Wednesday, March 16, 2016

C6 Cloud Climbers Newsletter

(This is the newsletter that I write for my downline team members each campaign to keep them informed and encouraged.)

 Well folks,

I have finally gotten started working on my taxes, even though I'd much rather be outside doing customer searching or mowing on these beautiful days. Perhaps with a little coordination and organization I can do both. I know many of you are working at inside jobs during these pretty days, so I have no room to complain about having to do inside work myself. :)

Top Ten in Sales for C6  (Hurrah for more than 10 with sales over $100!)

 1. Susanne Walters
 2. Rene Parker   PC
 3. Ruby Nunnery 
 4. Maria Loza
 5. Gladys Faulk
 6. Brenda Taylor
 7. Carolyn King
 8. Steffanie Erdelt
 9. Claire Philadelphia
10. Benetta Staten

Two Cloud Climbers had Direct Delivery sales in C6: Rene Parker and Susanne Walters. For the year to date, Rene has $587 in DD sales (25% of her total YTD sales) and Susanne has $163 in DD sales (12% of her total YTD sales). My DD sales are increasing as well, with a total of $359.36 so far in March and $1,248 for the YTD. I'm pretty excited about this and I'm hoping to hear at our PC Tribute that I am once again #1 in DD sales for our district. There was no award for that accomplish last year, and probably won't be this year, but it was mentioned and I saw my name on the screen, so that felt pretty good. I see that there is a new incentive in place for DD orders from March 12 to the 19th:

There are still 5 days to earn your own bottle of Little Black Dress by building those eStore sales. I'm still $60 away from earning it, but I don't intend to miss out. This is a fragrance I plan to sell if I earn it, so it will be putting extra money in my pocket.

Congratulations to Franchesca Perez and Michelle Watkins for getting their first Avon order submitted and becoming official Avon Representatives and also official Cloud Climbers. I'm so happy to have you both on my team!!

I just took at look at the report showing entries to win the Mercedes-Benz or one of the other great prizes in the 130th Anniversary Sweepstakes for representatives. Several Cloud Climbers have already earned entries and there are still two campaigns to earn more. Rene Parker has 4 entries and the following people  have 2 entries each: Barbie Breen, Steffanie Erdelt, Gladys Faulk, Carolyn King, Maria Loza, Darren Mannahan, Ruby Nunnery, and Brenda Taylor. Susanne Walters has 1 entry. I would be so excited I'd turn a cartwheel (if I knew how), if one of my Cloud Climbers won that car.

From the District Recognition Boards I see that Rene Parker is #5 in Sales Increase for PC members and Lacey Harmon is #7 in Sales Increase for Non-PC members. Congratulations on staying in the top 10 for these categories, ladies!

Now I want to tell you a sad story. You know that I often tell you to make sure your customers know that they can get started with their own Avon businesses through you so that you get credit for recruiting them. I always try to practice what I preach by putting info on customer search brochures to let them know to contact me if they want to begin their businesses. However, I had removed the link in my email signature for awhile, so I wasn't promoting the opportunity with every email. As you can see, I have now put it back, because I recently lost out on a new customer becoming a recruit. She had asked me a question about whether ordering online or ordering through me was best, but she never said she had any interest in becoming a representative, although I had told her about having a team of representatives under me. About a week ago she sent me a text to say she had "signed up online" and would I please "add her to my team." What she had done was to see an Avon ad while surfing the internet, saw that she could save 40% on her orders by becoming a rep., signed up immediately, and then placed an order within 5 minutes of signing up. Now, you and I both know that is not what you usually do as a new rep., since you usually wait to get your kit and get some orders before placing an order at the scheduled time.
The rules allow for making a correction of that sort (getting someone put on your team who has signed up without giving a rep. code) within 5 days of signing up and it must be done before you place an order. She wants to be on my team, I want her to be on my team, being on my team would be of benefit to us both, but since she waited a week after signing up and placing an order to tell me about it, there was no way to add her to my team. :( :(  Now do you see why I say to always make sure your customers know you can sign them up? And by the way, you don't have to do anything but point them to your link to sign up and I will be their mentor. Your link is and they must use your code - the part of your eStore URL that follows the / (for example, for me it would be smoore) - when they fill out the information to get started. As a leader of an Avon unit, I have a direct link that works too, and I think you also have one. With the direct link they would be able to sign up without even inputting your code. My direct link is at the very bottom of my signature here. Try typing what you see there with your own code at the beginning instead of "smoore" and see if it takes you to a link to learn about the business and get started. If it does, you can share that link with your customers, friends, neighbors, family, etc.

Have you registered for the Spring Rally at the Sheraton Hotel at the airport on March 22? I sure hope to see some of you there! It will not cost you anything and it will be a great opportunity to meet with some of your fellow reps, learn about what is coming up with Avon, get some goodies (there are always free goodies at these things), and meet me and Shana if you have not done so before. Please register on your home page at so Shana can be prepared for the number of people who are coming. Also, please let me know if you are planning to come.

Whew! All done, and I think I'll go spend a few minutes in the yard and just see if the old lawn mower with start for me without having to charge the battery. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you further your business.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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