Friday, April 29, 2016

Just who am I, anyway?

I have a group of email addresses for "Potential Recruits" which is made up of people who have expressed an interest in an Avon business at some time in the past few years but have never, to my knowledge, gotten the "show on the road." Every couple of months I email those folks to give them updated info on incentives Avon is offering new representatives, just in case the timing is now right for them to get going. 

Most of the people on my PR list have never met me and know very little about me. Earlier this week I decided to change that, so they would know just who this Sandra Moore who keeps contacting them is. Below is what I wrote, after my introductory comments to them. I decided to share the email on my blog, because most of you do not know me either, and perhaps you'd like to know more of my story than what you see in the description on this page.

Just over 29 years ago, I was a new stay-at-home mom after being a secretary for 8 years. We had moved into a new house in the Harvest/Monrovia area just outside of Huntsville, Alabama, and I had a baby girl, Bonny. There was an older Avon Lady who came to my house to deliver my Avon products and she asked if I might like to become an Avon Representative. I had not considered the business until she asked me, but I had a history with Avon products on both sides of my family: My maternal grandmother sold Avon for a little while in south Alabama, and my paternal grandfather in West Virginia collected Avon bottles. I decided that being a representative would be a good way to get to know some of my neighbors (we were assigned territories back then) and make a little money of my own for extra things we might want to do. I signed up, and have not missed turning in an order every two weeks in over 29 years!

Since I had a new baby and would have another, a boy named Seth, just 22 months after the first, my business was small in the beginning. I took on the task of being nanny to my two nieces as they were born over the next few years, and my business continued to be a small one. By the time Bonny was ready to head off to college, I had built the business up quite a bit and had also become involved in the Leadership part of the Avon business, meaning that I was recruiting and training others to be Avon representatives. I've been doing that for more than 15 years and have added more than 200 people to my team, (which I call the Cloud Climbers), during that time. Of course, since not everyone remains as a representative for as long as I have, not all of those are still Cloud Climbers, and currently there are about 45 on my team. Rose Circle ($35,000 in yearly sales) is my current sales level, and Gold Ambassador ($4,000 in team sales each 2-week campaign) is my Leadership level. 

Just a few more personal facts about me: I'm married to my first and only husband, Gary, who works for TBE contracted to NASA in the Space Program. Basically, his job is to name all the things on the Space Station. One reason I am pushing extra hard these days to build my sales and my team is so that he can retire in just a few more years. We still live in the same house in Harvest/Monrovia, although we added onto it about 16 years ago. Our daughter, Bonny, is turning 30 this year and is back living happily with us for now. Seth is turning 28 and on his own. Neither one has married...yet. Avon is still my full time job, and my other interests mostly revolve around my church family at the Madison church of Christ. I teach 3 year olds on Sunday morning and coordinate the preschool department, teach Bible Correspondence Courses by mail, and teach through World Bible School online. I also like to do personal one on one Bible studies with others when opportunities arise. We own two cats (I can tell you a lllooonnnggg story about our cat experiences, but I won't), and we enjoy yard work and growing flowers, veggies, and fruit. Oh, I almost forgot, we have started learning about and using Essential Oils and I have a small business in that as well. 

Okay, now you know about me. You know that I am not employed by Avon, I am an Independent Avon Sales Representative, which is the same thing you would be if you decided to become one of my team members. You can start small and build big like I did if you choose, and you can get involved with Leadership and build a team like I did if you choose. The choice is yours, and it will only cost you $15 to get started. There are links below my signature where you can view the blog I write about Avon, become one of my team members, or purchase Avon through my eStore if you love Avon but are not ready to join Avon. The other link is for Bible study, and it's a very good one too. If you would like to connect to me on Facebook, this is the link to my personal page:  and this is the link to my business page: If you want an idea of what you would be selling as an Avon Representative, you can see most of the products that Avon carries in different categories through this link to my Pinterest page:

That's all for now. Go out and make it a great day! That's what I plan to do. And if you have any questions for me at all, just ask.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador   (Where you can find out why Jon left.)   (Where I blog about my Avon business.)   (Where you can purchase Avon products.)   (Where you can become an Avon representative.)

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