Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for Campaign 9

Oops! I goofed!! Earlier today I started to post the team newsletter for Campaign 9 and did not see the one for Campaign 8, so I thought I had somehow skipped it and had better post that one first. Well, one of my terrific Cloud Climbers caught my mistake and let me know I had already posted the C8 Newsletter on April 11, so I have deleted that one from earlier today. Thanks so much for keeping me straight, Joanne Bradford. I appreciate your taking time to let me know of my mistake. And now, here is the Campaign 9 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter. :) 

Good morning!

It is a good morning, even though I'm a little bit disappointed, mostly with myself. I got it into my head that campaign 9 ended today at noon, but it actually ended at noon yesterday, as all of you should know and as I was supposed to know. My brain just failed me this time. The upshot of that was that I missed getting a final stock-up order done for myself to push our team sales over the $8,000 mark. Of course I was hoping that I would not have to do that stock-up, and even had offers going for you to try to boost sales, but I was ready to do the stock-up this morning and then realized the campaign had closed yesterday. Believe me, THAT will not happen again in C10! I am stubborn about wanting that final $375 of the bonus money and I want to be able to give away the $100 that I promised to give to one of you. The rules for that were that you had to have an order in each campaign for C7, C8, and C9, and I had to get the full bonus amount. I will stick to that $100 only going to someone who had an order in each of those campaigns, but I can't pay it out until the entire $1,500 comes to me, so I need all 23 of those Cloud Climbers who had orders for three straight campaigns to have them again in C10 - plus orders from everyone else! We only had 49 out of 85 team members turn in orders for C9 (seriously?!?) and our team sales were $7,637. 😢  BUT, we are not defeated and I know the C10 Newsletter will not have a frown in it. Right? Right!

I will do the drawing for the $100 at the close of C10 when I know that the entire $1,500 is mine and announce the results in the next newsletter and I'll probably announce that in a FB Live video as well. Here are the 23 people who will be in the drawing, and I very much appreciate their dedication to having an Avon order in every campaign: Leslie Clendenon, Judith Lea, Rene Parker, Deanna Buswell, Margaret McCrary, Phyllis Smith, Ashleigh Downey, Alison Hogan, Vicky White, Angelika Turner, Barbara Hambrick, Steffanie Erdelt, Sharon Tibbs, Gladys Faulk, Stephanie Renshaw, Darren Mannahan, Carolyn King, Barbie Breen, Sophya Johnson, Rosanna Cassidy, Hattie Bush, Syble Talley, and Wanda Collier. Which one of these will be $100 richer soon? Stay tuned to find out!

If you have been a Cloud Climber for at least a few campaigns, you will recall that I gave away some products to a person who met a certain requirement, and that requirement was just to read this newsletter and let me know they had done so. Everyone had to read to the end to see my note about that, and I did it to try to find out who was reading my newsletters. I was quite surprised to find out that only ONE person actually responded to tell me she read the newsletter. Well, when you own your business and are trying to meet goals, you can give money and goodies away to whoever you please, even if it does not involve the whole team. Therefore, when we were nearing the end of C9 and I was planning to make sure that campaign went over the $8,000 in team sales, I sent an eCard through the VIBE system to team members who were expected to have an order for C9 but had not yet turned one in. In the eCard I told them that their names would go into a drawing for $25 if they had a C9 order of at least $100. With the VIBE system, you are able to see who has opened your correspondence and at the end of C9, this is what I saw...   19 Sent   10 Opened   9 Unopened   2 Undelivered (I assume because their email systems blocked the eCards). Out of the 10 that were opened, only 2 of those Cloud Climbers had orders over $100. That was an easy drawing to do, and the winner of the $25 is Leslie Clendenon. Congratulations, Leslie! Your $25 check will be in the mail to you soon. I wanted to be sure to tell everyone what happened so you can see that 9 people, some of whom may have turned in orders over $100, totally missed out on the drawing because they never opened the eCards. I will be doing other offers of money and goodies for various reasons throughout the year, so.....my question is....should I be contacting those people in some other way besides email? Will those people, or people who never read these newsletters, even know that they need to tell me a better way to communicate with them?!? Hmmm.... as Deanna would say, "The struggle is real." 😊 If you are one of those people who does not like to read emails but for some reason you are reading this one, please let me know if you prefer to be contacted in another way about special offers. I'm willing to text or call if you like, but you need to reply to this email to give me your cell phone number. Thanks!
Top Ten in Sales for C9

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $1,030
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $616     (Leslie needs to give us some tips on how she gets customers and sales!)
 3. Regina Smith   $420
 4. Stephanie Renshaw   $276  (New and doing great!)
 5. Rene Parker  PC   $253
 6. Sophya Johnson   $247
 7. Judith Lea  $236
 8. Deanna Buswell   $228
 9. Annie Watts   $203
10. Benetta Staten   $202

Congratulations to Stephanie Renshaw for earning her Kickstart Pin in C9! Stephanie, I'm glad that you have gotten off to a good start with your Avon business and I hope you will earn many more rewards in the future.

We did not have any new appointments in this campaign and I put the birthdays and anniversaries in the last newsletter, so I guess I have said enough for this newsletter and will close and get on with my deliveries for the day. May God bless you all and also bless your Avon businesses!  

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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