Monday, May 29, 2017

C11 Cloud Climbers Avon Team Newsletter

(The newsletter for and about my wonderful team of Cloud Climbers!)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I had it on my calendar to write this newsletter this past Monday, so I'm only running a few days behind schedule rather than a few weeks, which I consider pretty good. 😉 I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and spend time relaxing and enjoying time with your family. If you are outside much, don't forget to bring your Bug Guard Expedition (if you are out all day and in the sun) or Bug Guard Picaridin (if you are only out at dusk). 

Top 10 in Sales for C11

 1. Alisha Edwards
 2. Jennifer Killian
 3. Gladys Faulk
 4. Rene Parker  PC
 5. Steffanie Erdelt
 6. Susan Watkins
 7. Nicole Darby
 8. Ruby Nunnery
 9. Carolyn King
10. Ashleigh Downey

It is exciting to look at the reports and see all the people who are getting eStore orders now. It's exciting because I know that these orders are earning you the same amount as your regular orders without you having to take the orders and deliver them. Easy money for us all, except I know we are all putting work into building those orders through social media and other ways. 😊 Those with eStore orders this campaign were: Barbie BreenAshleigh DowneyAyanna MastonJennifer KillianApril MooreJamie Trannon, and Virginia Washington. We have had 22 Cloud Climbers with eStore Direct Delivery orders since the beginning of the year. Do you know what that means? It means that 42 Cloud Climbers have NOT had any eStore orders yet this year. WHAT?!? If you are one of the 42, for your own sake I hope that you will do a few things to try to remedy that situation. I know I have made suggestions in the past, but here are some of the best ones again:
  • Put a link to your eStore in your email signature so that it goes out every time you send someone an email.
  • Put that same link in your Facebook personal page "About" section.
  • Post that link to your Facebook page now and then and even ask your friends to share the post to help you out. 
  • If you have business cards printed, always add the link to them.
  • Put the link on labels on your brochures, or just write the end of the link on your brochures. You have probably seen that Avon has provided the first part of your URL printed on the brochure for you, so it is easy to add the ending.
  • Put the link in your email reminder to your customers each campaign.
  • Make sure that you tell people you know that they can order for direct delivery if they prefer, even if they live close enough for you to deliver to them.
  • Tell everyone that they can get 10% off of one order at the eStore using the code WELCOME10.
Can those of you who have had eStore sales think of other ways to promote your eStore? If you can, please share them with me so I can send them out to the whole team and we can help each other.

I added an album of pictures you can use in your business to our Cloud Climbers Facebook team page, so take at look at those if you haven't done so yet. Jennifer Killian, one of our newest team members, has been communicating with me a lot lately and that led to creating that album. You see, when you talk to me it helps me to know how I can help you and by her asking me a question about her business I realized that I needed to create that album. I'll be adding more pictures to it as I have time. Speaking of Jennifer, I am putting her...

In the Spotlight this campaign: Jennifer Killian. Jennifer joined Avon just a few weeks ago and has already had two good orders. She has four children - twin girls Kendra and Kayla who will be high school seniors this fall, a nine year old son named Kalob who lives with his dad, and a seven year old daughter named Katie. In addition she has a five year old stepson named Tanner and a six year old stepdaughter name Katlyn who she says are "mine...I just didn't give birth to them."  She has a full time job working on an assembly line with three other women at a manufacturing plant for Honda and Volkswagen parts and in October she will celebrate five years of working there. Currently she is on FMLA because of having surgery on her foot for a fracture. Her schedule is very busy due to tee ball an softball activities with her little girls and her husband, who plays softball on his company team at her encouragement. She decided she wanted to do a little extra something for her family and choose to start an Avon business. They took on the task of remodeling the deck around their in-ground pool and it was a costly project that Avon helped to finish in the end. They have a big garden with lots of okra and she plans to do canning for next winter. Jennifer is loving her new Avon business and is taking time while she is off work to learn more by taking training at Avon University and says "It takes time to move up and increase sales and customers and I'm going to put all the effort I can into making a business out of my home with selling Avon." Thanks so much for the information, Jennifer! I know she plans to also work with Avon Leadership and hopes to have her team started soon.  

I hit President's Club this campaign (Yay!) with $10,000 in sales so far this year. The following people will also hit PC later this year if they stay as active as they have been so far: Steffanie Erdelt, Rene Parker, Alisha Edwards. Way to go, ladies!! We are less than halfway through the year, so there is plenty of time for more of you to push to the top as well. This pic shows the benefits for reaching that goal.

That's all I've got for now, because I have an order to sort and many other items to try to get done today. So much to do, so little time! 😊 I'm sure all of you feel that same way if you are working hard on your businesses.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador 
(Still! Who is going to take me to Bronze Leader by becoming a Silver Ambassador?)

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