Tuesday, January 26, 2016

12 Months of Empowerment - Beauty for a Purpose - January

Good day to you!

Today I want to share part of an article found at Avon's website: BeautyforaPurpose.com. Since January is almost over, there are just a few more days to "Organize," which seems to be a common goal of people at the start of the new year, judging by posts I see on Facebook. This article has some tips that may help you along that line. 

Do you think having your own home based business might help you meet your goals financially? Contact me to learn the reasons Avon could be the best business for you. Or, if you are a motivated self-starter, go ahead and get going with your business today at smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start!  

And now, from Beauty for a Purpose:


2016 marks Beauty for a Purpose’s year of a more empowered self. Follow along with us each month as we tackle a new goal for a more savvy, successful, and empowering year.


Ready for some good news to ring in the New Year? “Everybody has the power to be wealthy,” says Tonya Rapley, finance guru and founder of MyFabFinance.com. “It’s just about taking the necessary steps to get there.”
First step: Organize your budget and set up a concrete financial strategy for 2016—and beyond. Studies have shown that those who make commitments related to their cash flow feel more financially secure and carry less debt. Even if you’re feeling pretty flush this January, putting together a long-term fiscal plan could give you a better grasp on your #lifegoals.
We consulted with Rapley and Lauren Bowling, the money expert behind L Bee and the Money Tree, for their pro tips on getting your accounts in top shape this calendar year.

Commit to saving.

“Living paycheck to paycheck, when you make enough to cover your expenses and then some, is a recipe for disaster,” says Bowling. “In addition to saving for emergencies, you need to be preparing for retirement.” She recommends kicking off this “rainy day” fund with $1,000 and working your way up from there.
One way to jump-start savings is to launch a side hustle, or an extra gig in which you control the hours you put in as well as your earning potential (note to self: put those funds aside for that aforementioned rainy day). “The fact that I am my own boss I can say, hey I want to make this much money, or I want to make that much money,” says Avon Representative Shaundre Bryson.

Crunch some numbers.

Break out the calculator and subtract your monthly expenses from your monthly income. This will give an idea of how much extra cash you can put into savings, pay off debt, or invest. Use a stylish day planner (also great for keeping track of payment due dates), a handy finance app, or a good old Excel sheet to track your earnings and expenses all year.

Separate needs from wants.

“The people who are the most financially successful understand sacrifice,” Rapley tells us. It’s time to do some spending soul-searching to eliminate those “essential” expenses that might be anything but. “You don’t have to cut out all of your wants, but you need to narrow them down so that they fit in your budget.” For instance, doing your manicures at home in 2016 could save you upwards of $600 in a year.

Take action.

Organizing your finances is about determining the concrete steps you can take to improve your financial situation over time. Allocate a portion of your budget every month to pay off a certain card or put into savings. Bowling suggests automating a fraction of your paycheck to go into savings well before it hits the account you use to pay bills and do your spending.

Think long-term.

How much money do you need to make your long-term goals happen? Calculate the savings you’ll need to afford a down payment on your dream home or start your own business down the road. “Get clear on what you want in your life,” says Rapley, “and decide what financial goals you need to accomplish to make that life happen.”

Invest in yourself.

Bowling says investing in yourself—whether that means preparing for retirement or going back to school—is the best thing you can do with your money. And Rapley advises that if you’re in a sound financial position, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in something you love that won’t necessarily earn cash back.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Avon Auto-Replenish Update

Brrrr!!! It's cold outside. My hubby just walked out and said everywhere it looks dark on the road it is ice. This is north Alabama and we don't do ice, so we'll stay toasty warm inside today and wait for the nasty stuff to thaw. It's nice to know I can still do any shopping I need to do right here from my computer, one of the nicest perks of the internet!

Speaking of shopping from the computer, Avon recently added a few new offerings to their Auto-Replenish program. I wrote a blog post about Auto-Replenish when it was first introduced in May of 2015 and the program has been a great success! I have customers who are happy to get their Anew regimens delivered to their house on the schedule that suits their needs (every 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks) at the best prices available and with free shipping too. You can choose 3 piece sets of Night Cream, Day Cream, and Eye Treatment System from the Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate, and Platinum Anew lines as well as this set of Anew for Men:

Or, you can choose sets from the Anew Clinical line like this one:


and there is also a Clearskin Professional set available now.

