Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter for C16, RepFest Recap, and C18 Incentive!

Greetings, Cloud Climbers!

Let's start with the RepFest Recap, shall we? I wasn't there, but I watched a lot of the FB Live videos posted on the Avon USA Representatives Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, that is one of the pages you really should follow, and you should also be on our team page: Cloud Climbers Avon Team. If you aren't on there yet, just let me know and I'll be glad to add you. Coming up for the holidays: Unicorns for the girls and dragons for the boys, vintage style makeup items and Velvet fragrance for the ladies, slippers and ? for the men, and fun decorative items for the home. Also coming, multivitamins for the kids. I hope these sell well, but I have seen some comments on Facebook from Reps and their kids who have tried them and said they weren't exactly tops in taste. I'll be ordering some to see for myself. 

In other news from RepFest: 
  • Share the Love for $10 has been going so well that Avon is extending it through August 20, so keep sharing the love and building our team! 😊
  • August has been declared Avon Representative Appreciation Month (ARAM) and Avon will be doing some special things for us, so watch your mail and YA for more info. I'm attaching the one image I've seen about this, so you can have a head start on working toward some of these prizes. 
  • As part of ARAM, there will be free shipping on all Direct Delivery orders over $25 placed at our online stores for several days during August. (I'm still trying to find out the exact dates, because I've seen conflicting info on this, including that it might be all month, which would be great!)
  • We will receive double dollars on our highest award sales campaign from C23 through C26, (I believe those are the ones included) which can help us reach President's Club or the next level of achievement.
  • We are getting a 2.0 version of YA that will roll out over the next few weeks. (I saw the option to upgrade to it on my home page earlier this week, but didn't do it then and now I don't see it anymore. Hmmm.) PLEASE be patient if there are bugs with it, because we know anytime you upgrade websites you generally have a few bugs to work out.
  • Avon is giving away $150,000 in cash from Campaigns 20 through 24, so watch for details on how to earn entries into the drawing. 
  • Beginning in C23, the "No Animal Testing" bunny will appear on all brochures, so you will be able to show it to anyone who worries that New Avon does animal testing. Explain to them that New Avon is separate from Avon International. Read all the details about this under the Beauty Buzz on the home page of YA. 
  • The Campaign 19 brochure will contain no professional models, only Avon Reps! I've ordered a few extras so I can pass them out to some of the former customers I haven't given a brochure to in awhile to see if it will encourage them to start purchasing again. 
  • RepFest2019 will be held in New Orleans.
  • The incentive trip to be earned in early 2019 is to Los Cabos, Mexico.

Top Ten in Sales for C16

 1. Sandra Moore HS  $1355
 2. Leslie Clendenon   $518
 3. Cynthia Blake   $356
 4. Gladys Faulk   $342
 5. Deanna Buswell   $307
 6. Rene Parker PC   $271
 7. Margaret McCrary   $270
 8. Stephanie Johnson   $241
 9. Kelli Violet   $192
10. Judith Lea   $180

We added three more team members since the last newsletter, and lost one of the new ones I announced in the last newsletter.* New Cloud Climbers are Selina Nelson of Decatur, AL, who is now a team member of Deanna BuswellShay Parker of Huntsville, AL, who is the daughter of Rene Parker and her newest team member, andBarbara Allen of Brighton, AL, who was an ALMA Lead of mine who decided to join Avon by ordering her Share the Love $10 Kit. Welcome to the Cloud Climbers, Avon ladies! I pray you will have much success with your businesses.

Now for the incentive from me. 😊  As you know, with a lot of perseverance and your help, I was able to make Bronze Leader a few campaigns ago. Unfortunately, the summer slump hit and team sales went down for the past few campaigns so I've only been getting paid at the Gold Ambassador level. If I am not mistaken, if we do not have team sales of at least $8,000 in C17 or C18, I will lose my title. 😢 C17 does not look promising at this time, so I'm pushing for C18 to be the campaign that keeps me at Bronze Leader status and PAYS me at Bronze Leader status. 😍 Therefore, I'm requesting that everyone have an order for C18, no matter how small and even if you just order at your own online store, so that we hit $8,000 in C18! Everyone who has an order will go into a drawing for a crisp $20 bill and I will be giving 2 of them away! Will you help? I hope I can count on you!!

