Monday, September 25, 2017

Shop for the Greater Goods!

C21 is our Shop for the Greater Goods campaign and the brochure is filled with must-have items that support the most important women's causes. We have many new items for Pink Hope (Avon Breast Cancer Crusade) and Purple Peach (Speak Out Against Domestic Violence). Take a look here to see all of them in the front pages of the brochure. 

Here are some of the best buys of C21:

  • Pg. 19, True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick and True Color Bold Lipstick are $5.99 each. There are some beautiful shades for fall here!
  • Pg. 20, Naturally you will want a True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel to match or coordinate with your new lipstick, and you can get one for another $5.99.
  • Pg. 34, True Color Cuticle Conditioner, Base Coat, and Top Coat will make your manicure look nicer and last longer and each one is available for $5.99.
  • Pg. 45, Dew Kiss and three Flavor Savers (Strawberry, Melon, and Vanilla) have returned to the brochure - back by popular demand - and are $2.00 each.
  • Pg. 63, Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System, formulated with arginine, is an Avon Best of Beauty product and only $19.99.
  • Pg. 69, Anew Reversalist Day Lotion, Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye System - each item only $19.99.
  • Pg. 73, Anew Mini Sizes with Big Benefits. If you want to try an Anew Regimen, this is the perfect way to do so. Two week trial sizes that are only $6.99 each. They are also TSA approved.
  • Pg. 79, Two steps to firmer skin - Anew Clean Comforting Cream Cleanser & Mask and 2 Firming Masks for a total of $15.
  • Pgs. 96/97, The Rare fragrances are your choice for $12.99. There's a scent spot for Rare Gold on pg. 97.
  • Pg. 101, Little Black Dress and Little Red Dress are $25 each with matching Shower Gel and Body Lotion (a $20 value), free!
  • Pgs. 108/109, The Classics Collection fragrances are your choice at $8.99.
  • Pg. 115, Mesmerize cologne for men is only $12.99. This is one of our best selling men's fragrances.
  • Pg. 117, Black Suede, another best selling men's fragrance, is only $8.99 and there is a scent spot on the page.
  • Pg. 131, Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal items are all on sale this campaign. We have these for Sensitive Skin as well.
  • Pg. 145, Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Lip Balm is only $1.49 and Perfumed Liquid Deodorant is $2.99.
  • Back Cover, The A Box for only $10 with your $40 order! This one is all about the Power of Pink and is a $31 value.
There is a code for free shipping on a $20 order at that is only good until 11:59 on Tuesday, September 26, and that code is TWENTY.

Sandra Moore

Monday, September 18, 2017

C19 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

Greetings all you lovely Cloud Climbers!

It is past time for me to get the Campaign 19 newsletter out to you, but September has been such a busy month so far and will continue to be a busy month, with so much to share too, that I have not been able to get it all together until now. I'll start with all the recognition, but please read through to the end for the important updates to Avon procedures.

Top Ten in Sales for C19   

 1. Sandra Moore  HS
 2. Melanie Hamilton
 3. Steffanie Erdelt
 4. Tisha Johnson
 5. Alison Hogan
 6. Phyllis Smith
 7. Margaret McCrary 
 8. Carolyn King
 9. Rene Parker  PC
10. Hattie Bush

I'm happy to report that all of the above had sales over $250, and most were well over $250. I stocked up on a few items for an upcoming event, so I still ended up in the #1 spot, but if I had not done that, Melanie would have come close to out selling me!

Top Four in Sales for 2017 Year-to-Date

1. Sandra Moore  HS
2. Steffanie Erdelt
3. Rene Parker  PC
4. Phyllis Smith

If SteffanieRene, and Phyllis stay focused through the end of the year, all of them have a good opportunity to be in President's Club next year. I sure hope so! Remember, S, R, and P, that it only takes $10,000 in sales to be in PC. All three of you are just over half-way there and it may seem like it is too late in the year to make up the remaining amount, but 4th Quarter is almost here and sales are always best then. I have faith that you can do it! Buy this Avon necklace for yourself as a reminder that you can step out of your comfort zone and build your business better than it has ever been before. :)

New to our team since the last newsletter are: Stan Matthews of Stevenson, Alabama, Mary Bowen of La Fayette, Georgia, Tracie Myrick of Valley Head, Alabama, and Cassandra Mae Young of Rancho Cordova, California. Congratulations go to new Promoter Deanna Buswell who recruited Cassandra as her first team member when she found her on Facebook and made an effort to reach out and bring her into Avon as a Cloud Climber. I haven't had any return communication from Stan, Mary, or Tracie, but Cassandra has been talking to both Deanna and myself and I know she is already working hard to build a successful Avon business. 