Go to the Auto-Replenish page of my eStore to see all the offerings and sign up for your favorite set. Avon's money back guarantee covers all of these products, of course. Stay warm. Stay dry. Shop online!



Friday, January 22, 2016

C2 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter

This is the newsletter I send to my team of Cloud Climbers each campaign. We would welcome you to be a part of the team and climb those clouds with us.  

Warm greetings on a rainy night!

We had an Avon Leadership meeting Tuesday night and Shana loaded us down with names of old leads (people who have contacted Avon about becoming representatives) to follow up on. I've been busy contacting my 120 names for the past two days and it takes awhile, but I'm taking a break because I promised to get this newsletter out to you by today. It will be short. :)

As I knew would be the case, sales have fallen off in the days since Christmas. It always happens this way, but I had hoped they wouldn't fall so low that we would only have FOUR people with orders over $100, but there you have it and it is what it is. :/

Top Four in Sales for C2

1. Ruby Nunnery
2. Rene Parker   PC
3. Susanne Walters
4. Gladys Faulk 

I hope you are promoting the sweepstakes on page 5 of the C4 brochure. You can tell everyone about it, even if they have never ordered Avon from you before, and you can even enter yourself. I think I forgot to mention that fact in my email about it. Just go to www.avon.com/anewyou to register. Also, be sure to let your customers know that Anew products are at their lowest prices ever this campaign. I'll highlight them in my email reminder as well. I can't remember if I mentioned it recently, but you can offer customers a one week trial on any Avon product at no cost to you. Just order what they want to try and give it to them to use for a week. At the end of the week you ask them what they thought and then either they pay for it or return it. If you do this you must follow up at the end of the week! Don't wait for them to contact you or they may hang on to the product and not use it for weeks. If they haven't used it, get it back to sell to someone else. If they have used the product and want to return it, just submit it as a Return - Customer used and did not like and Avon will refund your money.

I don't have any awards to report, but I see that Rene Parker is tracking to win the 130th Anniversary Bracelet if her sales stay up through Campaign 4. I hope you get it Rene, because you may be the only Cloud Climber who has one since I don't think I'll meet the goal for it!

That's all for now. I told you it would be short. :) Perhaps I'll have some new recruits to report with my next newsletter. If you need my help with anything, please let me know.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador


Thursday, January 21, 2016

10 Reasons to Open Your Own Avon Account

So, you've been purchasing Avon products faithfully for a few years now, and every now and then you think "I wonder if I might enjoy being an Avon representative?" Today I'd like to share a few reasons why you might want to give it a try. Ten of them in fact!

1. Your $15 start-up fee includes free training.
2. Why pay retail when you can get your products at a discount that is sometimes more than 50%?
3. You will have your own eStore where customers can shop for your delivery or for direct delivery from Avon at no extra cost.
4. There is no minimum order required. You sell as little or as much as you like.
5. You do not have to keep stock or inventory.
6. There is no door to door sales required and you do not have an assigned territory.
7. Avon has great incentive programs, prizes, recognition, and fun!
8. Think you are too busy? Just sell to the people you see on a regular basis.
9. Preview and buy all the great new products when they come out every two weeks at an even greater discount.
10. Orders are placed online and delivered to your home within a couple of days.

So...what do you think? For more details just contact me. To get started today, go to smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity. When you become a representative through this link you have the added bonus of becoming a Cloud Climber and having me as your mentor to build your business. Come on! Start climbing those clouds!! 



Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Do you know the Avon product we've been selling longest?

As you probably know by now if you have looked at an Avon brochure or have looked online in my eStore, Avon comes out with new products every two weeks, which we call a "Campaign." Since new products are introduced each campaign, there is no way that all Avon products that are introduced can continue to be sold indefinitely. If Avon kept everything, the brochure would be larger than the old Penneys' catalog we used in the pre-internet days. (Do they still make those?) And yes, we know you have been disappointed when your favorite products have been discontinued, as Avon representatives have had some of our own favorites discontinued as well. (Oh, to have Avon Naturals Pumpkin & Spice Body Spray come back!)

That being said, there are some products that have been around for a long time and they will stay around because they are still top sellers. In fact, one of them has been sold continuously for more than 60 years and has probably been in your home, your parents' home, or your grandparents' home. I can almost guarantee it! Here's a picture of the container I remember sitting in my Granny Mantel's living room window for years after it was empty. 

