Thursday, August 23, 2018

Campaign 18 Cloud Climbers Team Newsletter


Well, the Share the Love for $10 incentive has ended, as far as being able to start your business for with the $10 kit, but the next few campaigns are important for earning rewards if you are one of the new Cloud Climbers who joined during this time frame. If you are a Mentor to a new Cloud Climber, be sure to stay in touch with your new team members to encourage them to meet their goals or find out if they need some help in understanding their goals. If I'm counting correctly, we added 10 new team members, 6 of which have already submitted first orders. Congratulations to Selina NelsonJelissa GriffinTonya ParkerAmy LayneAnissa Webb, and Sheila Stephens for hitting their first goal of having an order of any size, and to Amy for having a first order over $150!! Amy is Leslie Clendenon's first team member, so Leslie will be getting a $20 bonus based on that great first order. 

Welcome New Cloud Climbers! Anissa Webb​ of Huntsville, AL, is a former Cloud Climber who decided to return to the team, mainly to get her own Avon items at a discount, so I'm happy to welcome her back. Speaking of which, if you are looking for new team members, you might want to suggest that reason for "opening your own Avon account" to those who love and purchase a lot of Avon products. I also want to welcome Rebecca Ann Smith of Adelanto, CA, who is a new team member of Margo Prytz, making Margo a new Promoter with Avon. 😊

Monday I put out an email plea for those who had not yet placed C18 orders to do so before noon on Tuesday to be sure they counted for C18. I was pleading because I thought that I was about to lose my Bronze Leader title due to our team not performing at title ($8K in sales) for six campaigns. Upon further consulting of the Avon Career and Compensation Guide, I was happy to learn that it is only Ambassadors who lose title after six campaigns of under performance and Leaders get up to 12 campaigns. With that being said, at the close of the campaign I discovered that we had made our goal, as we closed at $8,654. Woo to the hoo! Thanks to all 56 of you who placed orders in Campaign 18. I did the drawing for the winners of the two crisp $20 bills (I promise they are crisp!) in a Facebook Live video that you can watch here on Facebook or here on YouTube, or even here on my blog if you like. I'll be mailing them out this week to Barbara Hambrick and Ruby NunneryCongratulations, Cloud Climbing winners! I'll have another incentive to announce in my C19 Newsletter that will be tied to Rake in the Cash.

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 18

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $1,260
 2. Cynthia Blake   $484
 3. Kelsey McGowan   $462
 4. Gladys Faulk   $389
 5. Leslie Clendenon   $381
 6. Helen Keeton   $321
 7. Donna Langford   $296
 8. Alison Hogan   $260
 9. Linda Wardell   $240
10. Amy Layne   $232

I hope everyone is gearing up for the Rake in the Cash! Incentive. Look on YA under the Beauty Buzz to get all the details on this great giveaway that begins in Campaign 20. Some of you should already have entries if you ordered extra brochures for C19. I want to see a lot of you wearing this locket, too!