Since this newsletter is a little long already, I'll feature the birthdays and Avon anniversaries in the next one. Keep working hard on your businesses, especially in view of the sales that can be yours during the upcoming holiday season, and let me know if there is any way that I can help you.

God bless you and your business!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

*Allow me to explain about the team member we lost. Because of the ALMA Leads system that Avon has, anyone who does not put in the Reference Code for the Avon Rep whose recruit she/he wants to be will be automatically assigned to an Avon Rep who participates in the ALMA Leads program. Peggy Hobbs was an ALMA Lead I was in contact with who decided to become a Rep. during the Share the Love incentive and was therefore added to my team since she was assigned to me. As it turns out, Peggy really thought she was going to be mentored by another Rep, probably a friend of hers, so she contacted Avon within the required five days and in the required way to have the correction made and now she is with the Rep she wanted. In a similar situation, one of our Cloud Climbers had someone sign up under Share the Love who was accidentally assigned to another Rep who participates in ALMA and she did not correct the situation in the required way within five days, so she will remain with the other Rep and cannot be on our team. All of this explanation I have given is so that you will know how important it is to make sure the people you know understand how to be added to your team if they want to become Avon Reps and be mentored by you and also that you understand that corrections can be made as long as they are done correctly and within the allotted time. I will be happy to work with you if you need my help in any situations that come up while you are recruiting, but I need to know about them right away. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Best Buys of the Campaign 17 Brochure - 50 Pieces of Mixed Metal Jewelry!

There's a fresh new brochure on my online store, and you'll find 50 pieces of Mixed Metals jewelry in the first few pages, including watches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings! Don't forget about the Outlet, where you will find bargains galore on items that have been discontinued. 

Here are just a few of the best buys I spotted:

  • Pgs. 12/13, a WOW Deal on Earrings! Three pair sets of hoop earrings for every occasion in either goldtone or silvertone for only $7.99 per set.
  • Pgs. 24/25, Glimmersticks are any 3 for $9.
  • Pgs. 26/27, Lots of Lipsticks are any 2 for $10.
  • Pg. 37, True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel is $4.99.
  • Pg. 39, All Makeup Brushes are on sale.
  • Pgs. 46/47, Vitale and Reversalist skin care items are $19.99 each.
  • Pg. 49, The best deal on Ultimate and Platinum - full-size regimens in 4-piece boxed sets with FREE cleanser - are only $55 each kit. Seriously, what skin care lover does not want one of these?!?!
  • Pg. 61, Woah! We've never had Anew Ultimate Supreme - our black pearl extract advanced performance creme - for this low. Only $29.99! Don't miss your chance to try it if you haven't done so, or to stock up if you love it!
  • Pg. 71, Imari fragrances are $12.99 each.
  • Pg. 101, A terrific set of FootWorks products - Dual-Action Pedi-Peel, Maximum Strength Cracked Heel Cream, and Intensive Moisture Foot Cream - which are all customer favorites, will leave your feet feeling like you went to get a professional treatment. Only $11.99 for all three items!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Campaign 15 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter - Sharing the Love is Working!

Woo to the Hoo!!! I added three exclamation points in honor of the three new team members who have joined the Cloud Climbers since the $10 Share the Love Incentive began. My goal for our team is to add 27 in 27 days, which is the length of this incentive from Avon. Have you been Sharing the Love? Leslie ClendenonDeanna Buswell, and I have! I'm sure more of you have as well, and I hope to be congratulating a whole lot more of you before August 7 rolls around. For now, welcome new Cloud Climbers Peggy Hobbs of Athens, AL (my recruit), Amy Layne of Dunlap, TN (congratulations for starting your team, Leslie!), and Laura Boykin of Decatur, AL (congratulations to Deanna for growing her team by one more!). I'm attaching some images that you can use to Share the Love, so please use them and help us meet our goal of 27 while helping yourself grow your business!! My incentive for you is that I will give a $20 gift card from WalMart to everyone who has a successful new recruit during the Share the Love incentive.That offer is for every new successful team member you add, so you can earn multiple gift cards.To be successful, your recruit must have an order of at least $150 in their first or second campaign and pay for it on time. That means that you will get $20 from Avon for that recruit PLUS $20 from me!! I'd say that would be worth Sharing the Love to earn. 😲  PeggyAmy, and Laura, you can earn in this incentive as well if you start off your business by having one of your friends join you as your first recruit. 

