Thursday, December 27, 2018

Some Will. Some Won't. So What? Who's Next?

About once a month I send an email to my lists of potential recruits, which currently totals about 533 people, just keeping them informed on new opportunities or promotions with Avon as a business or checking to see if the timing has become right for them to join Avon. These are people who have expressed interest in Avon as a home based business at some point in the past, and this is the email I sent them yesterday. 

"Some will. Some won't. So what? Who's Next?" Have you ever heard that before? It's said often by those of us who believe in network marketing, building teams, and residual income. Are you a believer? I have been for many years! We also say this one: "A no doesn't mean 'no forever', it just means 'no for right now." It's the reason that I contacted you in the beginning and the reason I continue to contact you about once a month just in case your "won't" is ready to become a "will" and your "No" is ready to become a "Yes!"

I'm not looking for people who have "Shiny Object Syndrome" and like to jump at every new shiny thing that comes along. No, I want to help those who understand that Avon is a firmly established company (over 130 years old!) that brings new innovations to the marketplace regularly and supports their representatives well. My position as a Bronze Leader with Avon involves working with my own Avon sales and servicing my own customers as I support and assist my team of Cloud Climbers to do the same. When you start your Avon business by going to and clicking on "Become a Representative", you are automatically connected to me and you become a Cloud Climber. Just make sure you are on my online store page and you see my picture at the top. 

2019 Is fast approaching. Will this be the year that you decide to take a leap out of your comfort zone and start earning money with Avon? Do you have some questions that I can answer? 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Could it be that you are ready to start YOUR home based business? Or would you like to keep thinking about that for awhile and be put on my potential recruits email list as a monthly reminder that the opportunity awaits you when you are ready? Drop me a line with your email address and I would be happy to add you. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What's on Sale for Campaign 2?

Christmas Greetings to All!

We had a wonderful Christmas day in our traditional way and I hope that you did as well. I know you have been busy thinking about all the people you love and making sure you purchased things that would please them, and in doing so you may have neglected buying shampoo, vitamins, shower gel, lotion, etc., for yourself. If so, Avon has just what you need and you can quickly have those items on their way to you with free shipping on a $25 order using the code TREATME until 11:59 on December 31. 

Here are a few of the best buys I spotted in the Campaign 2 brochure
  • Pg. 18, Avon True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation is only $8.99. Do you need to purchase a lighter shade now that your summer glow has faded?
  • Pg. 24/25, Never dull your glow! You can be golden and gorgeous all year round with a bit of bronzer and a pop of color. We have several options for only $7.99 each.
  • Pg. 29, 60 shades of Avon True Color Lipstick for only $4.99 each! You can choose from Bold, Matte, Satin or Shimmer Finish.
  • Pg. 87, Haiku Eau de Parfum is a WOW DEAL for this campaign at only $9.99!! 
  • Pg. 125, SSS Bonus Size Body Lotions are another WOW DEAL at only $9.99!!!
  • Pg. 140/141, It's not a Wow Deal, but it's still a great buy and something that everyone needs.All full size hand creams are any 2 for $4.00. My favorites are SSS Comforting Shea Butter (oh, how wonderful it smells!), SSS Radiant Moisture, and Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair (a favorite with men as well). 
Avon is taking out the old to make way for the new, and you might be interested in seeing the list of products being discontinued in the first quarter of 2019. If so, just send me a message with your email address and I'll get that sent to you post haste.  

All the best to you and yours.

