Monday, April 8, 2019

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaign 8 - and a New Challenge


Here I am, team, right on schedule! I had my last follow up visit with my doctor post-surgery and everything is going great. Maybe I'll stay on top of things for awhile now.

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 8

 1. Margo Prytz   $513   (I was outsold again, so Congratulations to Margo!)
 2. Sandra Moore  RC   $476   (I think this must have been my lowest campaign in years. 😳)
 3. Rene Parker  PC   $442
 4. Leslie Clendenon  PC  $364
 5. Juanita Stephens   $301
 6. Sharon Tibbs   $295
 7. Deanna Buswell   $294
 8. Gladys Faulk   $285
 9. Cynthia Blake   $256
10. Rosanna Cassidy   $219

Online Direct Delivery Sales for Campaign 8

 1. Rene Parker  PC   $171.94     (3 orders. All the rest below had one order each.)
 2. Barbara Stansky   $50.00
 3. Kimberly Lewis   $48.98
 4. Deanna Buswell   $48.11
 5. Sandra Moore  RC   $40.23
 6. Darren Mannahan   $27.99
 7. April Hesterley   $18.13
 8. Margo Prytz   $13.01

Top 4 in Sales Cycle-to-Date

 1. Sandra Moore  RC   $8,324
 2. Rene Parker  PC   $3,525
 3. Leslie Clendenon  PC   $3,339
 4. Margo Prytz   $3,062

I'm posting the top 4 in sales in the current cycle because my reports from Avon show that the only Cloud Climber Tracking for President's Club is Margo Prytz, but Rene Parker and Leslie Clendenon now have higher cycle to date sales than Margo, so I'm going to say that they are all tracking for PC. Keep up the great work, ladies! 

New to the Cloud ClimbersCongratulations to Rene Parker for adding Cynthia Fichterof Laceys Spring, Alabama, to her team! Welcome to Avon, Cynthia, and to our team. 

Birthdays for AprilHattie Bush (4/1), Nicole Darby (4/3), Ruth Basile (4/11), April Hesterley (4/25), and Lisa Anderson (4/30).  Avon Anniversaries for AprilGladys Faulk (29 years on 4/4), Thelma Mast (37 years on 4/6), Sandra Moore (32 years on 4/10), Kristi Strode (3 years on 4/15), Kim Mitchell (3 years on 4/22), and Margaret McCrary (4 years on 4/30). Congratulations to all these hard working Avon Reps, especially those who have been dedicated to their businesses for more than 25 years! 

Challenge: If you read the last Newsletter, you know that I have begun to include a challenge in each Newsletter. I'm also posting the challenge on our Facebook Group page. I told you that I would accept the challenge each time as well, since I will not ask you to do anything that I won't do. One of the rules for the Challenge is that we must have at least 8 participants (less than 10% of our team) in order to do a drawing for a goodie package from me. Well...Deanna Buswell was the only Cloud Climber, (besides myself), who accepted the challenge in the last Newsletter, so we were not able to do a drawing and Deanna's name will be in the Challenge Can (seen in the attached pictures) twice for the new challenge. I say it will be in the can twice because I know Deanna well enough to know she will accept this new challenge, too! I'm going to make this one super easy and something that everyone can do without stepping out of their comfort zone. Challenge: You must go to Avon U and take one course that you have not taken before and let me know as soon as you have completed the course. If, wonder of wonders, you have taken every course available, just let me know and I will put your name in the Challenge Can as well. I don't think I have to worry about that, though, because there are still plenty of courses that I need to take and I feel certain that the same is true for each of you. You have until the end of Campaign 9 (Tuesday, April 16, at 5:00 p.m.) to complete the challenge. 

I'm off to complete my other Saturday tasks. Have a great weekend, and let me know if I can help you in any way. I'm praying for you and your business!

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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