Monday, August 8, 2016

Greetings Potential Avon Representative!

In which quarter of the year do you suppose Avon representatives make the most money? I imagine if you think for just a moment you will realize the answer would have to be the 4th quarter, since Christmas comes at the end of it, and if that is your guess, you are absolutely correct! There are 26 Avon campaigns in a year so the last 6 or 7 of those would be the 4th quarter. We are now in campaign 18, so 4th quarter begins in about a month. Can you believe we are that close to the Christmas selling season?

If you want to be ready to make money with your own Avon business when all of America is starting to spend money more freely, now is the time to get your business started and get your customers lined up. Once they start seeing the great items we will be offering this year, they will be looking for Avon representatives, and you don't want them to find someone else before you find them. Get your Avon business started today at so that you can learn all you can "learn the ropes" before the Christmas sales start coming in. I'm ready to help you, as I'm only a phone call, instant message, or email away when you need advice or have questions. Now is the BEST time to get started!

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