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Friday, December 21, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for C25 and C26


In my recent Facebook Live videos (you can view them on my business page or on my YouTube channel), I have said "I am determined!" more than once. This morning I am determined to get this newsletter out before it becomes necessary to make it cover three campaigns. 😉 What can I say, except that business has been good and has kept me busy? It has been good in spite of the fact that it has been frustrating due to there having been so many shorts and out of stocks. I know you are feeling the pain as well, and I am seeing a lot of frustration on the various Avon Facebook pages I follow. I hope, hope, hope, that Avon figures out what went wrong and gets it corrected. Meanwhile, remember that this is your business and OWN your business. DO apologize to any customers whose needs have not been met, but DON'T talk badly about the company to them, because if they feel you are discouraged and upset and think "Avon is falling apart", (it isn't, but I read that statement from a Rep who is not a Cloud Climber recently), they may just take all their business elsewhere. If you need to offer them a little something extra to keep good will, do that. You might tell them they can have a 10% discount on an order of $20 or more placed in January, give them a lip balm that we do have in stock as a free gift with their order, etc. You can make these special offers because this is YOUR business. 

Have you seen the listing of products being discontinued in the first quarter of 2019? I know you can see it if you are on YourAvon 2.0 by clicking on the "Inventory Alerts" near the bottom of the home page and then looking under "Hello and Goodbye". If you are not on 2.0, I don't know if you see it, so I'm attaching it to this newsletter in case you need it. It's a long list, so scroll through it to see what items your customers order regularly and prepare them for trying something new.

I received some inside info from someone this week who said if we shared it that it didn't come from her, but I believe it is info that we will be getting from Avon during the first quarter, possibly even in January. I'm not going to share exactly what was said, but I will encourage you to start learning more about your online store and make sure that if you do not have one set up yet (there are still a few of you who don't, and even a couple who don't use email) that you get one set up very soon and that you start getting VERY comfortable with it and with sharing the link to it. Also, I'm curious to hear how many of you are not passing out many brochures, put are posting the brochure online and encouraging people to look at the brochure at your online store. Let me know. It would be beneficial for all of you to get very comfortable with doing that over the next few months as well. 'Nuff said. 😊

Top Ten in Sales for C25

 1. Sandra Moore  RC    $3,863  (I am officially in Rose Circle now! This was my fundraiser campaign.)
 2. Leslie Clendenon  PC   $883  (Woo hoo! for you, LC!!)
 3. Rene Parker  PC  $539  (Great work, Rene!)
 4. Cynthia Blake    $437  (You are having a great year, Cynthia!)
 5. Gladys Faulk   $374
 6. Joanne Bradford   $315
 7. Rebecca Robertson   $304
 8. Amy Layne   $254
 9. Margo Prytz   $238
10. Ashleigh Downey   $201

Top Ten in Sales for C26

 1. Sandra Moore  RC   $1,820
 2. Leslie Clendenon  PC   $711   (Another great campaign!)
 3. Phyllis Smith   $543  (Great work, Phyllis!)
 4. Rosanna Cassidy   $397
 5. Cynthia Blake   $372
 6. Amy Layne   $365
 7. Juanita Stephens NEW  $325  (Way to go as a new Rep, Juanita!)
 8. Gladys Faulk   $311
 9. Rene Parker  PC   $305
10. Judith Lea   $299

I'm going to hold off on doing an end of the cycle re-cap, because I've got customers to deliver to today, with more orders coming in today and tomorrow. Can you relate? Of course you can! I still haven't wrapped my presents for my family yet, so I've go to do that and find out if I have bought everything I needed to buy. Are the rest of you in the same boat? Or are you better at getting your shopping done early? I'm always working hard to meet all my customers' needs first and then take care of my own. I guess that's a mark of a "determined" Avon Lady!! Ha! 

Happy Birthday in December to: Judy Strawn (12/1), Gladys Faulk (12/2), Agnes Breault(12/11), Kelli Violet 12/19), Lakeesha Acklin (12/24), Veronica Boyd (12/25), Jeannie Earls(12/25), Lois Johnson (12/31), Lorri Johnson (12/31), Marquita Ricks (12/31). 

Happy Avon Anniversary in December to: Sherry Coats (1 year on 12/9), Cynthia Blake (10 years on 12/18), Francis Carmichael (1 year on 12/19), Lisa Anderson (2 years on 12/28). I hope you all will still be on this list at the end of 2019! 

