Friday, February 16, 2018

Campaign 4 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter


I was working away on this newsletter and some other business things today when I suddenly realized it was a very warm and dry day and I had no business sitting at a computer when I had Avon books to deliver, so off I went to do that. The winter weather has had me wanting to just stay home and work online and try to build my online businesses (both Avon and my secondary business), but I still have valuable customers to see and get brochures to personally, so every now and then I have to just pause and ask myself "What's Important Now?" I used to have WIN posted above my monitor, but I don't see it here now, so I guess I'd better make another sign to keep me focused. Now that I've finished getting those books out, WIN is getting this newsletter written!!!

​Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 4

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $1,271
 2. Caroline McCullough   $301
 3. Cynthia Blake   $299
 4. Deanna Buswell   $296   (Tied for 4th place)
 4. Leslie Clendenon   $296  (Tied for 4th place)
 6. Barbara Hambrick   $292   
 7. Phyllis Smith   $289
 8. Margaret McCrary   $256
 9. Gladys Faulk   $253
10. Hattie Bush   $235

​To Five in Sales for the Cycle-to-Date

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $5,240
 2. Rosanna Cassidy   $1,165
 3. Gladys Faulk   $1,157
 4. Phyllis Smith   $1,023
 5. Rene Parker  PC  $967

We have one new Cloud Climber to introduce: Emily Ryan of Hanceville, Alabama. Welcome to our team of Cloud Climbers, Emily! I hope that your business will be just as successful as you want and plan for it to be. It's up to you to climb those clouds, but you don't have to do it alone because we are here to help you all that we can. 

Birthdays for February include: Sophya Johnson, Cathy Sylvester, Kerri Clay, Angi Price, Kim Mitchell, Thelma Mast, Rene Parker, Sonya Jean, Rhonda Kennedy, Benetta Staten, Rosanna Cassidy, Annie Watts, and Magalis Justiniano. Happy birthday to all of these - there were a bunch of you born in February! Congratulations to these Cloud Climbers who are celebrating Avon Anniversaries in February: Ruby Nunnery (38 years on 2/14), Claire Philadelphia (25 years on 2/19), Margo Prytz (8 years on 2/19), Virginia Washington (9 years on 2/23), and Wanda Collier (9 years on 2/28). 

We have a couple of people who have earned rewards since the last newsletter. Tammy Sears received the Qualified KickStart Recruit Bonus of $50 and Mary Bowen qualified to receive her appointment kit rebate. Congrats to both of these hard working ladies!

The Shake Up Your Sales Incentive will be ending at the close of C5, which will be Tuesday at noon, so I'll be reporting on the results for our team in the next newsletter. As of today, eight of us have earned at least one reward and three of us have earned more than one. Have you checked your results to see where you stand? Cruise Like a Boss ends when C6 closes, so there is still time to earn goodies in that incentive, although its too late for any of us (including me) to earn the cruise. I don't believe any of us (including me) were really pushing for the cruise, so that's okay. After all, when you own your own business you get to choose how hard you work. 😊 

I had planned to do a State of the Business Report, either on paper or on video, but with tax return time looming, I'm just going to do a quick report here. Currently we have 86 Cloud Climbers with 5 more Pending, but one of the pending ones is in the process of moving to another team.* My rank is Gold Ambassador, and we have 7 Promoters, some of whom do not not have anyone on their team right now, but they will not lose their rank unless they give up their Avon businesses. Those Promoters are Deanna Buswell, Ramona Hyman, Heather Johnson, Tammy Miller, Ruby Nunnery, Rene Parker, and Paula Russell. I sell at the Honor Society Level and Rene Parker achieved President's Club again in 2017. Many of you are selling just for fun or to just a few customers in addition to being employed in the regular workforce, but we do have a few who are working to build Avon as their primary source of contributing to the income of their families. Our Team Cycle-to-Date sales for 2018 are $23,823, so that means we have averaged $5,955.75 per campaign. 

There are still way too many of our team members who are not turning in orders regularly. Please remember that if you want to build a business (I realize that some of you do not), you have to treat it like a business. If you want to keep customers, you have to treat them like they are valuable to you and not make them wait long periods of time without getting brochures or getting the items they have ordered from you. If you are in our Facebook group, you may have seen the "Give them the pickle!" video that I posted yesterday. If you aren't in the group, look for the video on YouTube if you can, because it speaks to the importance of giving your customers the special treatment they deserve. While working on this newsletter I was listening to the video Avon posted today on YA with the four Avon Reps. discussing how Avon has made a difference in their lives. One of the first things said by one of them was that her business began 27 years ago because a coworker who was a Rep. did not give good service and one of that coworker's customers asked the speaker if she would start selling Avon. The word spread quickly throughout the company that she was now selling Avon and many former customers of the not-so-nice Rep. switched their business to the nice one. Don't be that not-so-nice or not-so-dependable Rep., because I don't want your customers going to someone else. Give them the pickle! 💓

Have a great weekend, and let me know how I can help you reach your Cloud Climbing goals! If you read this note and are one of the first three people to reply that you did, you will get a special surprise from me. 

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador 
Cloud Climbers Team Leader

*The reason I said that one Pending Rep. would be leaving soon is that she was accidentally assigned to our team. That problem gives me an opportunity to explain to you how that could happen, just in case it should happen to you in the future. When someone goes to to begin their business and does not put in a reference code, they will be assigned to an Avon Leadership Rep. who is qualified to receive ALMA Leads. A few days ago a young lady went to the site, (or her family members did I believe), and entered her information but did not complete the application because they did not have her credit/debit card to pay for the kit. They quit the process and thought they would come back to it later, but Avon saw this as "someone potentially interested in an Avon business" and assigned her to me. Once she/they went back into the system with the debit card info and completed the process, she became my Rep. They had already been in touch with me, (because I had contacted her as soon as Avon assigned her to me as an ALMA Lead), and I knew that she had a grandmother and an aunt who sold Avon and she was supposed to be joining the team of one of them. I instructed them that she had 5 days to call the Avon Leadership Hotline and let them know about the mistake, so she has done that and she should be moved soon. So....if you ever have a recruit, make sure they complete the process the first time using your code or give them the direct link to join your team, which would be (yourcode) If they use that link, your code will automatically be entered.

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