Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for Campaign 8

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

How many of you watched the announcement made on FB Live this morning from the PRP Recognition event in Orlando? I missed it by a few minutes because I thought it was going to be on at 9:00 our time but it was 9:00 Eastern time. Ah well. That's not the first time I've had that happen and I'm sure it won't be the last. At any rate, we can't miss seeing it, since Avon has it all over the home page on YA. Uniting with the American Cancer Society in their work for Breast Cancer will be great for those of us living in or near Huntsville, since there is a walk here every year, if I am not mistaken. 

We made our team goal for C8! This one was a little bit harder and when it came down to the wire I did a stock up on some products that I sell regularly to push us over the $8K, but I could have done that without the help of all of you getting us close to the mark. I heard that it sales were lower for some of you in C8, but that they should be better in C9. Since C9 is the last campaign that we need to hit $8K for the bonus money on my promotion, I added a note about needing orders to meet my goal to my customer reminder that I sent to my own customers and they came through for me so well that my sales for C9 were, so far, $1,030! I hope that number goes up just a bit with some direct delivery orders placed at my online store before the campaign ends next Wednesday at noon. PLEASE, all of you place an order for this campaign, no matter how small, so that I don't have to do another big stock up. After all, even after I get all of the $1,500 bonus (which I WILL get!!) our team will still need to have $8K in sales each campaign for me to get paid at the Bronze Leader level, so I don't need to have so much product in stock that my future orders are low. Ha! As of this morning, the team has 25 orders with a total of $3,089 in sales, so we have quite a way to go. We are averaging about half of the team of 85 having orders each campaign, so that means there will probably be around 20 more orders turned in and those need to average $245.55. I think it will happen without a stock up!

Top Ten in Sales for C8

 1. Sandra Moore  HS  $1,829
 2. Rene Parker  PC  $490
 3. Leslie Clendenon  $485
 4. Gladys Faulk  $394
 5. Julie Thomas  $362
 6. Deanna Buswell  $351
 7. Margaret McCrary  $319
 8. Phyllis Smith  $284
 9. Stephanie Erdelt  $272
10. Annette Shepherd  $269

I did a little checking on the top four on the above list and found that the three of us who were selling last year all have a sales increase over last year! I have an increase of $4,300 (Rose Circle, here I come!), Rene has an increase of $554, and Gladys has an increase of $979. If this trend continues, Gladys should be returning to President's Club to rejoin Rene and I (I hit PC this campaign and I am confident Rene will make it by the end of the year), and Leslie (who is new this year) will most likely join us as well. That makes me happy, happy, happy!! Have you checked your sales to see if they are better than last year? I hope they are!

Birthdays for April include: Hattie Bush (4/1), Nicole Darby (4/3), and LaShaun Wright (4/4). Those celebrating Avon Anniversaries are: Gladys Faulk (28 years on 4/4), Thelma Mast (36 years on 4/6), Kim Mitchell (2 years on 4/22), and Margaret McCrary (3 years on 4/30). 

New to the Cloud Climbers are Debbie Fortenberry of Arab, AL, and Amanda Poarch of Trinity, AL, who is a recruit of Deanna Buswell. We are happy to have them, pray they will have much success, and we congratulate Deanna on adding another member to her team! 

Rene Parker and I both received Avon Awards for Sales Increase - 200 PRP points for me and 50 PRP points for Rene. Those points will be added to our other points and can be used to purchase various merchandise. It's sort of like having those old fashioned Green Stamps to shop with. 😊

I was just watching Donna Miles, our Southeast Regional Director, singing to the honorees at the recognition dinner tonight in Orlando. I met Donna when she came to Huntsville for the Drive Like a Boss workshop last year and also had lunch with her at our graduation from the Coaching program, but I don't remember ever hearing that she could sing. She did a beautiful rendition of a song about being grateful. I'll be able to post it on our Cloud Climbers' FB page thanks to Linda Montavon, who did the recording during the event, so I'll try to get that done tomorrow.

Well, I've been working on this newsletter off and on all day, and it is almost time for bed now. I've put it on my calendar in VIBE to do the customer reminder email on Friday, so let us all hope that I get that to you in time for ALL of you to use it if you choose to do so. 

Take care, and let me know if you need help from me in any way.

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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