Friday, August 10, 2018

Campaign 17 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter - It's ARAM!

"This fall, we’re giving away $150,000 CASH with our Rake in the Cash incentive during Campaigns 20-24, 2018! You can be one of the winners—4 people will rake in $25,000 each and there’s other cash prizes, ranging from $500 all the way to $10,000. Here’s how you can get your share. Get one entry for every $100 increase over your Award Sales in the same Campaign last year. To see your sales last year, go to the “PRP Tracker” on the Rewards & Recognition page on If you’re using YourAvon 2.0, you can see this on the Earnings page. New Representatives can participate too! Everyone can get an early start on earning their entries by ordering Campaign 19 brochures. For each 10-pack you order above what you ordered in Campaign 18, you’ll earn one entry."


I thought I would start off the newsletter by posting the above notice in case you haven't seen it on YA yet. There will be a lot of winners, but you can't win if you don't enter and the first way to get entries is by ordering Campaign 19 brochures. If you order extra brochures and use them to get new customers, that's a great way to increase your sales for Campaigns 20-24 and gain even more entries! Be sure to mark those pages I told you about in the Campaign 19 brochure with your reference code in case your brochures end up in the hands of people who are interested in the Avon opportunity.

Don't forget about my own incentive for Campaign 18. Everyone who has an order for C18 will be entered into a drawing for one of two $20 bills. I'll do the drawing in a Facebook Live and it will be fun to see who gets the money! We are three days into the campaign and already have 16 orders turned in for a total of $2,199, so that's a good start toward the $8K I need. I'll give the money away even if we don't make the $8K, so get those orders in, no matter how small! If you have online store orders, those count too. 

My YA account rolled to 2.0 yesterday morning, so I've had just a few moments to take a look at it and have not yet entered an order. It's going to be a learning curve, but learning new things keeps your mind sharp and I'm sure it won't be long before I won't even be able to remember the old YA because I will be so used to this one. All new Reps. are coming in with 2.0, so I needed to go ahead and upgrade to be able to see what they see and be better prepared to help them. With 2.0 came a new look to my online store and I love it! 

Speaking of new Representatives, we have added no new Cloud Climbers in the first nine days of August, so I guess we will miss our goal of 27 by August 20. Keep promoting the Share the Love for $10 incentive and I will too and maybe we will have some names to report in the Campaign 18 newsletter. I had a call pretty late two nights ago from a potential Rep. who had a whole lot of questions for me, so I hope to at least have that one added soon. 😊  We have five Cloud Climbers who are Promoters with at least one person on their teams. Ruby NunneryJudith Lea, andLeslie Clendenon each have one, Rene Parker PC has three, and Deanna Buswell has four. Let's keep the team growing! I'd like to get back to the days of yore (about 15 years ago) when I had up to five generations of Cloud Climbers on the team. (I think I will try to keep the promoters names in Gold for future newsletters.)

Top 10 in Sales for C17

 1. Sandra Moore  HS   $978
 2. Vicky White   $361   
 3. Hattie Bush   $359   
 4. Donna Langford   $332
 5. Cynthia Blake   $315
 6. Rosanna Cassidy   $283
 7. Rene Parker  PC   $249
 8. Judith Lea   $212
 9. Melanie Hamilton   $202
10. Steffanie Erdelt   $200

Birthdays for AugustCaroline McCullough (8/1), Stephanie Johnson (8/8), Leslie Clendenon (8/13), Joanne Bradford (8/20), Darren Mannahan (8/28), and Selina Nelson (8/30). Avon Anniversaries for AugustRene Parker PC (9 years on 8/4), Benetta Staten (9 years on 8/12), Judith Lea (2 years on 8/16), Steffanie Erdelt (14 years on 8/18), and Heather Johnson (7 years on 8/22). Congratulations and best wishes to all of you!!

As part of Avon Representative Appreciation Month, there will be free shipping on orders of $25 or more for a eight days! It starts this Sunday, August 12, and runs through Sunday, August 19. In addition to the free shipping, if they spend $50 or more, they'll get our Ultimate Skin Care Set, which is a $65 value! This is an amazing deal, so share the code ULTIMATEKIT with everyone you know, build those online orders, and "add some sizzle to your sales this summer".

My current new project is sending postcards to addresses in neighborhoods where there is no soliciting. We have a bunch of those around Monrovia and Madison, so I hope to gain some customers I have never been able to get to before and possibly even a recruit or two. With the first cards I ordered from VistaPrint, I chose a card with clouds on it and I did not take enough time to learn how to make changes on the back side. I'm still going to use them, but since I just was not satisfied because of the print being too small and light, I ordered another set and took a lot longer to study the system and get them right. It turned out that the cloud card could not be adjusted to suit my needs, so I used one that actually fits Avon better and will have an easy to read backside. I'll post pictures on the Cloud Climbers Avon Team FB page when they come in. All of this is a major investment in money and time, so I certainly don't expect many of you, if any, to give it a try until your business has built to a point to be able to reinvest this much in it, but I'm just letting you know what I'm trying and I'll update you on how well it works or, perhaps, doesn't work.

Have a great weekend!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader (Help me keep this title by ordering in C18!)

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