Saturday, November 16, 2019

My Newsletter for My Avon Team for Campaign 24


Let's start with the special notification and get that out of the way in case some of you stop reading after the first paragraph. If you are in our Facebook group for the team, you may have already seen the video that I did about this yesterday. Dee Power, my coach and the coach for many of you as well, has challenged a few of us in Leadership to increase our order count for the next four campaigns. It's a challenge that several other coaches in the southeast region are also participating in, because the west region is far surpassing the southeast region in order count right now and that just will not do! Our team is actually doing the best for Dee's challenge participants, since we had 53% activity in Campaign 24 with 41 out of 76 Cloud Climbers placing orders. Keep up the good work, because our challenge goal for Campaign 25 is 60% activity! In order to encourage those who have not been placing orders regularly to get orders turned in this campaign, I'll be reaching out to you a couple of extra times in each campaign to let you know how we are doing. I will also be contacting those who have not yet placed orders to encourage them to do so. What's in this for you? Well, first of all, the satisfaction of knowing you helped our team make its goal. Second, the money that you will earn by encouraging your customers to place orders! And third, if we make our goal of 60% activity in Campaign 25, I'll put the names of all who placed orders into a drawing for some cold, hard, cash!! You see, when we make our $8 goal, like we did in Campaign 24, I have extra money to give away. 

RecognitionCongratulations to Leslie Clendenon PC for making President's Club in Campaign 24 and (re)guaranteeing herself 40% earnings on all beauty products and 25% earnings on fashion & home products for all of 2020! Congratulations to the entire team and thanks so much to all 41 of you who had orders in Campaign 24, for helping us make the $8,000 goal for our team. Granted that a big chunk of that was because of my fall fundraiser sales, but we still could not have made it without all those orders that were turned in by the 41 CCs that had orders. You are SOOO appreciated by me!!!

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 24

 1. Sandra Moore RC   $3,034   (Only because of the ALANA fundraiser I do each fall.)
 2. Leslie Clendenon PC  $914   (Woo hoo! PC once again, with YTD sales of $10,841!!)
 3. Rene Parker PC   $762   (Only $1,375 to go to PC and you have 4 more campaigns to get it!)
 4. Margo Prytz Pr  $742   (I'll be congratulating you on making PC very soon - $661 to go!)
 5. Amy Budisalich   $364
 6. Amy Layne   $275
 7. Phyllis Smith Pr  $273
 8. Vicky White   $213
 9. Rosanna Cassidy   $196
10. Steffanie Erdelt   $168

Be sure to make use of the customer reminder that I sent you earlier this week to encourage your customers to place orders. We all need reminders quite often, and your customers do as well. There have been many times that I've had customers tell me "I just let the date slip by me", even with reminders and I tell them to tell me what they need even if the date has slipped by and I'll get it. Sometimes I use my online store to order right away and sometimes they are willing to wait on the next order. Be sure to tell them in your reminder (whether it is email, phone, text, Messenger, or in person) that we can only go back one campaign for back orders now so they will realize the importance of getting their orders in on time. Consistent contact, is the key to getting those orders!

Until next time, I remain.... 

Sandra Moore
Avon Bronze Leader

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