Saturday, June 3, 2017

This is It! This is Happening Now!!

It has been a busy week in the Avon world. While Representatives have been out working their businesses to provide excellent service to their existing customers while adding new customers as well, and while those of us in Avon Leadership have been doing the same things while also adding new members to our teams and mentoring them to success, the company leaders have been putting some changes into place to make Avon a bigger and better company than it has ever been before. Allow me to explain.

For many years longer than the 30 years I have had an Avon business, Avon has employed District Sales Managers to work with all Avon Representatives in a designated geographical location. Those managers were of great value to the representatives because they held sales meetings to inform and encourage the representatives as well as providing training and encouragement. However, as time went on and as the Avon Leadership opportunity grew and developed, the position of DSM and Avon Team Leader often overlapped. With the advent of more and more technology, most training and communicating was being done online through various means, so sales meetings were not as well attended and DSMs were mostly working with the new representatives who had not come into Avon through team leaders. Those new representatives who were on teams were often confused by having two people trying to work with them - their local DSM and their team leader. Something needed to change.

As of July 1, Avon will no longer employ District Sales Managers. Instead, they will be using Coaches to work with the Leadership Representatives to help them become better at their jobs of mentoring their teams as well as Coaches to work with top Sales Representatives. So where does that leave those representatives who are not on teams? Nested, that's where! What is "nested" you may well ask. Nested is a beautiful word to those of us in Avon Leadership who have had representatives nested under our wings in past programs. 
Nesting: In the past when an Avon Representative came into Avon without a team leader to mentor him or her, that representative was dependent on the DSM for information and training. In the past few years, those who use modern technology have also been able to access the training and encouragement offered by many wonderful Avon Leadership Representatives who share on YouTube, Facebook group pages, etc. Since Avon will no longer be employing DSMs, those "loose" representatives will be better served by being connected to team leaders, and that is what is about to happen. They will be "nested" under team leaders who have met the qualifications given by Avon to earn the right to lead them. Those of us who actively lead our teams are excited about having new team members added to them and we look forward to working with them and with our Coaches to make New Avon the best direct sales business in the United States. I want to be the "mother hen" to some of these nested representatives, but in order to earn that right, I must also be adding my own personal recruits to my team, and you can become one of those if you are not currently an Avon Representative. Interested? Call me at 256-479-4061 for more details, read details here, or go straight to and use the code SMOORE to get started right away.

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