A few of our Cloud Climbers have been and are still struggling with some health challenges. I know of two who were having procedures done today and one who continues to take treatments for breast cancer. There are probably others who I don't know about, but these I am praying for and I want you ALL to know that I remember you frequently in prayer - praying for the success of your businesses and for any challenges that you have. Sophya Johnson gave birth to a baby boy this week, so we congratulate her on the new addition to her family! Like a truly dedicated Avon lady, she is getting her order turned in for Campaign 20 even if it is a few days late due to that sweet baby being born. Sophya does not want to disappoint her customers or miss out on any sales! 

Here is news that I thought we would have received an email from Avon about today, because I know that it started today. I'm including the picture I received from my Leadership Coach on Thursday that explains it as well as pictures of the three starter kits so that you can go ahead and be sharing this good news with your potential team members. 

In other big news, most of you should have received an email from Avon this week about going to a Flexible ordering system in Campaign 23. Yay! I've known this was coming but did not know when. If you did not receive the email, you are either not a part of the program or Avon does not have a valid email address for you. What this means for those who are on Flexible ordering is that YOU get to choose which day of the two week campaign period you want to turn in your order. I suggest that you pick a day and stick with it as much as you can so that your customers always know which day is your day for ordering. Flexible ordering also means that if you have to turn your order in late for some reason you will not be charged a late fee. For myself, I plan to back up my orders by one day because right now they are coming late on a Friday afternoon, sometimes as late as 7:30 or 8:00, and since we generally have other activities going on through the weekend I can't even get my order sorted until Monday. Backing it up a day will get it to me on Thursday and I can sort on Friday and be ready to deliver on Monday.  If you are not yet on Flexible ordering, don't despair, because it will come to you eventually as Avon rolls this system out across the country. 

I received a text this afternoon from the person who won the door prize at the booth I had at an event last Saturday. She was so excited and said she had received the package I had sent (I ordered her door prize at my online store for delivery to her and it came today) and that it made her week. I replied that I was glad someone won who took the time to express appreciation for her gifts, because I have delivered door prizes to people who never even said "Thank you." I hope that all of you remember toexpress appreciation to your customers and to anyone who does something special for you that they did not have to do. I'm sure you like to be appreciated yourself, so don't forget to appreciate others. That's my sermon for today. ;) 

I'm going to keep asking you to add me as a friend on Facebook until all of you who use Facebook have added me. :)  I want to be able to add you to our team page so we can share with each other. There are only about 1/3 of you in that group now and we need to build that number and help each other with tips, encouragement, and answering questions. Find me here:  There are times that I do things/post things there that don't appear in the Newsletter. For example, I recently posted an offer for those who had eStore sales in C19 to go into a drawing for a package of samples. I did a FB Live video for the drawing and Brittney Monti was the winner. I haven't made it by the Post Office yet to mail your package, Brittney, but I'll get there soon. 
That's it for now. Somebody (new or old) give me some information about themselves to put in the Spotlight next campaign, okay? TIA!

Sandra Moore
Cloud Climbers Team Leader

Friday, September 15, 2017

"The Power of Pink"

Just a couple of posts ago I told you all about the new Avon A Boxes. To recap: There is a new A Box every campaign and each one has a theme that fits with the brochure it is attached to. You can purchase the A Box for only $10 when you have a $40 order from the brochure, sale fliers, mark., Avon Living, or the Outlet. Since Campaign 21 is our "Shop for the Greater Goods" campaign, the A Box is "The Power of Pink." If you are shopping at my online store, the item number to use is 729-990. Unlike some "box" programs, there are no surprises in these boxes. You can always see every item that you will receive. A Boxes make great gifts, too!

