Friday, April 22, 2016

C9 Cloud Cimbers Unit Newsletter

This is the Newsletter that I send to my team of Avon Representatives each campaign. See what we are up to and join us in the journey if you like! 

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

How many of you watch YouTube videos from Avon or some of the top Avon Representatives like Emily Seagren and Lisa Monoson? Emily is the expert on social media marketing, but I really enjoy watching and learning from Lisa. Here is a link to a great video she posted just a few days ago on "17 reasons you aren't getting orders."  We can learn a lot from those at the top. I know that none of us have hours on end to watch these things, but a few minutes spared now and then may be worth it if they help build your business. I posted another one from Lisa on the Cloud Climbers Facebook page recently in which she talks about not giving up on your direct sales business before giving it a chance and not jumping from business to business. I've subscribed to her YouTube channel so I can be kept aware of her videos as she does them.

Top Ten in Sales for C9

 1. Steffanie Erdelt
 2. Suheidy Colon
 3. Ruby Nunnery
 4. Darren Mannahan
 5. Maria Loza
 6. Rene Parker  PC
 7. Brenda Taylor
 8. Sharon Tibbs
 9. Gladys Faulk
10. Carolyn King

We added two new Cloud Climbers to the team this campaign, but they won't have orders until C10 or C11. They are are the result of some of Avon's advertising campaigns and the ALMA system whereby Leadership Representative can get leads to work with from those who have expressed an interest in learning about and possibly getting started in an Avon business. Avon would like for all new Reps to be on teams with mentors, as the more help a new Rep gets the better it will be for them and for us all. I request leads from all over the US, and these two newbies are not in the district most of you are in. I hope we will be seeing more and more of these Representatives from other areas as part of the Cloud Climbers team over the next several months. With all that being said, I want to welcome Kristi Strode of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Monarch Division, and Jessica Martinez of Forestdale, Alabama, and the Heritage Division. We are glad to have you Avon Ladies on our team, and we pray you will have much success with your new businesses!!

I recently read the FAQs about New Avon LLC and I think you should too, since you and/or your customers may have some questions that can be answered with this information. Here's a Snip of the part of the home page where you will find the link. 

I have highlighted the link and the link above it, as that is another one that you need to read. The Insider News comes out every Friday, so you can read it over the weekend and stay up to date on the latest happenings with Avon. Also in that list of links, but not highlighted, is one that says "Build your business with AVERY." Did you know that you can print business cards for your business through that link, as well as labels for your brochures? You can even include a QR code for your own eStore on those business cards and labels so that customers who like to shop via their phones can go right to your eStore by scanning the code. When you read the New Avon LLC FAQs, you will see that Avon is working to make our eStores more mobile device friendly, so that QR code will be even more useful in the near future. You might want to click on each one of those "Other Helpful Links" if you have never done so, to see if they contain info and items that are truly helpful to your business.

I don't get a lot of feed back from you, although I welcome it. Your suggestions are always welcome if they can help me or your Avon team mates improve our businesses. Today I want to thank Barbie Breen for her comments in response to the part of the customer reminder I sent to you about posting your eStore link on you Facebook friends' walls. She reminded me of something that I knew but had forgotten over time. Here is what she said:

"Hey…will actually get more hits if you can get your friends to like the post on your wall.  And you make it public.
For a friend’s friends to see your post on that mutual friend’s wall, they’d have to actually go to the person’s wall and/or be your friend as well."

So, I have reworked my post and I will put it in my Customer Reminder, which I have not yet sent to my customers. Here is what it will say:

"I know that several of you have accounts on Facebook. I am trying to spread my FB reach a bit and would like to ask if you would be so kind as to post my eStore link to your page one time. All you need to do is cut and paste what I have written below into your status. If you will do that and I get a new customer from your recommendation, I will give you a 10% discount on your next Avon order.

My Avon Lady, Sandra Moore, has just celebrated her 29th anniversary as an Ind. Avon Sales Representative and plans to continue her business for many more years, if the Lord wills. If you do not already have an Avon Rep., she would love to have your business. If you live in the Harvest/Monrovia/Madison/East Limestone area, you can ask her to leave an Avon book at your house. If you are outside of her delivery area, you can shop for direct delivery from Avon at her eStore - If you register as a customer at her eStore, she will keep you informed of coupon codes, specials, etc. Be sure to tell her that I sent you to her eStore, because there is a perk in it for me if you do. Thanks so much!  

The other thing that can help me is if you will go to my Facebook business page at this link and just "Like" the page.  Any help you give me will be very much appreciated."

What do you think? Would you be willing to write something similar and ask your customers to post it? Do any of you have other ideas about how to promote your businesses? Please share them if you do. Not many of you who are on Facebook are seeing my posts on the Cloud Climbers Facebook group page, but that is a great place to make suggestions for all of us, or just to check in now and then and say "Hi!" Since I rarely see any of you in person, seeing you now and then on the Cloud Climbers wall would be nice.

Have a great weekend, and do something extra TODAY to promote your Avon business in some way!

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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