Friday, March 3, 2017

C4 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter - 2017

Hello All!

I'm running behind on my newsletter and don't have much time to get it done today, so it will probably be the shortest newsletter I have ever sent. I guess most of you, who are also very busy, will not mind that too much. 😊

Top Ten in Sales for C4

 1. Rene Parker   PC
 2. Steffanie Erdelt

 3. Ruby Nunnery
 4. Brenda Taylor
 5. Annie Watts
 6. Lydia Lopez
 7. Susanne Walters
 8. Nicole Darby
 9. Sharon Tibbs
10. Lakeesha Acklin

I have stopped purchasing ALMA leads for awhile, because many of the ones I was getting since Avon ran television and print ads were not quality leads and were rarely interested in the business. Now I'm back to concentrating on working on personal recruiting, and it is really a good time for that since the ALMA leads do not earn in the Ticket to Boss Life incentive. Perhaps I'll earn a ticket or two before the program ends at C13, and perhaps some of you will as well. I don't see that any have been earned so far by members of our team. Remember that if you appoint someone who places a $150 first or second order you will get a ticket. If you earn a ticket, don't scratch alone and be sure to have a video of you scratching your ticket. A Facebook Live video would be great, and your friends could see it and might become interested in the business or might decide to order from you, so you'd win from Avon and have an extra win just by sharing. If I get a ticket, I'll be sure to share my scratch off video too!

We added two new Cloud Climbers since the last newsletter, both of them joining Avon this week. We are happy to have Sandra Foote and Davacenia Adams on our team and I pray they will have much success with their businesses! I don't have a Spotlight representative this campaign, because I'm still not getting info from you in order to do that feature. I think it is great to learn about others on our team, but if you won't share any information about yourself, I can't share. Sorry. ☹ If you want the Spotlight to come back, please send me a short paragraph about yourself, your family, your pets, your goals and dreams, or just anything you want to share.

Our total team sales for C4 were $6,474 and we currently have 67 members on our team. I'm still hoping to meet my 2017 goal of 100 team members, so let me know if there is anyone you want me to talk to about the business. I am not pushy about Avon at all, but I'd be happy to send an email with details to anyone whose email address you give me. What have you got to lose? Who do you know who could use extra income? Anyone I contact on your behalf would be your own team member if they decide to begin an Avon business.

Have a great rest of the weekend! Take advantage of these beautiful days to get out and do a bit of business promotion and work to meet your own goals for 2017.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

p.s. Have you created a signature for your emails that includes your eStore link? Check your email settings to see if you are able to do that with your system. It's a great way to advertise every time you send an email. 

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