Thursday, September 1, 2016

C18 Avon Cloud Climbers' Team Newsletter

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

I'm a bit behind on this report, but for a very good reason. My mama has been in and out of the hospital 4 times in the past month and I have been spending some time there with my parents. She came home from her most recent stay tonight, and when I talked to her a few minutes ago she was trying to read all the notes and paperwork that goes along with learning you have aFib, getting a Pacemaker, being put on new medications, etc. I sure hope that this last trip to the ER will be her last trip to the ER for a long time. I am thankful to live close enough to my parents to be able to help out when I am needed. They have helped me so many times throughout my 59 years and now that they are turning 83 and 89, it is time for me and my siblings to help take care of them.

Top Ten in Sales
(All with Sales over $150, because we had 16 with sales over $150!)
 1. Amaleia Ruble
 2. Alisha Edwards  
 3. Brenda Taylor
 4. Darren Mannahan
 5. Rene Parker  PC
 6. Rebecca Robertson
 7. Steffanie Erdelt
 8. Susanne Walters
 9. Barbie Breen
10. Jessica Martinez

Top 3 in Sales Year to Date
 1. Rene Parker PC  $5,752
 2. Susanne Walters  $4,253
 3. Ruby Nunnery  $4,100

Four people were blessed with 
Direct Delivery orders this campaign: Teresa Jordan, Katie Peden, Darren Mannahan, and Kathy McAlpin. Katie is the one one of these who had direct delivery orders last campaign. We had 16 Cloud Climbers with orders over $150, so that is great! 
Don't forget to post about the free shipping on $25 today using the code YAY so we can have a longer list in the next newsletter.

We have only added three new Cloud Climbers this campaign, so I'm hoping that picks up soon. Joining us are Judith Lea of Ider, AL, who has already turned in her first order and made her goal of having and order over $100, Starla Hamilton of Jasper, TN, and Debbie Bowers of Chickamauga, GA. Welcome to our high climbing team, Avon ladies!

The Spotlight is on Judith Lea this campaign. Judith is a technology director at a college who has had trouble keeping a reliable Avon Rep, so she decided to become her own Avon Rep! Her plans for right now are to sell to her family and daily contacts and not to try to build a large business, due to constraints on her time, but she expects those few customers will keep her orders above $100 each campaign. Who will be in the Spotlight next? I need to hear from you, because I don't have anyone else in the queue right now. 

Avon Awards given since the last newsletter: 

  • Paige Coffman, 40% Discount and 4th Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep, 25 pts.
  • Alisha Edwards, 40% Discount and 7th Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Malinda Lowry, PRP New Rep, 25 pts.
  • April Moore, PRP New Rep, 25 pts.
  • Tiffany Newman, 40% Discount and 3rd Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep, 25 pts.
  • Katie Peden, 40% Discount and 2nd Campaign Bundle of Samples, PRP New Rep, 25 pts.
  • Amaleia Ruble, 40% Discount and 7th Campaign Bundle of Samples
  • Rebecca Robertson, 40% Discount and 6th Campaign Bundle of Samples

Here are a few more tips from the old file I found:

 "I love sales so I always have something in each brochure on sale. My customers know to look for it. Sometimes it is a new product, so I discount the price even more, or other times it's an established product." 

"I keep a list of all my customers with their birthdays recorded next to their names. I let them know that with any orders they place in the month of their birthday, they receive a 10% discount. It has really increased my sales. "

"I hold a drawing at the end of each campaign, putting everyone's name in a 'hat' who ordered during that particular campaign and I offer a full-sized Avon product as a prize. The winner also sees their name on a flier put out with every book I deliver. They always enjoy receiving a prize and seeing their name in print."   (You could put their name in your next emailed customer reminder, and you could do it just once a month instead of every campaign if your funds are tight. Putting it in the reminder lets everyone know you really are doing the drawing. SM)

I'm finally finishing the newsletter two days after I started it. My mama is still doing pretty well, although she feels weak, and I'm preparing some food to take to my parents today when I go to visit. She said she wants a hair trim too, so to bring my scissors. :)

I hope all of you get to enjoy a nice Labor Day! 

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