Monday, November 28, 2016

Sparkle Like a Boss!

Have you seen the #BossLife commercials and ads that Avon has put out recently? We are excited about being our own bosses with our Avon businesses, and Avon is excited about helping us achieve our goals! Here is the newest incentive they are offering us:

Now is the time to get started with your Avon business, so you can be a #beautyboss before Christmas. Wouldn't your very own business be a great present for yourself and your family? If you get started now you can take advantage of discounts on your own Christmas shopping as well as the money you can earn when your friends/family/customers do their shopping through you. Then, after Christmas, you'll be ready to work toward earning this sparkle, which you can proudly wear when you are out and about as a beautiful way to advertise your business and gain even more customers. I definitely intend to meet these goals and earn both pieces to wear together! 

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