If you aren't yet in our Cloud Climbers Facebook group, let me know and I'll get you added. I am able to share some info there that I don't get into the newsletters. If you are in the Tennessee Valley area and not on our Avon TN Valley page, let me know that as well so I can add you. Communicating with other Reps in the area can be very beneficial to your business.

Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright, and may Santa be good to you this year!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

Friday, November 30, 2018

C26 Customer Reminder - Only Two Campaigns Until Christmas!


I'm hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Mine was quite nice, as I was able to spend it in the traditional way with my family.

Here are some of the best buys I spotted in the Campaign 26 brochure:  
  • Pg. 17, Holiday Fun Lip Balm for Kids, 5 flavors to choose from for $1.49 each.
  • Pgs. 20/21, Four fragrance gift sets for women: Far Away and Rare Pearls for $20 per set and Avon Prima and Prima Noir for $30 per set.
  • Pgs. 24/25, Holiday Hand Creams and Lip Balms are $1.49 each while supplies last.
  • Pg. 49, Glitter Glam Strap Watches in Black, Pink, Gold, or Silver are a WOW DEAL at $14.99 each!
  • Pg. 74, Iconic Avon Collectible Star Decanters in Far Away, Far Away Infinity, or Far Away Gold for $7.99 each.
  • Pg. 91, Love at 1st Lash Mascara for $8.99. Still getting rave reviews!
  • Pg. 93, Beyond Color Lipstick and Lip Conditioner are $4.99 each.
  • Pg. 94, True Color Eyeshadow Quads are $4.99 each and available in 13 shade combinations.
  • Pgs. 102/103, Glimmersticks are $2.99 each. 
  • Pg. 131 Mesmerize Black is a WOW DEAL at $9.99!
  • Pg. 152 and 154, Anew Platinum Regimen Set and Anew Ultimate Regimen Set are $55 each! 
  • Pg. 161, Dramatic Firming Cream, Banishing Cream, and Nurtura Replenishing Creamare $3.99 each. 
  • Pg. 175, SSS Bath Oil in the 16.9 fl. oz. size is $10.99. Keep that winter skin healthy with extra moisture!
  • Pg. 177, Speaking of winter skin, you definitely should have a bonus size pump bottle of lotion - Moisture Therapy or Skin So Soft - in every bathroom of your home, and with a price of only $10.99 right now, there is no reason not to. 
  • Pg. 183, Are there kids in your family? Are you buying for a needy child this year? Avon Kids Bath & Body products - toxin free - are only $5.99 each. 
  • Back Cover, A Few of Our Favorite Things A Box for only $10 with your $40 purchase. All products in this collection are top sellers with Avon customers!!
Be sure to register your email address at my online store to be notified of all the sales and free shipping offers going on right now. We have moved into our 12 Days of Christmas Deals, so you'll want to keep track of those and order when the perfect deal for YOU is available! Also, don't forget to check out the Outlet for bargains while supplies last. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaign 24

(I'm just a teensy bit late in posting my C23 Newsletter. Only two weeks. Not bad. Ha! My team got it on time, so that's what counts.)


It's a lovely rainy fall day in north Alabama, so a great day to get this newsletter done. We have four cats in the house right now, because I'm babysitting my son's two. They haven't been here in probably a year, so there's been a lot of running, sidestepping, hissing, and getting reacquainted. For the moment they appear to all be sleeping in various parts of the house, so all is quiet. 😍 I have a lot to share in this newsletter, so please read all the way through.

Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 23

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $1,895
 2. Margo Prytz   $451
 3. Cynthia Blake   $447
 4. Donna Langford   $396
 5. Amy Layne   $373
 6. Phyllis Smith   $323
 7. Rene Parker PC  $314
 8. Gladys Faulk   $284
 9. Judith Lea   $276
10. Leslie Clendenon PC   $245  (I love being able to "purple" you!)

