Wednesday, September 7, 2016

C20 - The Big Fall Makeup Sale!

It's the Big Fall Makeup Sale, and here are some of this campaign's best buys, but there are many more great buys I haven't listed! See them here and see a video of some Avon makeup products in use here, where Lauren Anderson shows us a beautiful holiday look. It's not too early to start planning!
  • Pg. 5, NEW Wide Awake Mascara, available in three colors, including Brown, a shade often hard to find in mascara. Intro Special price of $5.99.
  • Pg. 11, Extra Lasting Eyeshadow Inks, for 18 hours of worry-free wear. Lowest price ever of $3.99.
  • Pg. 12, True Color Eyeshadow Duo is $4.49 and available in 7 shade combinations.
  • Pg. 18, Beyond Color Lipstick or Lip Conditioner are $4.99 each. If you have not tried our Lip Conditioner, you should!
  • Pg. 22, Extra Lasting Lipstick for 24 hours of comfortable wear at LPE of $5.99.
  • Pg. 39, Avon Makeup Setting Spray is $6.49. Just apply your full makeup, give a quick spritz or two, and your makeup will last all day.
  • Pg. 42-47, Choose your Anew Regimen and get Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye Treatment for less than half their individual book value - AND get a free Cleanser of your choice from page 41. Now THAT is a deal!
  • Pg. 50, Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is $17.99. Use this product regularly and see a dramatic improvement in your under eye circles like 93% of other women have seen.
  • Pg. 54, Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid, for the benefits of microdermabrasion with the irritation, specially priced at $18.99.
  • Pg. 65, Far Away Eau de Parfum Spray is LPE of $9.99. There is a scent spot on the page. (Find scent spots for Little Black Dress, Rare Amethyst, Mesmerize Black, and Black Suede Essential on other pages of the Fragrance section in the brochure.)
  • Pgs. 86/87, Avon's Signature Gold Coast Collection is perfect for fall with its colors of gold and tortoiseshell. Pieces include a ring, long necklace, watch, hoop earrings, and bracelet.
  • Pg. 161, Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream is only $2.29. If you have not tried this product for dry skin, including eczema, it is high time you did!
  • Back page, Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, your choice for $1.49.

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