Thursday, March 31, 2016

Running to Shop? Or Using Shoprunner?

I've been hearing a little bit about Shoprunner lately and, since that option can now be used at our Avon eStores, I decided I needed to see what the service was all about. I visited their website and took a look at the FAQs to see what I could see. Their answer to "What is ShopRunner?" is "ShopRunner is the best way to shop for the stuff you love. Our members enjoy benefits like unlimited free 2-day shipping, free return shipping, member only deals, and much more."

Under the heading of " Which ShopRunner stores require a minimum purchase amount to receive free 2-day shopping and free return shipping?" I saw this about Avon: "$25 minimum purchase amount. This means that you must spend at least $25 on ShopRunner eligible items in order to receive free 2-day shipping." Later in the FAQs I saw that almost all products on sites that use ShopRunner are ShopRunner eligible

An annual ShopRunner membership costs $79*, so I would suggest that shopping my eStore with ShopRunner is for customers who make a lot of internet purchases from other companies during a year and purchase ShopRunner for those, since Avon has free shipping on any order over $40 and often has coupon codes for free shipping on orders of $25 without the use of ShopRunner. As Avon also has a very liberal return policy and I would not expect customers ordering for direct delivery from my eStore to have to do many returns, I really don't think the free returns part of ShopRunner is worth the purchase price unless, as stated earlier, you do a lot of shopping from other internet sites. However, if you have an American Express Card** you might want to consider it, because those carrying American Express Cards can get ShopRunner free, as this clip from the FAQs explains:

American Express® Card Members can get free membership! What’s the catch?

There is no catch. To get your complimentary ShopRunner membership courtesy of American Express®, go to and enroll an eligible American Express® Card. You never have to pay the $79 fee and you get to enjoy free 2-day shipping on thousands of brands.

More and more people are choosing to shop from the comfort of their homes, which is the reason that options like ShopRunner are now available for them. Many Avon representatives are working to build businesses that mostly serve online customers. Building that type of business can take a good bit of time and effort, and I recommend that Avon Representatives also sell to those in their local area to truly be successful, but if you have friends/family/acquaintances around the country, I definitely recommend getting your Avon eStore up and running as soon as you decide to get started with your own Avon business so that they can shop there - with or without ShopRunner.

*There is a 30 free trial offer.
**At this time American Express is the only card offering this option.


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