Sunday, May 17, 2020

Make Our Mission Your Mission - FREE!

I don't know if I have written a blog post about the FREE signup opportunity that Avon has offered for the past few months. They have not said anything about extending the opportunity, so it is scheduled to end on May 26. Even thought the economy is opening up and people can once again get out to shop in their favorite stores, many are still choosing to stay home as much as possible. I've been getting a lot of new online customers and sales, so I'm experiencing this first hand. With the free option you do not receive brochures that need to be delivered to your friends and family members. Instead, you are given a link to your personal web store so they can shop online.* Of course, you still have the option to order brochures to distribute if you so choose. Go ahead and go to my online store to see what you have been missing (including the amazing new Digital Brochure that was just launched!) and what you could be offering, then click the words "Become a Representative" in the upper left part of the screen to start your business today! **

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