Another way we have been having some fun is with the Big Thing that is coming in Campaign 19. Avon is keeping us guessing until RepFest, as I'm sure you are aware if you have signed into YA lately or have looked at the What's New for C19. I created a contest on my FB business page and everyone who enters by guessing what the Big Thing could be will have an entry into a drawing for the Big Thing, if it is a "thing", or for something else "big" if it is not a new product. You are welcome to enter the contest as well, so go on over to https://www.facebook.com/sandramooreavonlady/ and you will find the post pinned to the top. A few other Reps liked my contest idea and are using it themselves, so if you want to borrow it to build enthusiasm with your own customers, that is fine with me. You don't even have to have a FB account to use the idea, and you don't have to have the same prize I am using. You could just let your customers know about it by email and have them email you their guesses to win something, get a discount on their next order, etc. 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 15

 1. Sandra Moore   HS    $1,019
 2. Leslie Clendenon     $540
 3. Phyllis Smith   $508
 4. Kelsey McGowan   $496
 5. Rene Parker  PC   $366
 6. Stephanie Renshaw   $303
 7. Margaret McCrary   $286
 8. Gladys Faulk   $174
 9. Steffanie Erdelt   $167
10. Brittney Monti   $164

Top 10 in Sales - Cycle to Date

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $21,178
 2. Leslie Clendenon    $7,219        (I have no doubt that Leslie will make President's Club!)
 3. Rene Parker  PC   $4,905       (Almost half-way to PC, so she should make it there, too!)
 4. Gladys Faulk   $4,000    
 5. Phyllis Smith   $3,921
 6. Margaret McCrary   $3,206
 7. Deanna Buswell   $3,087
 8. Vicky White   $2,534
 9. Hattie Bush   $2,516
10. Judith Lea   $2,378

I paused in my Newsletter writing to watch a video from Sarah Robbins that popped up on my screen and now I have something to share from that video that struck me as a great tip. (If you don't know who she is, you can search on YouTube to see. She is with another beauty company but she does a lot of training on building a network marketing business, no matter what company you are with.) She was talking about the #1 Thing that she implemented into her business last year and it was doing virtual events. Now, you may not be interested in doing virtual events, but the thing that I want you to take away from her comments is this: Perfect = Procrastination. So true! Basically, Sarah said that if she refused to do Live videos until everything was perfect then they would never get done, because perfect equals procrastination. This is true in many other areas, not just in doing Live videos. (If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I LOVE to do FB Live videos on my business page. In fact, I have done at least three within the past week and I am planning to do one a little later today. I also plan to read this newsletter in a FB Live video one day this week.)  Whatever you are wanting to do to promote your Avon business, don't put it off until all conditions are perfect. To borrow from another well known company, "Just do it!"  

Well, my left wrist that I sprained a couple of months ago is beginning to tire of my typing, so I guess that will be it for this newsletter. Be sure to follow along with Avon during RepFest at the end of next week so you can be the second to know all the exciting news that the RepFest attendees will be first to know. 😊 I'm sure there will be other ways to follow along, including posts and videos on YA, but one of the best places to keep up with all the latest from Avon is the Avon USA Representatives FB page. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

WHAT?!? Become an Avon Representative for only $10!?! WOW!

In a surprise move earlier this week, Avon announced that for a limited time people wanting to begin an Avon business could do so for only $10 by ordering the "Share the Love" $10 Starter Kit! The opportunity began on July 11 and runs through August 6, and my team has already grown by two members in the first two days. Since the Cloud Climbers are off to such a good start, I've challenged us all to add 27 new team members - averaging 1 for each of the 27 days of the incentive? Can we do it? Yes, with your help, we can!! 