Have you guessed which product I am referring too? You may have even seen lists like "100 Uses for Avon ____!" Several years ago Avon cautioned all representatives not to talk about those uses, particularly one of them and you probably know the one, because the product is not FDA approved for that use. Have you guessed it yet? If not, I won't keep you in suspense any longer.

The product is Skin So Soft Bath Oil. It was introduced in 1951 and here's a picture showing the original bottle and the advertisement for the product, followed by a picture of the 24 fl. oz. bottle (our largest size) all dressed up for spring 2016.


Skin So Soft Bath Oil in the Original Scent remains the same, but many more products have been added to the SSS line. Check them out here on my eStore to see what I mean!


Monday, January 18, 2016

This is the company....

Have I mentioned that it is Avon's National Recruiting Week? I believe I have. I believe I will again. I believe in the Avon opportunity because I know of lives that have been changed for the better because of it. Avon is a business that can add a small amount to your income or can become your full time income. It is not a "get rich quick" scheme, but a business, and as with all businesses, it will become what your dedicated effort makes it become. Allow me to share Avon's statement of purpose with you:

The first Avon Representative was a widow in need of extra income and this video shares a little of her story and a bit about the beginning history of "the Avon Lady":


If you would like to begin your own Avon story and see where it leads, please get in touch with me or go directly to smoore.avonrepresentative/opportunity. I'd love to be your mentor as you build your business to be what YOU want it to be.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Attention! It's Avon's National Recruiting Week!!

I'm sure you know that any Direct Sales company, and Avon is one of the oldest Direct Sales Companies, is happy to add team members any time of the day or night. However, there is one week of the month of January every year when we have a National Recruiting Event and work EXTRA hard to add team members. So guess what? Yep! This week is that week and we want to add YOU to our team!! And if you are going to join our team, I want you to be a part of my personal team of Cloud Climbers. 

Becoming an Avon Representative is very easy and inexpensive (only $15) and it only takes a few minutes. Go to smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity to learn about the opportunity and get started. If you want more details about how the business works, I have those details here on this blog and you can also read them at any time by clicking on the "Become an Avon Representative" tab at the top of my blog.

Are you ready to start climbing toward your goal? Let me help! If you join my team of Cloud Climbers during National Recruiting Week (January 18-24, 2016), I will have some extra gifts for you as soon as you turn in and pay for your first order. I'm not going to tell you what they are, so you will be pleasantly surprised!


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Valentine's Day. Are you ready?

Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Just sayin'. :)  I understand there are some people, mostly those who remain single, who don't like V Day. I'm a fan myself, especially since my husband often buys me dark chocolate for special occasions and I am a BIG fan of dark chocolate. 

Avon never misses having new items for the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, so naturally we have plenty of offerings for both men and women for Valentine's Day. In fact, you might want to have your significant other take a look at the online brochure this campaign. Here are a few of the new items you will find there that will make great gifts! I'm including the product numbers to make your shopping easy and you'll find all of these items at my eStore.

Jewelry usually makes a welcome gift for the ladies, and we have many choices including:

Picture-Perfect CZ Studs in Rose Goldtone (686-609) or  Silvertone (686-594).


CZ Elegance Necklace and Earring Gift Set. (434-197)

Floating Heart Necklace, pretty in pink rhinestones in a silvertone setting. (923-926)

Shot of Love Necklace and Earring Gift Set. (909-700)

If you think your sweetheart might prefer a gift of fragrance, we have plenty to offer there as well - both for her:



                              Amour Eau de Parfum Spray  (304-857)

                               Imari 5-Piece Gift Set  (507-594)

 And for him!

                                 Mesmerize Cologne Spray  (916-397)

If your sweetie does not go in for jewelry or fragrance, perhaps a Hearts-Aligned PJ Set or a This Is Love PJ Set would be in order. I'm a pajama fan myself! With hundreds of other products available each campaign, you are sure to find something your loved one will enjoy. Except for chocolate. We don't have chocolate. You can see what is available in each category in my eStore or you can peruse my Pinterest pages to see what's new.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Don't You Just Love Winning Stuff? I do!