Here is what you will find in your Power of Pink A Box:

A Boxes are just one exciting reason to begin your business now. The Avon opportunity gets better and better, and my next post will announce a MAJOR perk if you begin your Avon business now. Here's a hint: There's a rebate on the business kit involved. Stay tuned! 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

C20 Best Buys of the Brochure

Each campaign I prepare an email reminder for my team members to send to their customers and to send to my own customers. For this reminder I flip through the brochure pages that feature skin care, makeup, bath & body products, etc. that are on sale during the current campaign and make a bullet list of the ones I think are particularly good buys. Of course, there are many other items available at excellent prices (jewelry, clothing, shoes, totes, etc.) but I list the products that customer buy on a regular basis so that they can replenish their stock at the best deals. Here are the items I highlighted for Campaign 20:

  • Pg. 3, True Color Lipsticks and Beyond Color Lipsticks and Lip Conditioner are each $5.99.
  • Pg. 5, Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara is $4.99. This is the mascara that Avon has carried for more than 20 years because the customers won't let it go away.
  • Pg. 9, Far Away has been one of our top selling fragrances for many years and you can get 5 products for only $25. There's a scent spot on the page.
  • Pg. 10/11, Anew Power Serum is $22.99 and Clinical Lift Pro Dual Eye System is $19.99.
  • Pg. 12, Anew Clinical Ultimate Cleanser is back! And it's only $6.99 this campaign.
  • Pg. 15, Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream is Lowest Price This Year of $2.99.
  • Pg. 33, Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation is $8.99 and available in 21 shades to match every skin tone.
  • Pg. 34, Ideal Nude Cream Concealer gives lightweight but full coverage, is available in 13 shades, and
  • Pg. 41, Sheer Color Lip Balm, 4 shades that are mostly moisture but have a touch of color and only $2.99.
  • Pgs. 42/43, all Brushes are on sale!
  • Pg. 49, Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel is LPTY of $6.99. Don't miss the 5 new shades - Terracotta, Rose Noir, Head in the Clouds, Clover, and Violuxe.
  • Pg. 63, Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector is $19.99.
  • Pg. 65, Anew Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream and Day Lotion with our highest level of SPF (SPF50) are each $19.99.
  • Pg. 72-77, Anew Ultimate Day Cream and Night Cream and  Anew Platinum Day Cream and Night Cream are each LPTY of $21.99.
  • Pg. 101, Haiku and Haiku Kyoto Flower Eau de Parfums are $12.99 each, LPTY.
  • Pg. 121, Full-size hand creams in 7 formulas are $2.49, which is their LPTY
  • Pg. 131, SSS Bonus-size Bath Oil in 4 formulas is $15.99, their LPTY.
  • Back cover, The Best of Beauty Collection - 5 products for only $10 with your $40 order!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

The A Box!

I just realized that I have not yet written about the Avon A Boxes. They were introduced a few campaigns ago and will continue to be available until the end of the year. There's a new A Box for each campaign, each one is only $10 with a $40 purchase from the regular brochure, and they are available through me or through my online store. Here's what you will find in the A Box for Campaign 20:

Each A Box has a theme and this one is "The Best of Beauty" because the Campaign 20 brochure features some of our top selling beauty products at special prices. In this kit you will find Anew Power Serum in a sample size. The Power Serum boosts the work of your moisturizer and has been very popular since it's introduction. 

You'll also find the top selling shade of Glimmersticks Eye Liner - no sharpener needed....

...and our most popular Anew Skin Care product line - Ultimate - in the day and night creams. Each is a two week supply that is perfect for travel. 

The fifth item in the box is a lipstick in a shade that has been a customer favorite for many years. You can bet that Cherry Jubilee will not be discontinued!

What do you think? Are A Boxes not the best Avon deal ever? Would you like to be able to share the A Boxes with your own customers? There will be 6 more of them to come, so get your own Avon business started today so you can share in the excitement and the sales! We are only a couple of campaigns away from starting to sell our holiday collection items and people will be ready to shop with you for Christmas gifts, so don't delay - start today!!  

Thursday, August 31, 2017

C18 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter

(My newsletter for my wonderful team of Cloud Climbers. Join us by going to and using this reference code - smoore.) 

Greetings Cloud Climbers!

