To join my Avon team, click here or contact me directly for more details.)

It's November! My favorite month of the year. Thanksgiving Day has always been a big day for my family and November reminds me of trips to my grandparents' house in Brewton, Alabama. They are both long gone now, but certain November days when the sun is shining, pine trees are casting shadows across their fallen straw on the ground, and the smell of burning leaves wafts on a breeze take me back to those wonderful Thanksgivings of my youth. Now I celebrate at my parents' house in Huntsville with my extended family in this area.

Looking at my downline manager reports in preparation for writing this newsletter was pretty exciting as I could clearly see that sales were picking up for most of you. In fact, 14 Cloud Climbers had sales over $150, and the top 4 had sales over $400!! Plus, more people turned in orders than have been doing so for the past few campaigns.

Laticia Moore joined our team recently, and Cheryl Webb rejoined us after a break. Ladies, I'm happy to have you both on our team and pray you will have much success with your businesses. Also, Candice Haze, who joined us in C22, Hit $100 for her second campaign in a row, so she gets the Second Campaign Bundle and banks another $20 to receive when she Hits $100 for her first 5 campaigns. Woo to the hoo, Candice!

Top Ten in Sales for C23

 1. Steffanie Erdelt
 2. Ruby Nunnery
 3. Darren Mannahan
 4. Rene Parker   PC
 5. Susanne Walters   PC
 6. Lacey Harmon
 7. Annie Watts
 8. Gladys Faulk
 9. Shawn Willie
10. Brenda TaylorHere are the Cloud Climbers on the District 1139 Leadership Board and their ranks: Maria Loza is #10 in Sales Increase overall and #3 in Sales Increase for non-PC reps. Susanne Walters is #10 in Recruiting overall and #8 in Recruiting for PC members. Ruby Nunnery is #4 in Sales for non-PC reps.

I've been posting several things in our Facebook Cloud Climbers group, but I'm not seeing many of you viewing those posts. For example, just today I have posted a link to Avon YouTube videos on makeup application that you can share with your customers. You might want to go to this link and "Follow" the group so that you don't miss anything that might be useful to increase your business:

Candice Haze, one of our newest Cloud Climbers, and Susanne Walters both had direct delivery orders placed at their eStores during C23. Congratulations ladies! Here are some of the coupon codes that are good right now:

When you sign in to YourAvon you will see that Avon will give you a free bottle of the new mark. fragrance, Sparkle, if you have $100 in sales at your eStore from November 4-10. Start sharing the link to your eStore today so that you won't miss
out on this freebie!

 Celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month are: Callista Motter (11/14, 4 years), Brenda Taylor (11/14, 4 years), Ashley Baldwin (11/21, 1 year), and Lacey Harmon (11/22, 2 years). I hope all of you continue to enjoy your businesses for many more years.

These Cloud Climbers will turn a year older this month: Amy Odell, Cassandra Brown, Virginia Washington, Suheidy Colon, and Brenda Taylor. I hope you are all treated extra special by those who surely must appreciate the fact that you were born, and I wish you all a happy birthday!!

Here is another tip from the Business Strategy handout I found recently:  Build a Repeat Business. Skincare and makeup products offer the best repeat sales because they are usually used on a daily basis. A skincare regimen consists of a cleanser for day and night, a moisturizer for day and night, and some type of targeted area treatment such as eye treatment or Clinical products for whatever the customer deems her most problematic area. Building a skincare business provides consistent sales to assist you in reaching your earnings goal. To help you "be the expert" on skincare, please take the skincare course on Avon University. If you have 20 skincare customers and 10 of those order every other campaign, just imagine how much repeat earnings you will have each month!

I'm off to do deliveries this afternoon. It looks like the sun will peek out just a little, but I actually find this kind of weather - overcast but not raining - perfect for delivering and customer searching.

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