Monday, June 13, 2016

Does Avon Fit Your Life?

One of the beauties of having an Avon business is that you can fit it around your current life, because there are so many ways to promote your business and so many aids from Avon to help you do so. In addition, Avon Representatives work together to help each other with ideas to help us grow our businesses. Perhaps you don't want to grow a large business, but just want a little sideline to give you a little extra income per month. Avon is perfect for that as well! I have one new Representative on my Cloud Climbers' team who is an airline flight attendant and plans to only do sales through her eStore for direct delivery to customers and never ring a doorbell. (If you've lived more than 40 years, you surely recall that Avon once was known well for the advertising slogan: "Ding Dong! Avon calling!") 

There are various promotions from Avon from time to time to encourage those who are interested in direct sales opportunities to give an Avon business a try. If you begin your business now, you will be able to participate in the 40% earnings program you can read about in these promotional flyers:

I have had potential representatives worry that if they were not able to keep their business going they would be penalized by Avon for quitting. Certainly not! When you begin your Avon business you are only committing a $15 investment (unless you prefer to purchase a $35 or $100 kit, which is totally at your discretion), and you only need to make sure that you pay for all products you purchase from Avon for resale to your customers. You can sell for a short time to meet a goal, or you can make a career of your Avon business, as I have done. 

So, does it sound like an Avon business will fit your life? Do you want more details? Either contact me directly or click on the "Become an Avon Representative" tab at the top of this blog. Are you ready to get started right now? Go to and you can be have your business up and running in minutes! 

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