I hope you are all staying dry and comfortable as we begin to get rain from the hurricane Harvey. I'll be on the computer a good bit today taking care of things that I had to let go while I worked on the FB Virtual Opportunity Meeting all day Monday. I'm sorry there were not more of you able to participate, but I certainly appreciate those who pitched in and shared the event. It was shared 10 times, but I don't know how many of those shares were by Cloud Climbers. I do know that five of you said you were attending and at least four of you actually checked in. Thanks so much to Tisha JohnsonJohnny HarvillRene Parker PC, and especially Deanna Buswell and Alison Hogan. Deanna and Alison were checking in and commenting on the event for most of the day and Deanna was the winner of the $40 in free Avon, which I have already ordered to be shipped to her house. She ordered Senses products so that she can make up sets to sell to customers. And she will get a chance to sell her bundles at an event she will have a booth at on September 30, since she jumped at the opportunity I sent out by email to all of you last night. Here is the link to the Virtual Opportunity event and you are welcome to look at all the information (including several videos I did) and share it with others. We did not get any new members on the day of the event, but the event will stay available on my FB business page and I intend to use it to promote the opportunity for awhile and you can do the same. 

Top Ten in Sales for C18

 1. Sandra Moore  HS
 2. Rosanna Cassidy
 3. Tisha Johnson
 4. Judith Lea
 5. Alison Hogan
 6. Gladys Faulk
 7. Ruby Nunnery
 8. Steffanie Erdelt
 9. Misty Walker  NEW
10. Phyllis Smith  NEW  

Congratulations to Misty Walker and Phyllis Smith for having first orders of over $200 each. Wow, Avon Ladies!! You are starting your businesses off with a bang! Those with Direct Delivery orders during C18 were: Rosanna Cassidy, Sandra Moore HSAlison HoganRamona HymanRhonda KennedyMargo Prytz, and Susanne Walters.

New Cloud Climbers added to the team since the last newsletter include: Agnes Breault of Harvest, Alabama (my town), Phyllis Thomas of Hayden, Alabama, Sue Whaley of Huntsville, Alabama, (returning to Rene Parker PC's team and ready to get to work), and Loyce Salas of Union Grove, Alabama. All of these new people are from Alabama and I think it is time our team branched outside of the Southeast, so, do you have contacts in the far reaches of the USA I could talk to about the business opportunity? Or maybe you could just share that link in the first paragraph of this newsletter with them. You can say something like: "Hey, I'm having fun with my Avon business and I just thought you might like to see a little bit about what I do and how I do it in case you might be interested in doing the same. Here's my reference code ____ in you should decide to start your business." It can be something as simple as that, which is not pushy at all, just sharing the opportunity.

There are a lot you us who were born in September so Happy Birthday to all of us celebrating this month: Phyllis ThomasVirginia CurtisBrittney MontiWendy ReedCynthia BlakeSandra Moore, Ashley ParkerDanielle Reneau,Rebecca Robertson, Heather JohnsonCheryl ParkerMelanie Hamilton, and Debbie Bowers.  Celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month are: Veronica Boyd (4 years on 9/1), Carolyn King (3 years on 9/4), Sharon Tibbs (33 years on 9/6), Kelli Violet (6 years on 9/12), and Magalis Justiniano (12 years on 9/20). 

Wouldn't it be great advertising for your business to be driving a brand new Viva Pink Mini Cooper? Don't miss out on getting your entries in for Drive Like a Boss! In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the basic information you need to know:

Drive your business to success with one of our newest incentives—Drive Like a Boss! All Representatives can participate in this amazing new incentive starting C20 through C25, 2017 (TS 22 – 1, 2017) for the chance to win an exclusive Mini Cooper, decked out in 4 exclusive Avon hues. The Drive Like a Boss incentive will help you fuel your business with best-in-class training to accelerate your growth, build skills you need to earn entries, and help put your business in over-drive.
But First, Let Me Attend a Workshop
Representatives in each region will have the chance to earn entries to win their region's fabulous Mini Cooper. To be eligible and to earn your first entry, you must attend a Drive Like a Boss Workshop—they start in September, and there will be about 48 to choose from—or complete an AVON U online training course. Plus, you can earn additional entries by increasing sales and adding Qualified New Recruits to your team.
We will be having one of the Workshops in Huntsville on October 14th and the time is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. but I don't have the location yet. I'll let you know as soon as I do, because I'd love to meet up with a lot of you on that date. There is a part at the beginning of the day that is designed so that your potential team members can attend and I'll have more information on that later as well. 
The other incentive coming up is Cruise Like a Boss. This one does not involve earning entries into a drawing like Drive Like a Boss but involves earning points toward a goal. Some points are easy to earn, but reaching the goal of 7,000 points is challenging. Well, yeah! Of course it is challenging. That's the whole point! Avon puts out these incentives to challenge us to grow our businesses and grow our teams. Perhaps you haven't noticed it, but there are things you can earn along the way even if you don't earn the cruise - an Avon Beauty Case, an Avon Tote, and an Avon Carry-On Suitcase - things you might need if you earn the trip. :) Take a look at the information below so that you know what is needed to reach these goals and make your plan now because it starts in Campaign 20. 
I'm going to keep asking you to add me as a friend on Facebook until all of you who use Facebook have added me. :)  I want to be able to add you to our team page so we can share with each other. There are only about 1/3 of you in that group now and we need to build that number and help each other with tips, encouragement, and answering questions. Find me here:
That's it for now. Have a great day and remember that I am praying for the success of your business!

