Friday, July 21, 2017

C16 Avon Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

(My newsletter for my wonderful Cloud Climbers team! Take a look to see what we are up to right now.) 

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

It's still Tuesday, right? I know that it must be, because I mentioned in one of my videos done for you on the Cloud Climbers Team Facebook page that I would have the newsletter out by Tuesday and I'm just now getting it out. 😉 I hope everyone is having a great week and no one has had their air conditioners go out this summer. Have I mentioned that we had to replace both of our home HVAC units this spring? One in April and the other in May. That really hurt the old bank account! I'm just thankful we had the funds to take care of them both and didn't have to stay hot for long.

RepFest 2017 is almost upon us and I'm happy to see that two of you, Ramona Hyman and Tisha Johnson, are registered to attend the event. If any more of you have registered, please let me know. I've got my room reserved and my three roommates arranged, now I have to figure out the food I'm going to take along to survive the three days! Ha! Avon offered box lunches for us to purchase to make things easy, but they were $20 each so I didn't buy them. I understand that eating in the convention center is very expensive and getting from where the activities are happening to where the food is sold during the time alloted can be challenging too. Mostly I'm planning to eat a lot of nuts, fruit, raw veggies, meal bars, etc., that I can fit into whatever bag I decide to tote around  with me. I qualified for the Go Country! Win big! incentive at the second level, which means I get to attend a party to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Wild Country. I think there will be food there, so that meal will be covered by Avon. 

Speaking of the Wild Country Anniversary, here is a sneak peek at a product coming up soon. I'm excited about this because I think it will sell well and I have a family history with a grandfather in West Virginia who collected Avon bottles back in the day. I inherited a lot of his bottles and this offering brings back some good memories.