The lottery has been on a lot of minds lately, and it has been taking a lot of money from pockets too. I don't play the lottery for many reasons, but I still love to win stuff when I don't have to pay to win. Doesn't everybody? Right now you can win stuff from Avon without paying a dime or buying a ticket. Here's the scoop:

ANEW, the Anti-Aging Pioneer

With our innovative technologies, ANEW has been helping millions of women look years younger for more than 20 years. We guarantee you'll love it or your money back! We want you to switch from your skin care routine to ANEW and we are giving you a chance to win a year of beautiful skin!*

Each prize package will include: Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye Treatment shipped in 4 quarterly installments (valued at up to $448), in your choice of any Anew collection - Platinum, Ultimate, Reversalist, or Vitale

To enter, log on to www.avon.com/AnewYou. This link will take you to a Facebook page where you will input your name and email address and be entered into the contest. There will be 100 lucky winners, and you can't be one of them unless you enter!

If you would like to go ahead and get started with your chosen regimen (click here to learn more about each of them), you can order at www.youravon.com/smoore. You can even sign up for Avon Auto-Replenish and choose how often you want to receive your chosen regimen. You are guaranteed to get the best prices on your products with auto-replenish.

Here's an idea: With many people entering this contest, there will be many people becoming aware of ANEW Skin Care and looking for Avon representatives to order these products from. Wouldn't you like to be able to meet their needs? Go here to start your Avon business today!

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes begins on 1/1/16 at 12:00 a.m. ET and ends on 1/31/16 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, ages 18 or older. See Official Rules at www.avon.com/AnewYou for complete details. Sponsor: Avon Products, Inc.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Best Buys of Avon Campaign 3, 2016

Do you realize that if you make sure to look at each Avon brochure when it comes out - and there are new ones every two weeks - you should never have to pay full price for any of your basic Avon products? It's true! Take a look to see if your favorites are on sale this campaign. Here are a few of the bargains I spotted: 


  • Pg. 5, CZ Elegance Necklace & Earring Gift Set, $16.99. Shine bright like a diamond this Valentine's Day!
  • Pg. 11, Ultra Luxury Lip Liner is available in six shades to go with all your lipstick shades and only $2.99 this campaign.
  • Pg. 13, Big & False Lash Volume Mascara has quickly become a customer favorite and is only $6.99 right now. This mascara is one that is also available in Brown Black.
  • Pg. 19, Ultra Color Lipstick is any 2 for $10 for twice the fabulous!
  • Pg. 20, Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation is specially priced at $7.99, and Ideal Luminous Blushis LPE of $4.99.*
  • Pg. 24, Beyond Color Lip Conditioner and Lipstick are each $4.99.
  • Pg. 31, Four of our popular mascaras are any 2 for $7.99. If one of these is your favorite, this would be a good time to stock up.
  • Pg. 39, ALL makeup brushes are 50% off!!
  • Pg. 40/41, Today, Tomorrow, Forever, and Amour are any 2 for $30. There is a scent spot for Amour on the page.
  • Pg. 55, Mesmerize Cologne Spray for men is LPE of $9.99. This has been a customer favorite for many years.
  • Pg. 56, Men's Talc Powder, Hair & Body Wash, and After Shave Conditioner are any 2 for $5.
  • Pg. 69, Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel is LPE of $12.99.
  • Pg. 70, Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System is only $13.99.
  • Pg. 75, Do you prefer basic skin care? Avon Elements products are all on sale. All of these products are hypoallergenic.
  • Pg. 135, Naturals Shower Gels are $1.99 each.
  • Pg. 140, Take care of your feet this winter with our Foot Works products. Save up to 55% on these!
  • Pg. 153-155, SSS Bath Oil in the 16.9 fl. oz. size is $6.99 each while the bonus size lotion and 24 fl. oz size Bath Oil are $9.99 each.
  • Pg. 163, Avon Care Daily Basics and Avon Solutions products are any 2 for $6.
  • Back cover, Full Size Hand Creams are only $1.69 and available in 3 SSS formulas, 3 Moisture Therapy formulas, and Silicone Glove.
*There are a lot of tutorials in the first few pages of this brochure - for brows, lips, eyes, nails, and face sculpting.


If you want to save even more money, you can join my team of Cloud Climbers, receive a discount on every item you purchase, and save even more by ordering new items when they first appear in the demo brochure. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ack! What do I do with THIS?!?

Have you ever purchased a new makeup product and then wondered what you were supposed to do with it? It's happened to all of us, I'm sure. That's why I'm thankful that Avon puts makeup tutorials on the brochure pages with many of our color cosmetics. Here are a few of them from the Campaign 3 brochure that is current right now at my eStore






There are also many makeup tutorials on YouTube. Just do a search for Avon Makeup Tutorials and you'll find those.