Sandra Moore
Cloud Climbers Team Mentor

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Five Steps to a Flawless Finish

Often we speak of makeup "palettes" because of the beautiful colors we use to "paint" our faces. For a fine finished portrait we need to start with a smooth canvas as our foundation.*

*Just click each picture to find the products for your flawless look. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Best Buys of C19 - and Don't Miss the A Box!!

Here are some of the best buys of the C19 brochure: (Be sure to notice the makeup application tips in the front section of the brochure.) 

  • Pg. 5, SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara is only $5.99. This one is great for emphasizing and lengthening those upper lashes!
  • Pg. 13, Cream Blush and Luminous Blush are each only $7.99. See all shades on pgs. 22-23.
  • Pg. 16, Eyeshadow Quads are available in 18 shade combinations and only $5.99 this campaign. (See page 8 for application tips.)
  • Pg. 19, Glimmersticks for Eyes and Brows are $4.99 and that is the Lowest Price This Year for them at individual prices.
  • Pg. 24/25, Lipsticks! Lipsticks! Lipsticks! - and only $5.99 each.
  • Pg. 28, Flawless Liquid Foundation is only $8.99 and available in a shade for every skin tone - 21 of them in fact!
  • Pg. 33, Anew Age-Transforming Foundation is LPTY of $11.99.
  • Pg. 53, Anew Power Serum "boosts any moisturizer's results." 93% of women agree it dramatically improves skin's overall appearance and it's at $22.99 - LPTY.
  • Pg. 55, Anew Clinical ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream is $19.99 - LPTY.
  • Pg. 61, Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum is LPTY of $21.99. This product has one of the highest levels of pure, stabilized vitamin C. 
  • Pg. 72/73, Defy gravity with Anew Platinum and get any two of the product line - including Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest - for $42.
  • Pg. 81, Don't miss your chance to get the Brightening Sheet Masks or the Firming Sheet Masks before they disappear from the brochure. Each pack of 4 sheets is $10!!
  • Pg. 97, Skin So Soft Triple-Phase Body Oil (macadamia oil, argan oil, and babassu oil) is LPTY of $10.99.
  • Pg. 101, All the Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal products are on sale. The Facial Hair Removal Cream is a top seller!
  • Pg. 111, 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil is the secret to shinier, smoother, healthier hair and the Shampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-In Treatment are buy 1 get 1 for .99.
  • Pg. 117, Perfumed Liquid Deodorant is appearing in the brochure this campaign and is only $2.99.
  • Pg. 117, Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Moisturizing Lip Treatment Balm is a very big name for a small but high quality product for lip care and it is specially priced at $1.49.
  • Pg. 133, Imari (scent spot on page) is LPTY of $12.99.
  • Pg. 143, So Very Sofia was introduced a year ago and is now being discontinued. When fragrances are a collaboration between Avon and celebrities ( in this case Sofia Vergara), these fragrances can only be sold for a contracted period of time. When this one is gone, it is gone, so get it for $10 while supplies last.
  • Pg. 219, The A Box is Avon's Pro Picks Collection - hand picked by our makeup and skin care experts. This $52 value is only $10 when added to your $40 order of products from this brochure. There are no back orders on A Boxes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