Congratulations to Leslie Clendenon, who achieved President's Club with her C23 order! Leslie has reached this level in less than a year with Avon, which is rarely done. In fact, I didn't reach PC until I'd been a Representative for five years! I am so very proud of your hard work, Leslie, and you can expect to receive a goodie package from me in the mail soon. Now, who will take advantage of the double dollars in award sales for their biggest campaign to hit PC this year? Leslie was able to accomplish her goal without that added bonus, but there are a couple of more Cloud Climbers who could reach PC if they challenge themselves to having a really big order in C24, C25, or C26. It's not too late to start promoting on social media, buying extra brochures, talking to five new people every day, etc., etc. That guarantee of 40% earnings on core beauty products and 25% earnings on home and fashion products for ALL of next year is worthstretching for! 

Top Ten in Direct Delivery Sales Cycle-to-Date  
(Orders placed at online stores for direct delivery from Avon to the customer.)

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $4,833.63
 2. Rene Parker PC   $974.93
 3. Deanna Buswell   $536.91
 4. Anna Kinsaul   $437.33
 5. Ashleigh Downey   $386.30
 6. Brittney Monti   $362.21
 7. April Moore   $355.49
 8. Benetta Staten   $334.43
 9. Darren Mannahan   $244.91
10. Margaret McCrary   $222.77

I want to welcome two new Cloud Climbers to our team: Barbara Rice of Center Point, AL, and Juanita Stephens of Huntsville, AL. We are glad to have you both, Barbara and Juanita, and pray you will have much success with your respective businesses! 

Birthdays for NovemberApril Moore (11/6), Anissa Webb (11/13), Amy Layne (11/16),Alison Hogan (11/17), Judy Ashworth (11/18), Paula Russell (11/19), Virginia Washington(11/25), Tana Cook (11/26), and Brenda Taylor (11/30). Those celebrating Avon Anniversaries this month: Rosanna Cassidy (2 years on 11/5), Wendy Reed (2 years on 11/8), Stephanie Johnson (1 year on 11/12), Brenda Taylor (7 years on 11/14), Annette Shepard(1 year on 11/17), Judy Strawn (15 years on 11/20), and Helen Keeton (2 years on 11/22). 

Lydia Riley and her Climbin' Diamonds Team are doing great things right now. She is an inspiration to me, because she is a calm, quiet, caring, Avon Representative who gives glory to God for her success. She just promoted to Gold Executive Leader in Campaign 23, due to the promotions of many of her Climbin' Diamonds. This video is a quick reminder of what you need to do to become a Bronze Ambassador, which is the first goal in the Leadership program that involves some good bonus money, so I challenge you to take less than 5 minutes to view it and then let me know if you are ready to work towards this goal.  I will work with you to achieve it, because when you achieve your goals, I come closer to achieving mine. Let's work together and get this done!

Did you see the new Sweepstakes under My Sweeps on Avon Social? If you can't find it, here's a video I did for our Cloud Climbers team FB group to show how to reach it and post from it:  Posting these Sweepstakes on social media is a great way to get interest in your business and new customers, so be sure to check your Prospects on Avon Social frequently to see if those who have entered have given you some contact information. Don't get pushy, just thank them and ask if they have any questions about Avon, etc.

I'm in a mood to share videos today, so here's one from Felita Daniely about ways to keep your business going well after the holidays. We all know there is a natural slump in January (maybe that's a good time to work on your taxes 😉), but Felita has a good suggestion to help us build an order. I know I plan to give her idea about gift certificates a try.

The rain has stopped and I have deliveries to do, so I'll end now. I'm thinking there was something else I wanted to talk about, but it won't come to me right now. Maybe I can just put it in the next newsletter when it returns to my memory. 

As Felita says, "Take care and take charge." I'm praying for you and your business every day. My prayer is usually that God will bless your business to be as much as you want it to be, so feel free to stretch your goals.

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader