Monday, October 24, 2016

Avon Rewards - Points!

Yesterday morning, before going to worship, my husband decided to iron a few shirts. I usually keep the ironing done, but he has a VERY large collection of shirts, (because buying shirts is one of his favorite hobbies), and sometimes I don't have the ones ironed that he wants to wear.

Gary had made it through about three shirts when the iron simply died and we could find no way to restore it. Perhaps my daddy, Mr. Fix It, can tinker with it and bring it back to life, but meanwhile we need a new iron. Naturally, my first thought was "Let me see if we have irons in the Avon Rewards catalog," because almost every time we have needed to make a purchase of a small appliance, I've been able to get it with Avon Points. This morning I went shopping through the Avon Rewards website and, sure enough, there were four irons for me to choose from. I had earned over 9,000 points and the iron cost me 1,550 of those, so my Rowenta iron is on its way to me and I've got plenty of points left for the next purchase I need to make. 

Avon Points can be earned by all representatives in various ways:

So, there you have it. Just one more reason why it pays to be an Avon Representative. My first points purchase was made many years ago when the kids were little, and it was an old fashioned gum ball machine. Since then we have ordered a television, a vacuum cleaner, a pressure washer, a wet/dry vac, a gas grill, an iron or two, a couple of personal DVD players, a full size DVD/video player, and probably a few other things I cannot remember. As someone who hates to go out to stores to do her shopping, this Avon perk is one I very much appreciate! And the items cost me nothing, as even the shipping is covered!!!


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