Thursday, March 28, 2019

Avon Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaigns 6 and 7


I'm combining the Newsletters for the past two campaigns because I decided to dedicate time during the past week to getting our taxes completed (for the most part), something had to be let go, and the Newsletter for Campaign 6 was it. 🙂 I'm sure you won't mind, since most of you are probably working on taxes as well. We had a great campaign in C6, and I'm happy to be able to finally report those results to you!

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 6

 1. Juanita Stephens   $1,032   (Congratulations to Juanita for outselling me!)
 2. Sandra Moore RC   $910
 3. Deanna Buswell   $509  (Way to go, Deanna!)
 4. Rene Parker PC   $434
 5. Phyllis Smith   $416
 6. Margo Prytz   $309   (Currently our only Cloud Climber tracking toward PC other than myself.)
 7. Peggy Hand   $272  (I'm proud of the great way you have started off your business with a bang!) 
 8. Vicky White   $222
 9. Annette Shepard   $219
10. Barbie Breen   $210

We made our goal of $8,000 for the campaign, which was a great relief to me since my title of Bronze Leader was beginning to be in jeopardy. When I reach a goal level, I don't like giving it up! Naturally, I'd like to move up to Silver Leader soon, but that will depend on one of you advancing in title, so anytime you are ready... 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 7

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $567  (What happened to my customers this campaign??? 😳)
 2. Rosanna Cassidy   $547
 3. Leslie Clendenon PC  $474
 4. Kimberly Thompson   $348   (Only your second campaign and you are doing great!)
 5. Rene Parker PC   $325
 6. Phyllis Smith   $297
 7. Gladys Faulk   $205
 8. Nicole Darby   $195
 9. Ashleigh Downey   $180
10. Angelika Turner   $167

I'll be reporting Direct Delivery Orders all of this year since they are counting as double dollars in Award Sales. Encouraging DD orders could get you to President's Club this year, which means you would earn at least 40% on all core beauty products for 2020 as well as 25% on the fixed earnings products. It's a great goal to strive for! 

Direct Delivery Orders for C6

 1. Rene Parker PC   $150.89    (3 orders)
 2. Barbie Breen   $116.90   (2 orders)
 3. Sandra Moore RC   $108.78   (3 orders)
 4. Deanna Buswell   $106.98   (1 order)
 5. Donna Langford   $71.91   (2 orders)
 6. Danielle Reneau   $64.98   (1 order)
 7. Ramona Hyman   $55.98       "
 8. Brittney Monti   $44.99           "
 9. Marquita Ricks   $41.43         "
10. Amy Layne   $40.44              "
11. Kelli Violet   $40.00               "
12. Kathy McAlpin   $36.93         "

Direct Delivery Orders for C7

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $418.28   (7 orders)
 2. Rene Parker PC   $109.17   (2 orders)
 3. Leslie Clendenon PC  $107.47   (2 orders)
 4. Darren Mannahan   $77.96   (1 order)
 5. Kimberly Thompson   $61.94   (2 orders)
 6. April Moore   $57.97   (1 order)
 7. Lakeyta Walker   $45.00   "
 8. Barbie Breen   $44.93       "
 9. Justin Yow   $41.36          "
10. Amy Layne   $30.92        "
11. Deanna Layne   $25.98   "
12. Annette Shepard   $17.92   "

I want to welcome the following New Cloud ClimbersWilliam Harrison of Nashville, TN,Cielita Richardson of Birmingham, AL, and Martha Schrimsher of Athens, AL. Martha is a recruit of Margo Prytz, so I congratulate Margo on adding a third member to her Avon team!

I am going to present a Challenge to each of you in each Newsletter, beginning with this one. (Since I don't ask you to do things that I am not willing to do, I will participate in the challenges myself, but not as an entrant into the drawings.) Your challenge for Campaign 8 (it must be completed before the campaign ends) is to post at least one product review, from yourself or a customer, on one of your social media sites OR if you are not on any social media sites, in an email to your customers. Tell about the product, put a link to it from your online store* if you have one (and I hope you do have that set up!), and then tell what your experience was with the product or what the experience of one of your customers was. This challenge may require you to ask your customers for reviews, which is always a good idea anyway. Naturally you are going to want to choose a product you or your customer(s) like, because it is certainly not good business practice to post a bad review. Once you have completed the challenge, let me know in some way (email, phone call or text to 256-479-4061, on our Cloud Climbers Facebook page, etc.) and your name will go into a drawing for a goodie package I'll give away for each Challenge if we have at least 8 participants. If we don't have at least 8, I'll put the names of those who do participate into the drawing for the next Challenge. If no Challenges get at least 8 participants for several campaigns, I'll do a drawing from those who have participated and I'll stop the Challenges for lack of interest. 

I've got a few extra Avon books that have been building up while the weather was cold and while I was recuperating from my surgery, so I'm planning on getting back outside and delivering these to prospective new customers and team members on this beautiful day. I hope that you do not throw away older brochures, because you can always write "Sample" on them and give them to new people anywhere you go. Take advantage of the good weather to do just that! 

Take care, and always remember that I am praying for you and your business!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

*If you have never posted a link, it is very easy to do. Just navigate to the page for the product on your online store and then copy what you see in your search engine bar and put it wherever you are posting. 

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