Monday, March 11, 2019

Customer Reminder for C7 - and Catch Up Time!


It has been quite awhile since I wrote a blog post, but it was a bit of a forced absence. On February 19 I had some surgery that I've been putting off for awhile and I've been in recovery mode since. The surgery went well, but those first 12 days post surgery were rough!! I'm almost back up to speed now, but there are many things to catch up on, so I took a breather from this blog. 

We are in Campaign 7  now, and this is the campaign where we are
introducing our wonderful new skin care product that you will see on the cover pic here and mentioned as the first item in the highlights below. Avon believes so strongly in this product, (and I'm loving it, too!) that they want YOU to try it and report on your own results. If you order it here and use it for two weeks and don't like it, just contact Avon to let them know and your money will be refunded. 

Here are a few of my picks for best buys in Campaign 7:
  • Pgs. 3-5, Avon is very excited to be able to offer the Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir - two innovative formulas that combine for one supreme skin care treatment. Only $34.99 at intro price!
  • Pg. 7-9, the Hydra-Fusion products are all on sale at great prices this campaign.
  • Pg. 21, Tangle Wrangle Leave-in Conditioner & Detangling Spray has been added to the non-toxic Avon Kids products at only $5.99. There is also a limited edition Detangling Comb for $1.99, and if you purchase both together you can get them for $6.99!
  • Pg. 37, Back by popular demand and only $1.99 each are the Ultra Luxury Liners for Eyes, Lips, and Brows. You'll need a good sharpener, and our Avon 3-in-1 Pencil Sharpener (sharpens three sizes of pencils) is only $3.29.
  • Pg. 58/59, Mix of Match any 2 - Today/Tomorrow/Amour/Daydream/Absolute/Femme - for only $38!!
  • Pg. 65, Mesmerize Black is a WOW DEAL at $9.99!
  • Pg. 80, Anew Collections of Ultimate and Platinum (the best deal on these products you will find in the brochure), are $50 each for a $129 value. Seriously, folks, you need to get one of these!
  • Pg. 83, Anew Clinical Eye Lift Plus is at Lowest Price Ever of $14.99. 
  • Pgs. 84-89, Check for your favorite Anew Clinical products, because they are all marked Lowest Price Ever!
  • Pg. 123, All full size hand creams are $1.99 each.
  • Pg. 181, Espira's Reboot Your Metabolism in just 30 Days System is a limited-time offer of only $99. 
  • Pg. 182, Multivitamins for Men, Women, Women 40+ ($6), and Kids ($5) are all 50% off for a limited time. What a deal on a great vitamin/mineral supplement made from natural ingredients. 
  • Back Cover, the A Box is our Think Pink collection and is only $10 with your $40 purchase. We're getting ready for Spring with these colors and the the beautiful Haiku Kyoto Flower fragrance!
I hope you have a great Monday!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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