Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Rally!!

Avon events are always a lot of fun for many reasons. Yesterday was our Spring Rally with Avon, and it was a great one! The best part was getting to be together with our District Sales Manager and fellow representatives - those we haven't seen in awhile, newer ones who were attending their first Avon gathering, and at least one who became a representative after the meeting was over. I helped our DSM with set up and break down, and was so involved with it all that I forgot to take pictures! :/ That's hard for even me to believe, because I usually take lots of pictures at these events. Fortunately, there were others who did take pictures, so I do have just a few to share. 

After setting up for the event, we gathered at our usual large table in the Grille at the Sheraton to eat a delicious supper and talk about our businesses and the event about to take place. Our DSM, Shana Fuller, is on the left and I am on the right.
Shana is wearing one of our newest dresses and Avon jewelry. (I am wearing Avon shoes, unseen of course, Avon jewelry, and an Avon watch.) Shana and I happened to be in the ladies restroom after our meal when a traveler came in and was admiring Shana's jewelry. Naturally, Shana let her know that the jewelry and dress she was wearing were from Avon and I showed her my Avon shoes. I gave the traveler, who was heading home to Texas, a brochure and let her know about my eStore link on the back. She said she had arrived at the airport early and could do some shopping through the brochure while waiting for her flight. I'm hoping to see an eStore order come through from Texas soon! Perhaps she will even be interested in the Avon opportunity and decide to join the ranks of Avon and become a part of my Cloud Climbers Avon team. You just never know what good may come when you share an Avon book.

Of course, the rally is all about learning what is coming up with Avon, what the company is doing to help the representatives, and how we can build our businesses to become what we want them to be. Here is Shana working hard during the presentation.

At the close of the meeting we toasted to the future of Avon and our own businesses with a delicious fruit punch made by one of the workers at the restaurant where the meeting was held and enjoyed a piece of 130th Anniversary cake. All in all, it was an evening well spent. Our next event will be the President's Club Tribute in May, which is the highlight of our Avon year. I'll be sure to remember to take pictures then!

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