Saturday, August 1, 2020

Cloud Climbers Newsletter for Campaign 16, 2020


Have all of you been reading your emails from Avon? I know there are several of them coming out right now and you may be falling behind due to your many obligations. I know that feeling all too well. However, if you can just skim over the latest ones it would be good for your business. Here are some of the main points:
  1. There is a major skin care launch coming on August 4. It appears to be a daytime cream or cream duo that will be in the Anew line and possibly there will be more than one product. If you sign into your account you will see a banner about it. I know that when I met with a few top selling Avon Reps yesterday at least one of them seemed to be unaware of this launch. 
  2. Starting September 2, the time to process Returns is being reduced again and you should already be aware that there will no longer be one free shipping return shipment each month. Shipping costs will still be low, but not free. Therefore, it might be a good idea to hold your returns and only ship them to Avon once a month. Customers will have 45 days to return products to you for credit or exchange and you will have 60 days to return them to Avon, so just be sure you kept track of the amount of time from when you ordered the items. I don't know the details on when Avon begins the countdown for the 60 days, so I recommend counting from when the items were invoiced by Avon. 
  3. Free signups will continue until the end of the year, so keep pushing the opportunity. New Reps who qualify with a $60+ first order will get $10 credit toward their second order, free samples, and an A Box. 
  4. No more Fast Talk for orders! Most of you are turning in your orders online so this shouldn't affect too many, but one or two old school Cloud Climbers may be calling in orders. The Care Center Specialists will be available still but there will be a small fee for getting help from them in placing your order. If you have never placed on online order, be sure to watch the "Shortcut to Success" program on Avon U to learn how to do it. 
  5. What's New has already moved to online only (and I know that can be frustrating since it is not as easily read) and now invoices will only be available online. They can be downloaded and printed under Manage Orders/Invoicing. There are step-by-step instructions in the Invoicing Tool module on Avon U.
Top Ten in Sales for Campaign 16
  1. Sandra Moore HS   $1,108
  2. Jean Drouillard   $505   (Coming in strong as a new Rep!)
  3. Leslie Clendenon PC   $459   (Great work!)
  4. Cynthia Blake   $291
  5. Linda Wardell   $290
  6. Margo Prytz PC   $241
  7. Phyllis Smith Pr  $236
  8. Judith Lea   $141  - Tied for 8th place
  9. Sharon Tibbs   $141  - Tied for 8th place
  10. Kelli Violet   $137
I forgot to include birthday greetings and Avon anniversaries in the C15 newsletter. Sorry about that. Happy Birthday to the following Cloud Climbers born in July!
  • Bobbie Fay McElrath (7/7)
  • Helen Keeton (7/8)
  • Patsy Cloud (7/11)
  • Tracie Myrick (7/13)
  • Teresa Minley (7/18)
  • Claire Philadelphia (7/23)
  • Tiffany Smith (7/28)
  • Annetta Taylor (7/28)
Congratulations to those celebrating Avon Anniversaries in July:
  • Barbara Treloar, 32 years on July 7
  • Amy Layne, 2 years on July 12
  • Alison Hogan, 3 years on July 13
  • Rhonda Kennedy, 6 years on July 17
  • Linda Wardell, 2 years on July 17
  • Stephanie Goode, 1 year on July 20
  • Angi Price, 8 years on July 23
RecognitionCongratulations to Jean Drouillard for achieving the first step on the Pathway to Premier by having a first order of over $60 and receiving a $10 credit toward her second order, a free full-size Avon product, and free samples! I'm excited to see that Margo Prytz and Leslie Clendenon have both made the Premier Level for 2020 and are well on the way toward President's Club once again. Congratulations to Linda Wardell for tracking toward the Premier Level with a $646 increase over her CTD sales last year, to Margo Prytz for having a $1,804 sales increase over her CTD sales of last year, and to Gladys Faulk for having a $199 sales increase over her CTD sales of last year. If your sales are up over last year and I haven't mentioned you here, please let me know. Sometimes the reports are challenging to pull from VIBE. 

I hope you are having a great Campaign 17. Let me know if I can help you in any way. 

Sandra Moore
Avon Gold Ambassador

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