What must you do? Go to smoore.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start (or go to sellavon.com and use the reference code SMOORE if that works better for you), and order the $10 Share the Love Starter Kit. This kit contains:

  • 2 Best of Beauty Sampler Packs (each contains the products you see in the picture)
  • 10 Lipstick Bullets
  • 5 Strips of 3 Anew Samples
  • 5 Strips of 3 Skin So Soft Samples
  • 10 Brochures
  • 1 Free 24/7 Online Store

But wait, because that's not the whole deal! You can receive up to $546 in free products and tools when you meet your sales goals. 1) Submit an order of any size within the first campaign of joining Avon and you will receive 2 more Best of Beauty Sampler Packs and 5 more Brochures. 2) Submit a second order of $150 and Avon will reward you for continuing to share the love with 5 more brochures and a Share the Love Tote to carry and display your favorite products. 3) Submit total orders of $500 within your first three campaigns and Avon will send you a free Premium Kit (the kit that normally costs $100) with a $400 value. This kit consists of 50 samples, 20 brochures, and 20 full-size products in a terrific carrying case. 

Now do you see why this is such a fantastic deal? All of the awards you receive are in addition to your earnings on the orders and other perks that are part of our KickStart program for new Representatives. Seriously, if you have any desire to earn extra money with your own home-based business, I don't know of any other company that will offer you so much for so little. Just remember, this offer is for a limited time and you must go to one of the links above to take advantage of it before the end of the day on August 6, 2018.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Best Buys of the Campaign 16 Brochure - Avon for Kids!

I am excited to once again be able to offer Kids' products from Avon, starting with new bath and body products that are 100% toxin free! You'll find all of them in the front pages of the C16 brochure and each one is only $5.99 each. Once you try them, let me know what you think. 

Here are some of the other best buys I spotted in this brochure:
  • Pgs. 3-5, Avon Kids is back and better than ever! All of these products are toxin-free for good, clean fun, and each one is specially priced at only $5.99. Be sure not to miss the cute poem that is unique to each product.
  • Pg. 11, All SSS Firm & Restore products, with babassu oil and a green floral scent, are on sale. The DD Body Cream has broad spectrum SPF 15 and Age-Defying Complex and the Neck & Chest Treatment also contains SPF 15. 
  • Pg. 15, Moisture Therapy In-Shower Body Lotion is only $3.99. This product works with the warmth and humidity of your shower and saves the step of lotioning up after you towel off.
  • Pgs. 18/19, Are you enjoying sandal weather? I know I am! Keep your feet neat with the FootWorks products that are right for your needs, because all of them are on sale this campaign.
  • Pg. 23, People often prefer a lighter fragrance for summer and Avon Senses Body Spray is perfect for that. Silky Vanilla is the favorite of my customers, but I'm thinking that Energizing Green Tea & Verbena would be a great one to try.
  • Pg. 25, The sun and chlorine can be very damaging to your hair and Avon has the solution. 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil Sampoo, Conditioner, and Leave-in Treatment are any 2 for $9. There is no need to pay high prices for hair care products with these quality affordable products available. 
  • Pgs. 26/27, Customers continue to search for Avon Representatives online when they want to repel insects without using DEET. All Bug Guard products are Buy 1, Get 1 Free, so don't wait until you need it to buy it!!
  • Pg. 32, Hand Creams are all on sale for $1.99. 
  • Pg. 37, Did you pick out your favorite True Color Lip Glow Lip Glosses yet? I've heard that Luna has been the surprise big seller across the nation. Others that are in great demand are Ignite and Flame. The intro special price of $5.99 is still in affect.
  • Pg. 39, True Color Lipstick is Lowest Price This Year of $4.99 and there is a large selection of shades to choose from in Bold, Matte, Satin, or Shimmer finishes.
  • Pg. 49, Yes, Glimmersticks are still at their LPTY of $2.99 each. How much longer will this bargain go on? 😊 I can't say, but I know my customers are loving it!
  • Pgs. 67-73, Anew Clinical products are each sale priced - no need to buy two to get the best deal!
  • Pg. 76/77, the WOW Deal is Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Targeted Treatment and Line Eraser with Retinal Treatment at only $19.99 each!! Did you know that Retinol is the 
    #1 wrinkle fighter recommended by dermatologists?
  • Pg. 107, WOW Deal #2 is Mesmerize Cologne for men at only $9.99!
  • Pg. 160/161, WOW Deal #3 is the Precious Charms Summer Favorites Bracelet for only $5.99. You can choose from 8 goldtone bangles with fun charm accents.
  • Back Cover, The A Box, only $10 with your $40 purchase, is The Liner Vault with five products to "flatter your flutter."