Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for C5 and C6

(Sharing the newsletter I write for my team, the Cloud Climbers.)

Wow, y'all! I knew I was running behind on this newsletter, but I thought I was only behind by a few days, not by a whole campaign. :'(  I know you get most of your information from the Avon newsletter sent each Monday and from your local DSM, but I do like to keep you informed of how our own little team is doing. As far as stats go, the chart below compares where our team is at the end of C6 compared to where we were last year at the same time. We have added more than 26 people in the past year, but have also lost some along the way, leaving us at 66 members.

Top Ten in Sales for C5   (44 team members turned in orders)

 1. Joanne Bradford
 2. Rene Parker  PC
 3. Alisha Edwards
 4. Betty Allgood
 5. Caroline McCullough
 6. Susan Watkins
 7. Kelly Fuller
 8. Maria Loza
 9. Steffanie Erdelt
10. Ruby Nunnery

Top Ten in Sales for C6  (44 team members turned in orders)

 1. Steffanie Erdelt   (Steffanie outsold me this campaign!)
 2. Darren Mannahan
 3. Nicole Darby
 4. Judith Lea
 5. Lisa Anderson
 6. Gladys Faulk
 7. Kathy McAlpin
 8. Shanitris Wilder
 9. Susan Watkins
10. Barbie Breen

Do you notice anything a bit unusual about these two lists? I do! There are only two names that appear on both lists...Susan Watkins and Steffanie Erdelt. That doesn't happen very often, as our top ten usually contains 5 to 7 of the same names each time. I hope that this variation means that more people are working harder to build their customer bases and follow up with customers before turning in orders. I hope that it does NOT mean that sales are down for some of you who usually do well, but I know that can happen now and then. In fact, sales are down just a bit for me right now, which explains why Steffanie outsold me in C6. I'm working on fixing that problem by getting out lots of books to new people. Which reminds me, one of my best customers, who had been purchasing Avon from me for many years, passed away in February. I will certainly miss visiting with Chris M. and her dog, Prissy. It's hard not to stop at her house to leave brochures after all the years I've been doing it.

Speaking of following up with customers, does anyone want to share a way that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to service a customer? I know you have stories about times you have done more than would be required because you wanted to please a good customer, so please share what you have done in a reply to this email. Thanks!

We added one new team member over the past two campaigns, and that would be Jennifer Killian of Fort Payne, Alabama. Welcome to the Cloud Climbers team, Jennifer!

Birthdays for March include: Judith Lea on 3/6, Ramona Hyman on 3/13, Michelle Watkins on 3/21, and Barbie Breen on 3/23.
Anniversaries for March include: Tawana Frails - 12 years on 3/4, Teresa Jordan - 3 years on 3/27, and Cheryl Parker - 5 years on 3/27.  Congratulations to all of you for sticking with your businesses over the long haul!

The changes to the Leadership Earnings structure have now kicked in, and I received notification that two of our four Promoters who have sponsored new representatives have missed out on their 3% Sponsorship Bonus because they did not turn in a $50 order themselves. Oops! Perhaps you were not aware of that money you would earn from your team members' sales because you did not read the information given by Avon. If that is the case, go to the Sales Leadership tab on YA and then click on Advanced Leadership Program to see the graphic. If you have a team member under you, be sure to always turn in at least a $50 order each campaign so you don't miss out on money you could be earning!!

I'm seeing an increase in those who are getting eStore Direct Delivery orders, so I want to congratulate all of those whose effects to promote their online stores is paying off. Reporting eStore orders for the past two campaigns: Suheidy Colon, Valerie Foster, Jessica Martinez, April Moore, Rene Parker, and Kristi Strode. Keep up the good work!

That's it for now. Let me know if you need my help in any way, let me hear your stories of customer service (mentioned above), go to your local Avon Sales Meeting if you possibly can, and let me know if there is anyone you would like for me to talk to about the Avon business so I can help get them started on your team.

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