Saturday, June 6, 2020

Cloud Climbers Newsletter, Campaign 12, 2020


I thought I had begun this newsletter already and just needed to complete it, but it appears I'm starting from scratch this morning. 🙂 I hope all of you are enjoying a nice weekend. On my schedule for the day: Finishing a couple of masks for customers, working on Care Bears for the kids that come into the ER at our local hospitals, completing the sorting of my C13 order, making a delivery to a customer I have never met who is in a nursing home in Athens, and getting this newsletter sent.

Have you surfed around the website lately? I went looking for something this morning and came upon the discontinued products reports that I had not looked at in a few quarters. If you haven't seen them either, the path to follow is Manage Business - Inventory Alerts - Hello and Goodbye. I also looked at the Brochure Corrections and saw a few things that are good to know. This "coach" is needing to "coach" herself to spend more time staying up to date on what's what! 

Top 10 in Sales for Campaign 12

 1. Sandra Moore HS   $1,365
 2. Caroline McCullough   $489   (Great order!)
 3. Gladys Faulk Pr  $463   (Looking good!)
 4. Margo Prytz PC   $429  (On track to make PC again in 2020!)
 5. Leslie Clendenon PC   $346  (Keep up the great work!)
 6. Stephanie Goode   $268   (Good work!)
 7. Brittney Monti   $264   (Your CTD sales are up from last year!)
 8. Cynthia Blake   $214   
 9. Phyllis Smith Pr $209   
10. Judith Lea   $178

I'm not able to run a report of the Cycle to Date Sales Increases for our team, but I have determined who is #1 in Sales Increase over 2019 and that would be Margo Prytz with an increase of $1,004 so far. Congratulations, Margo! You are showing us that it can be done even during crisis, so feel free to share your tips with us. 

Have you noticed an upswing in online orders during the past couple of months? I sure have! There were six Cloud Climbers with Direct Delivery Sales in Campaign 12:
 1. Sandra Moore HS, 6 orders totaling $405.09
 2. Jennifer Malone, 1 order totaling $68.45
 3. Carolyn King, 1 order totaling $62.05
 4. Kelli Violet, 1 order totaling $30.98
 5. Margo Prytz PC, 1 order totaling $27.76
 6. Rene Parker PC, 1 order totaling $3.99  
Happy Avon Anniversary to:
  • Anna Kinsaul, 3 years on June 12
  • Susan Watkins, 4 years on June 16
  • Vicky White, 17 years on June 20
  • Ann Henry30 years on June 25!!!
Those celebrating Birthdays in June are:
  • Vicky White, June 4
  • Erin Nunn, June 12
  • Mary Lundin, June 17
  • Stephanie Goode, June 23
  • Annette Shepard, June 25
  • Sandra Morris, June 28
Congratulations to Leslie Clendenon for gaining a recruit yesterday, and welcome to the Cloud Climbers Team Vicki Messer of South Pittsburg, TN! Vicki, I hope you go as far with your Avon business as your heart desires. Leslie will be a great mentor for you, as she does very well with her own business.

Did any of you watch the Pinnacle Awards on the Avon USA Representatives FB page last night? It is amazing what you can do with an Avon business if you set your goals and then set your mind to achieving them. Never forget your "Why"! I ran across this quote that I wrote down at the 2019 Avon Convention. It's one that I hope will remind you to Anytime, Anywhere, Always Ask.

Take care of yourselves and I pray that God will bless you and your business.

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