Friday, November 27, 2015

C24 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

This is the newsletter I write for my downline each campaign. To learn more about the Avon business and/or to get your business started, please click here.

 Hello all you fine Cloud Climbers!

I'm getting started on my newsletter at 10:00 at night, while I keep an eye out the window toward a smouldering tree trunk we've been trying to burn for years. I smell like smoke from standing out there for hours listening to Bible Gateway on my phone while poking at it and encouraging it to burn. I'll need to check on it one more time before going to bed, so I thought I'd work on this newsletter for awhile and maybe even get it sent tonight. C24 was my annual fall fundraiser for the group I do one for twice a year, so working with that and the holiday yesterday has put me a little behind. I hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day as much as I did. My parents are 87 and 81 and still in good health so we were able to gather at their house in Huntsville as usual, which is a blessing.

Top Ten in Award Sales for C24 -
All with Award Sales over $150. 1. Susanne Walters  PC   (#3 in Award Sales for the Climbers for the year to date with sales of $7,198.)
 2. Rene Parker  PC     (#1 in Sales for the Climbers for the year to date with sales of $8,245.)
 3. Darren Mannahan
 4. Shawn Willie
 5. Diane Fowler
 6. Steffanie Erdelt
 7. Magalis Justiniano
 8. Gladys Faulk
 9. Patsy Cloud
10. Rebecca Rains

Ruby Nunnery is currently #2 in Award Sales for the Cloud Climbers for the year to date with sales of $7,317.

Awards for C24:  Steffanie Erdelt earned the Taste of PRP Level 1 and was given 50 points to spend in the awards catalog. Candice Haze Hit $100 for the 3rd campaign in a row and received her 3rd bundle of product samples. Cheryl Webb Hit $100 for her 1st campaign and received the 1st bundle of product samples.

There were 5 Cloud Climbers with direct delivery orders at their eStores in C24: Darren Mannahan, Laticia Moore, Rene Parker, Angi Price, and Virginia Washington. There are a lot of incentives right now for having direct delivery sales of over $100 at your eStore, so be sure to keep up with those. You'll find a link to them on your home page at

We have a new Cloud Climber! Malena Brown talked with me about becoming an Avon Representative at my booth at the FHU Associates Fall Market. We met last week and got her business started and she will have a first order in C26. Malena has been a long time user of Avon products because her grandmother is an Avon Lady and she is excited about becoming one herself.

I'm sure some of you are starting to see messages about items being sold out already, because I am receiving them too. Don't get discouraged, this happens every year. Avon is always working to make it a rare thing, but they just can't totally predict what will sell out. They are dependent upon outside vendors for many of their products and sometimes the vendor can't meet the demand. Just apologize to your customers and give them a little something free or a discount on a future order if you think it will help keep them buying from you. Most customers are disappointed but they understand the situation and they get over it. After all, it is only "stuff" and stuff can be replaced. As soon as you know you aren't going to be getting something, please let your customer know so that they can make plans accordingly. Perhaps you can even suggest an alternate item to them.

I know you are all very busy right now so I'm making this newsletter short. I'll make up for it by making a really long one full of pictures soon, because I captured several screen shots from a recent Avon call and power point presentation about exciting things that are coming in the new year. Here's a hint about one of them: Start getting ready to get serious about promoting Anew Skin Care, because Avon is getting serious about promoting it in the new year. If you haven't taken time to do the skin care training in Avon University, please get started on it soon. You can spread it out over several days or even weeks if need be, and when you complete it you will receive an Anew Skin Care Specialist pin to show your customers and potential customers that you are prepared to help them make informed decisions about which skin care system is best for them. Here's the cover planned for campaign 4.

That's it for now. Keep up the great work that you have been doing this year. If you haven't been doing great work this year, make plans to step it up next year. It will be here before you know it! :)  

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