My Team Newsletter for Campaign 17


RepFest 2017 was a wonderful experience! I don't know if I'll ever attend another Avon convention, because I'm not a great fan of flying or expending large amounts of money on trips that require plane tickets, but I'm truly glad that this one was close by and I was able to attend. I had enough Avon points to cover the registration fee, I had a couple of roommates so we were able to share the expense, and my riders helped cover the cost of gas, so all in all the trip wasn't too expensive at all and well worth the cost. You can all share in the experience for only $10 plus your gas by attending RepFest at the Movies this Saturday, August 19, in Hoover, Alabama, and you will get a swag bag worth $73!! Here is the link to register: You can bring a friend, so bring your husband or wife or someone who is considering starting their own Avon business. The friend pays $10 and receives a swag bag as well. I'd take a car load of you myself, but I am running too far behind on my work so I'm going to skip it and leave my seat for someone who didn't get to go to RepFest. The thing we learned about at RepFest that excites me the most is the "espira" line of nutritional supplements coming in 2018. They will launch in January, I believe, at the perfect time to help our businesses most. Avon wants to concentrate on the holiday selling season during 4th Quarter and introduce "espira" in 1st Quarter - the time of year when more people start concentrating on improving their health than at any other time.

Two days before leaving for RepFest, the 35 Nested Representatives I earned in the Lead to Achieve challenge were added to my team, so I want to introduce all of them.  I'm excited to see that some of my Nested Reps. are on the top ten lists below. The Lead to Achieve incentive was a great blessing to my business and I am certainly thankful. If any of you, new, old, or nested, need anything from me, please know that I am only a phone call or text away - 256-479-4061

  • Judy Ashworth, Gurley, Alabama
  • Shannon Bailey, Falkville, Alabama
  • Cynthia Blake, Madison, Alabama
  • Veronica Boyd, Madison, Alabama  (Veronica lives about a mile north of me.) 
  • Hattie Bush, Decatur, Alabama
  • Kerri Clay, Hampton, Alabama
  • Wanda Collier, Gurley, Alabama
  • Tana Cook, Madison, Alabama
  • Virginia Curtis, Killen, Alabama
  • Ann Henry, Decatur, Alabama
  • Sonya Jean, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Lorri Johnson, Harvest, Alabama  (Lorri lives less than a mile south of me.)
  • Sophya Johnson, Madison, Alabama
  • Heather Johnson, Gurley, Alabama
  • Rhonda Kennedy, Falkville, Alabama  (I knew Rhonda when she was a District Sales Manager several years ago.)
  • Autumn Lange, Toney, Alabama
  • Kimberly Lewis, Hartselle, Alabama
  • Thelma Mast, Decatur, Alabama  (I knew Thelma many years ago when we were in the same District.)
  • Margaret McCrary, Elkmont, Alabama
  • Brittney Monti, Leoma, Tennessee
  • Danielle Nichols, Rogersville, Alabama
  • Margo Prytz, Decatur, Alabama
  • Debra Salyer, Moulton, Alabama
  • Betty Sellars, Decatur, Alabama  (I remember Betty from PC Tributes we both attended many years ago.)
  • Phyllis Smith, Moulton, Alabama
  • Judy Strawn, Gurley, Alabama
  • Cathy Sylvester, Harvest, Alabama 
  • Syble Talley, Baileyton, Alabama
  • Annetta Taylor, Decatur, Alabama
  • Barbara Treloar, Decatur, Alabama
  • Angelika Turner, Gurley, Alabama
  • Kelli Violet, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
  • Dean White, Moulton, Alabama
  • Andrea Youngman, Killen, Alabama
As you can tell from this list, Avon gave us people who lived in our general area when they could so it would be easier if we ever want to get together for meetings, events, etc. Speaking of meetings, I am going to have a Virtual Opportunity Meeting on my Facebook business page on Monday, August 28. The event will run from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., so even those who are working can participate. I have not done an event like this before, so it will be a learning experience for me. If you are on Facebook and we are not already Facebook friends, please go to and send me a friend request so I can add you to our Cloud Climbers Avon Team page. Then I will also be able to invite you to participate in the Opportunity Meeting and you can invite your friends. You never know who might be interested in joining you in your Avon journey, so don't make decisions for your friends. Invite them and let them decide whether or not to attend to learn more. I will make it very clear that anyone who becomes a Representative after attending the event at your invitation needs to put your code in as the Reference Code so that they are added to your team. I have plenty of people on my First Generation, so I want them to be on your First Generation, not mine. That will be of greater benefit to me in the long run, so please trust that I am not going to be grabbing your recruits and invite, Invite, INVITE! I'll be launching the event later this week so that people have plenty of time to see it and accept invitations. On the day of the event I will start with a live video welcoming everyone and then I'll post bits and pieces of information about the Avon business opportunity all day long. There will be a door prize of Avon products for one attendee, but I'm not sure how I'll be determining how people enter the drawing yet. 

