Monday, January 28, 2019

Last Chance to Order Avon Appointment Kits!!


Have you heard the news?!? Avon is going digital! Actually, Avon has been digital for many years, but with more and more people doing their shopping online, Avon is strongly promoting 2019 as the year to encourage customers to do their brochure viewing and their shopping online to reduce the amount of paper that Avon uses. We recently learned that Avon is the #2 company in the nation for paper use, and that is way too much, even though many of us recycle our brochures. 

I said all that to say this: In just a few weeks, Avon will be discontinuing the appointment kits we have had for several years and all appointments will be digital ones. I'll have more to share about what is involved with the digital appointments when we know all the details, but I can tell you now that there will only be one option, the cost will be $25, and there will be an incentive to place an order as soon as you are appointed. 

So, if you want to start your business while the kits are still available, I encourage you to do that soon. If you order your kit in the next couple of weeks and you have a paid first order of at least $150 before the end of February, I will have a nice goodie package worth more than $25 for you. Just be sure that you get started using this link:, or that you go to and click on Become a Representative on the home page. Either of those ways should assure you of being assigned to my team, but if you don't see my name as your Mentor once you order your kit, let me know ASAP. 

Have a great week! And if it snows where you are, enjoy it!!

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