Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hurry! It's the Final days of Share the Love for $10 - and the FREEBIES are Getting Even Better!

Greetings to all of you!

Today is National Avon Recruiting Day and Avon Representatives are out in force spreading the Share the Love for $10 opportunity to potential team members, because it ends on August 20. 😢 I'm "stuck" at home (I actually love being at home), due to my son having my car while his is in the shop, so my recruiting is all being done online. If I haven't told you before, my Avon business is my full time job, so I am very much available as a Mentor to my Cloud Climbers team. If you become a Rep. through this link:, you will never have to wait long to hear from me when you have questions. But, you may want to know a little more about me first, so you can go to my Facebook page (@SandraMooreAvonLady) to see what is new with Avon and to see me! You can also go to @AvonUSARepresentatives to see other Representatives sharing what a blessing Avon has been for their lives and get lots of information about Avon Representative Appreciation Month, new products coming soon, and other great info being shared about the Avon business. 

Now, about the freebies getting even better: There has been such a great response to Share the Love for $10 that Avon is running low on the Best of Beauty kits that you get two of when you order the $10 kit, and two more of when you place a first order of any size. So....they are reserving those B of B kits for the new appointments and using A Boxes to replace them in the second part of the program!!! Therefore, some new Reps will be getting A Boxes, and those are an even better and more valuable than the B of B kits. Each A Box is different and I don't know which ones you might get, but each will have some full size products and maybe some trial size products and they come in a beautiful triangular box that is really a collectible you will want to keep. Even if that first order you place is just to get products for yourself at a 40% discount and even if you never place another order, this is truly a great offer. AND, I will also be sending out goodie packages to all new Cloud Climbers who join my team between now and the 20th of August and have a successful order of at least $150 in either their first or second campaign. You cannot lose with this deal, unless you wait too long to take advantage of it!! 

Thanks for your time,

Sandra Moore, IASR
Avon Bronze Leader

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