Top Ten in Sales for C18   (All with sales over $200)

 1. Sandra Moore  PC  (I have started listing myself to encourage you to outsell me.) 
 2. Tisha Johnson  (Great work, Tisha! $641 in Award Sales!!)
 3. Nicole Darby
 4. Margaret McCrary 
 5. Angelika Turner
 6. Alison Hogan
 7. Darren Mannahan
 8. Vicky White
 9. Steffanie Erdelt
10. Judith Lea

Top Ten in Sales Year to Date

 1. Sandra Moore PC  - On track for Honor Society
 2. Steffanie Erdelt - On track for President's Club
 3. Rene Parker - On track for President's Club
 4. Phyllis Smith - On track for President's Club
 5. Vicky White
 6. Gladys Faulk
 7. Margaret McCrary
 8. Alisha Edwards
 9. Hattie Bush
10. Angelika Turner

These six Cloud Climbers had Direct Delivery orders placed at their Online Stores in C17: Sandra MooreDarren MannahanAnna KinsaulMelanie HamiltonBarbie Breen, and Alison Hogan. Six out of ninety-nine team members is not a high percentage, so I suspect that many of you still don't have your Online Stores set up or perhaps you haven't been sharing your link. As you can see below my signature, I share my link on almost every email I send out, only removing it when I feel it is not appropriate. I also share it a lot on my Facebook business page, I include it in my email reminders to my customers, and it is on every brochure I hand out. Just this week I posted on a page about the Sweepstakes that is always on our personal Online Stores that we and our customers can enter and a Representative said she didn't know anything about the sweepstakes because she didn't have her Online Store set up. The reason she didn't have it set up is because she didn't know how to do so. I also heard from one of our Cloud Climbers that she needed my help in setting up her Online Store, but she really didn't need my help once I told her to just go to and look for her Web Office and she could find the info there. If you don't have yours set up, go to Web Office and then click on the pink square in the very center of the screen to set it up. It only takes a couple of minutes, because Avon already takes care of keeping the information there current. Please take an extra 10-15 minutes to personalize your Online Store so that your customers will know it is you they are shopping with and then start sharing your link. You cannot wait for people to find your Online Store, YOU must share your link. 

I won't do a Spotlight with this newsletter since I don't want it to become too long. Nested Reps, if you will provide me with just a little information about yourself and your goals and dreams/why you are an Avon Representative, I will be happy to Spotlight you in an upcoming newsletter. For most of us this is our order day for C18, so I hope you are getting ready to turn your order in before midnight. If it isn't where you want it to be to meet your goals, get on the phone or send out another email reminder! Don't let the day slip away without making money that you could have made if you had just asked.

You and your business are in my prayers. Have a great rest of the week!

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

Monday, August 14, 2017

Best Buys of the C18 Brochure - and Introducing the A Box!

(My reminder for my customers, highlighting some of the best buys of the brochure.) 


The past 10 days have been crazy busy and my brain has had to move in so many different directions that I sometimes feel like I am just circling from one thing to another. I had a wonderful time at Avon's RepFest 2017 at the Opryland Convention Center last weekend and will have exciting news to share about "espira" later, but that plus having two extra cats (our son's - one of which was lost for two days while I was gone and thought to be hawk meat for awhile but then found safely at a neighbor's house upon my return) in addition to our own two, a son who is moving into his first home, the funeral for our sweet little Eli Williams (12 year old boy from our church who died from brain cancer) on Friday, and activities with my other business (essential oils and you can ask me if you want more details on that), working on our FHU Associates Fall Market event coming up in September (we still need more craft vendors if you know of some good ones), plus a coaching program with Avon that I am currently a part of to help me become a better mentor for my team of 111 representatives (I just earned 35 of them in an Avon incentive!), all of the above combined with trying to run our household and take care of my normal Avon business activities has been a bit overwhelming. Therefore, I have not been able to get all of the C18 brochures out that I wanted to get delivered and I still have a few C17 orders to deliver. I hope to get caught up this week and be able to focus better. For now, if you did not get a C18 brochure you can view one by clicking here and then let me know what you need or just go ahead and put your order in at my Online Store and choose Representative delivery. When you do that your order comes into my cart and can be submitted tomorrow night with my other orders. Be sure not to miss The A Box, because it is a great deal for only $10 with your $40 purchase. If the georgous fall colors are not right for you, the box would make a great gift for a daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc.

