Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oh no! What are we going to do?!?


It's time for my monthly update on the Avon business and I have some interesting news to share with you. As of July 1, Avon will no longer employ District Sales Managers. If you have never sold Avon before, that will not mean anything to you, but if you were previously a representative you may be wondering what will change. It is very simple, really. Team leaders like myself will be working with Representatives to make sure they have all they need to be successful. All new Representatives will be added to existing teams (like my Cloud Climbers), and all older Representatives who have never been on a team will be nested into existing teams (like my Cloud Climbers). There will be some changes in regards to local meetings and training, but it is going to be great for those of us who are already working with teams and will be gifted with new team members. It will be great for you as well if you begin your Avon business now by adding yourself to my team. You can do that by going to and using the Reference Code SMOORE. Once you choose your kit (most people purchase the $25 kit but you can also choose from a $50 and a $100 kit), you can begin your business online the same day while waiting for your kit to arrive. As soon as you do that, I will contact you to explain how you can earn a goodie package of business tools worth $50 to help you build your business just by sharing your eStore and your brochures and getting a good first order. That goodie package is a personal gift from me because I want you to succeed and I will help you do so!
When you sell Avon you sell more than beauty. Earn money. Work from home. Be your own boss. Make new friends. Learn more, and sign up today
Ask me questions if you have them. Remember, I keep no secrets about the Avon business!

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