Tuesday, June 6, 2017

C12 Newsletter for my Cloud Climbers Team

(This is the newsletter I produce for my team each campaign. If you would like to be a part of our team that is 64 representatives strong and growing, you can join us here.)

Greetings All!

The past week has been a bit crazy with all the new incentives from Avon, the news that the District and Division Sales Manager positions will be going away on July 1, and the opportunity that has been given to Bronze Ambassadors and above to increase their teams in a "you do, you get" incentive. You have already heard about part of this and will be hearing a lot more, but most of you probably don't know a thing about that last thing I mentioned. However, it affects me and our team in a big way, so I want to explain it a bit.

Some of you were "nested" onto my team several years ago in the Training Leader Program and you will remember that happening. Nesting started when Avon decided that it would be best for all Representatives to be on teams with a mentor to help them instead of just a District Manager and corporate Avon. During the TL Program, those of us who qualified had Reps nested under us and then we had to prove we were good leaders by meeting certain goals to keep the nested Reps. I am so thankful that I met those goals and had many of you added to the Cloud Climbers permanently! With the manager positions going away, Reps who were never on a team will be distributed to Bronze Leaders and above who qualify by personally recruiting new team members from C14 through C17. Our recruits have to turn in a $150 first or second order and pay for it on time and then we will get a share of the "pot" of unattached Representatives. There isn't anything that you need to do to help me with this goal, because they must be my own personal recruits, not recruits you add to the team. Of course, I would still love to have you adding team members and I will definitely work to mentor anyone that you add as well.

Now, in regards to no longer having District Sales Managers, my job as your mentor will become even more important. I will try to check VIBE (our downline manager system) every day to see notifications that will help me do a better job at helping you keep your business running smoothly. It will also be important for you to read your emails from Avon regularly, especially the Beauty Buzz that is emailed on Monday. I see that there are going to be some updates made with that as well. If you have not yet watched the video by Betty Palm that was sent last week and included again in the Beauty Buzz today, please watch it as soon as you can. And if you have not yet thanked your District Sales Manager for her help and support with your business, please do that before July 1. They are having to apply for the coaching jobs and some of them will not get those positions, so this is a very hard time for them. Also, if  you are on Facebook and have not sent me a friend request so that I can add you to our Cloud Climbers team page, please do that right away through this link: https://www.facebook.com/sandra.l.moore. I have recently uploaded a lot of pictures to that page that you are welcome to use to promote your business on Social Media. I was watching a FB Live video by Emily Seagren today and she said that the Social Media Center app that you may be using for posting about your business is still having a few problems, so you might want to use the sharing buttons on your eStore for posting rather than the SMC - or use one method some times and another method other times.

Tip: I was reading an email sent out by Buffer today (they are a service you can use for scheduling social media posts) and they have determined that at this time your posts might be seen more often if they are only done once or twice a day rather than posting dozens of times a week like they used to recommend. If you have a business page and you see that your posts are not getting much activity or being seen by many people, you might try slowing down on the posting and see if that helps. If not, go back to the way that works best for you!

Top Ten in Sales for C12

 1. Jennifer Killian 
 2. Joanne Bradford
 3. Rene Parker  PC
 4. Melanie Hamilton
 5. Brenda Taylor
 6. Nicole Darby
 7. Steffanie Erdelt
 8. Judith Lea
 9. Carolyn King
10. Susan Watkins

New to Avon since the last newsletter: Danielle Reneau of Lupton City, TN, and Joseph & Deanna Buswell of Decatur, AL. Welcome to the Cloud Climbers team and we hope you will find happiness and success with your new businesses! Deanna and I have already been chatting a good bit by email and FB Messenger and she shared some information about herself so I could put her...

...In the Spotlight! Deanna had this to say: "My husband, Joseph, and I met when we both worked at WalMart in 2005. I worked there for 11 years and we have been married since 2009. We have two children, Jaiden Daniel and Emberley Celeste, who are just 22 months apart in age. I have some orthopedic issues and am unable to lift anything heavy so my hubby will be the muscle behind my business, helping me get the shipment into the house, books moved and organized, and loading the car for deliveries.  I sold Avon once before, beginning my business in Louisiana and continuing it after moving back to Alabama, and I made President's Club twice and was a Unit Leader. We moved here in December of 2012 and in 2013 my mother had a total of 7 surgeries and I just couldn't keep up, so I gave up my business at the end of 2013. I felt like with all her surgeries, plus having two small children and a husband to tend to, my customers were not getting the service that they deserved. Since my brother has married and my new sister-in-law is awesome with my mother, those responsibilities are now shared. (Currently we are all living together as one big happy family to make sure everyone has what they need and mom and the kids are taken care of!)  Also, my babies are now school aged and can help with things some, so I've decided it is time to begin my Avon business again. Previously Avon was something I enjoyed and something to help Joseph some with the finances but now we need a second income. We are hoping this business unfolds nicely, as our ultimate goal with this business is financial easement! I am not looking to over push it until August when the kids start back to school...right now I need a slow pace with them home until we figure out a routine." Thanks so much for the information, Deanna! Now, who will be next to give me a few details about themselves so that I'll have a Spotlight for the C13 newsletter? 

We have three Birthdays for June: Sandra Foote, Kathy McAlpin, and Tonya Davidson. Celebrating an Avon Anniversary this month is Susan Watkins, 1 year on June 16. I hope it has been a good year for you Susan and that you will have many more anniversaries to celebrate with us!

I see that a new feature has been added to the YourAvon.com Home Page - the Clickable Brochure. On my desktop it appears in the lower right corner and looks like this:

That feature may be helpful to you if you are a personal buyer only ordering for yourself or if you just prefer to use it for your personal order. Be sure to click the link below and answer the three or four questions to give Avon feedback on this feature. I did!

So, who is going to stretch themselves to earn the charm bracelet in the new incentive from Avon? The goal set by Avon for me is $1,040 in sales per campaign, so I'm going to be getting out some extra brochures, posting on social media, blogging, catching up on Pinterest (I'm way behind there), contacting my customers each campaign before turning in an order, etc. In other words, I'll be doing what I usually do, but a little more of it. However, most of my efforts will go into the recruiting and mentoring part of this business since that is where my efforts will be most profitable at this time.

Well, it's time to close so I'll say goodnight and leave you with this quote from the late Jim Rohn, one of the original and best motivators in network marketing. I hope that I am helping you with your business and your life, so let me know if there is more that I could and should be doing to serve you.

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

p.s. A special thanks to Jennifer Killian and Melanie Hamilton for getting me 2/3s of the way to my goal of a free room at RepFest!!

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