Some of the best buys of the C18 brochure include:

  • Pg. 9, SSS Bath Oil, 16.9 fl. oz. size, is $10.99 and 25 fl. oz. size is $15.99. Both of these are at the Lowest Price This Year.
  • Pg. 13, SSS Bonus-Size Body Lotions with pumps are $10.99, which is also the LPTY.
  • Pg. 15, SSS DD Body Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (our only body lotion that contains SPF), is only $7.99. You get our Age-Defying Complex AND sunscreen in this product!
  • Pg. 23, Naturals Shower Gels, Lotions, and Body Sprays are all Buy 2, Get 2 Free.
  • Pg. 27, FootWorks Lavender 3-in-1 Pampering Oil is only $3.99. We received a bottle of this free at RepFest and I used it that night. Smoother feet and smoother sleep.
  • Pg. 29, NEW FootWorks Ginger & White Tea Collection - Scrub, Clay Mask, and Nourishing Cream - each one only $4.99.
  • Pg. 37, Sun damaged hair? Too much chemical treatment? Reconstruction 7 Intense Recovery Mask is only $4.99.
  • Pg. 39, Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Cream is only $34.99. It's our most luxurious night creme!
  • Pg. 41, Here's a surprise -  Anew Ultimate Day Cream, Night Cream, and Eye Cream for only $60!! 
  • Pg. 51, I understand that the Brightening Sheet Mask and the Firming Sheet Mask will be discontinued soon, which explains why they are currently only $10 for a set of 4. Almost 70% off of the regular price!
  • Pg. 61, Vitamin C Brightening Serum is LPTY of $21.99. Many Representatives were raving about how much they loved this product at RepFest 2017. 
  • Pg. 73, True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation, with medium to full coverage, only $8.99. 
  • Pg. 81, True Color Flawless Loose Powder or Mattifying Pressed Powder are each $8.99. Add the Pro Powder Brush for $9.99 to get a soft, even finish.
  • Pg. 84, SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara and SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara are each only $5.99. 
  • Pg. 103, Beyond Color Liostick and Lip Conditioner are each $5.99, LPTY. I highly recommend the shade Twig, which has been a best seller since it was introduced many years ago.
  • Pg. 104, Makeup Setting Spray ($9.99) also gets good reviews from Avon Reps and their customers. You just spritz a bit on after you finish your makeup to set it and forget it all day long.
  • Pg. 125, NEW "Be" fragrances. Three fragrances to match whatever mood you are in, either worn alone or together since they compliment each other. Intro special of $12.99.
  • Pg. 127, the Far Away fragrances are each only $12.99. Far Away has long been an Avon best seller and there is a scent spot on the page. 
  • Pg. 135, the Classic fragrances are LPTY of $8.99. Don't forget that Soft Musk has returned to this collection by popular demand.
  • Pg. 219 & the Back Cover. You certainly don't want to miss the A Box, which is only $10 with your $40 purchase. This $40 value features the Divine Wine Collection - a Fall Beauty Trend.
Thanks so very much for your continued support of my business. It really means a lot to me. If you know of other people who might be interested in ordering, please forward this email to them. When they shop at my Online Store they can choose to have orders shipped directly to themselves if they live outside of my delivery area.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Avon RepFest 2017 Recap

WOW!! What a weekend it was. I have so much to share about what I learned at RepFest 2017 that I hardly know where to begin. However, Customers are what drives every Avon Representative's business, so my Customers come first. That means that very high on my priority list for today is getting my latest Avon order sorted and ready to deliver to my much appreciated Customers. Therefore, I will share highlights of RepFest with you over the course of the next two weeks and for now I'll just share a few pictures to give you an idea of what is coming from Avon. And what is coming is BIG!!