Thursday, November 15, 2018

A New Adventure Awaits!

How often do you step outside your comfort zone in a big way in hope of making a difference in your own life or the life of others? I hope that you do it frequently! During my 31 years as an Independent Avon Sales Representative, I have stepped outside of my comfort zone several times. In fact, the first time I did so was when I decided to become an "Avon Lady". I was a new stay-at-home mom after working as a secretary (really a girl Friday) for 8 years. We had recently moved into our first home (where we are still living), and I did not know my neighbors well yet. At that time, which was in the pre-internet era, Avon Representatives were assigned territories. Mine was a square around our house that covered several miles, but there were not many houses in the area. I would take my little daughter out with me to walk over the streets in the small subdivisions in my territory and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and serving as their Avon Lady.

The second time I really stepped out of my comfort zone was when I decided to become a part of Avon Leadership and build a team of representatives to mentor. I had a great district manager, Nancy Smith, whose husband went with me to do my first appointment. I quickly built to the number of representatives I needed to become a Unit Leader and I haven't looked back or lost title since then.

What about you? Is it time that YOU stepped out and took a "chance" on having your own home based business? I put "chance" in quotations because you really aren't taking chances with Avon. Did you know that Avon "wrote the book" on direct sales and network marketing? It's a tried and tested concept by now, and that is why new direct sales/network marketing companies are being started every week. Some of them go under within a year or two, leaving their consultants high and dry with experience but not much else (this happened to a friend of mine just recently), and some last a few years before going under. Well, Avon is in no danger of going under. This company I represent is over 130 years old and going strong! Seriously, if you are considering a home based business, why not join one that offers products for every person, at every age, at a price range that fits every budget? Click here to get started today (you can do so for only $25), or send me a message to get more details.

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