Wednesday, May 3, 2017

C7-9 Cloud Climbers Unit Newsletter - Don't Let Them Steal Your Joy!

(This is the newsletter I do for my team each campaign...except when I get behind and must combine several campaigns. Oops.)

The quote below was on a YouTube video from an "adventurer" that I follow, Cookie Taylor. My life is very different from Cookie's in many ways, but it is interesting to follow her and see her perspective, plus there are some things I can learn from her. It is amazing the changes she has made in her life since she simply decided one night that things must change. Her life is a work in process, just like the rest of us, but she is living life and pursuing her dreams after going through a period when she wasn't living much at all. The video this quote is from was one she did about an ugly email she received from a man who wanted to tell her she could not do what she plans to do (walk 1,000 miles around Iceland) because she would fail. His email was designed to discourage her, and her video was all about not listening to those whose lives are so pathetic that they feel they must drag others down to make them feel better about themselves. Of course, she will not be drug down, and she was encouraging others not to let such people poison your life but to hit the "Delete" button and continue on. Whether you fail or not is not the question, it is accepting the challenge and doing something with your life! 

I am not here to drag you down, but to build you up and encourage you to continue on. I hope that my newsletters do that, and I hope that you will be an encourager to others as well. Another good quote I have seen goes something like this: "Don't compare yourself to others, but to the you that you were yesterday." In other words, keep moving forward and become better than you have been in the past rather than being discouraged because you aren't doing as well as some others are doing.

It begins to look like I'm only going to get Newsletters out every quarter, instead of every campaign! Once again I find that I am further behind than I realize, so I'm having to combine results for THREE campaigns into this newsletter. What can I say? I'm guilty of having a very busy life and often trying to cram too much into it. I think I will go ahead and schedule on my calendar the dates for getting out newsletters so that I won't get so behind again. (Done!)

Top Ten in Sales for C7

 1. Caroline McCullough
 2. Betty Allgood
 3. Rene Parker    PC
 4. Brenda Taylor 
 5. Ashleigh Downey
 6. Steffanie Erdelt
 7. Lisa Anderson
 8. Nicole Darby
 9. Joanne Bradford
10. Angela Turley

Top Ten in Sales for C8

 1. Steffanie Erdelt
 2. Joanne Bradford
 3. Lydia Lopez
 4. Rene Parker   PC
 5. Ruby Nunnery
 6. Cheryl Parker
 7. Angela Turley
 8. Nicole Darby
 9. Maria Lopez
10. Darren Mannahan

Top Ten in Sales for C9

 1. Steffanie Erdelt
 2. Joanne Bradford
 3. Rene Parker   PC
 4. Ashleigh Downey
 5. Kathy McAlpin
 6. Sharon Tibbs
 7. Carolyn King
 8. Nicole Darby
 9. Susanne Walters
10. Alisha Edwards

I'm thrilled to see that all of those on the Top Ten lists had sales of $150 or above!! I'm also excited to see how many of you had eStore sales over the past three campaigns. I'll list the top 3 in eStore sales first and then the others in alphabetical order: #1 Rene Parker, #2 Donna Langford, #3 Darren Mannahan, Davacenia Adams, Lisa Anderson, Joanne Bradford, Ashleigh Downey, Kelly Fuller, Maria Loza, Jennifer Malone, Caroline McCullough, April Moore, Wendy Reed, and Rebecca Robertson.

Celebrating Birthdays in April and May: Nicole Darby, Christy Diviney, Teresa Jordan, Donna Hamilton, Lisa Anderson, Donna Langford, Ruby Nunnery, Steffanie Erdelt, and Jessica Martinez. Happy birthday to all! 

Those who celebrated Avon Anniversaries in April or will be celebrating them in May are: Gladys Faulk (27 years), Myself (30 years), Kristi Strode (1 year), Jessica Martinez (1 year), Kim Mitchell (1 year), Alisha Edwards (1 year), Maria Lopez (6 years), Yvonne Lassiter (16 years), Rebecca Robertson (1 year), and Kathy McAlpin (1 year). Congratulations to everyone, and I hope to keep you all on my team for many more years to come!

I see that there has been one Avon Reward given during these three campaigns and that was to Rene Parker, who earned 25 Points for Sales Increase in the President's Recognition Program. These points can be used to purchase items in the PRP catalog. I recently used some of my points to pay for my RepFest fee and a new Singer Sewing Machine and Cusinart Dehydrator.

New Representatives since the beginning of C7 up until today are: Jennifer Killian, Ashley Parker, Tonya Davidson, and Jamie Trannon. Returning to the team after a short break are Christy Diviney and Callister Motter. Welcome and Welcome Back to all of you! Jennifer has already turned in a great first order (Award Sales of $281!), so congratulations go to her for a job well done. Our team is 63 members strong right now, and my goal for 2017 is the same as my goal for 2016 -- finish the year with 100 Cloud Climbers. Who is going to help me meet that goal by giving me names of people to talk to about Avon? If you give me a name, give me your Reference Code as well (the part after the / in your eStore link) so I can make sure that you get the credit for the recruit.

Whew! I'm caught up now, I hope, so it is time to get my own C10 order sorted and start my deliveries. I hope all of you have a great week and, as always, let me know how I can help you to meet your Avon goals.

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