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To get started with your business right away, go to You'll be added to my team, the Cloud Climbers, and I will work with you to make your business a success.
You can learn a good bit about the business at the link, and just below are some details as well. If you have other questions, please contact me at 

The beauty of starting an Avon business is that you invest so little, (your choice of $25, $50, or $100) and there is no party kit required, no inventory to maintain, no minimum order, and no sales quota. 

For your investment, you will receive resource materials to get you started as well as books for each of your first two campaigns. You will also receive full size Avon products worth more than your investment. We turn in orders every two weeks (called a campaign) on the internet and orders are delivered to our doorsteps within a few days. It is your own business, so people pay you with cash, checks (made out to you), or by credit/debit card, and you pay Avon the amount due them. You can sell to anyone you want.

Earnings levels with Avon range from 20% to 40%, depending on the amount of your order. Your discount on the products you purchase for yourself is equal to your earnings level on the order. If you order products when they first come out on demo, you get an additional 5% off. Once you reach President's Club in Avon, your earnings can go as high as 50%!

Here is our current earnings chart for new representatives, but in the first few campaigns new representatives can make 40% on smaller orders by meeting their goals, as well as earning other rewards:
Earnings Chart *

$0 - $149 = 20% 
$150 - $299.99 = 30% 
$300 - $499.99 = 35% 
$500+ = 40% 

You charge each customer a service charge of .75 on their order, and you keep all of that to help cover your expenses. You will need to purchase bags for sorting the customer orders, and you can get 50 of those for about $1.25. You pay for shipping on your orders based on the size of your order, but the shipping cost is low. By charging each customer you personally deliver to a service fee of .75, you should be able to cover the cost of shipping. Avon has a 100% money back guarantee good for 90 days after the customer purchases the products and you will be able to return one shipment of items to Avon each month with no shipping cost. 

Of course, you can invest more in the business by purchasing samples, demo products, etc., but that is up to you. There are many free interactive training courses at the Avon website to help you build a successful business. These courses are excellent, and well worth your time if you want to build a successful business. There are also many top selling Avon representatives who produce content on blogs, on YouTube, and in Facebook groups to help those representatives who choose to use their expert advice.

Avon will furnish you a personal website (your online store) at no additional cost where your customers can shop if they choose or if they live outside of your delivery area. With your online store you can sell to anyone within the continental United States, with those not in your delivery area choosing direct delivery from Avon. You will receive the same earnings for orders placed at your online store as you do for orders you deliver personally. Avon creates many social media posts that you can use in promoting your website, and your eCustomers can register to receive emails from Avon about all the latest coupon codes and offers. To see what a typical personal online store looks like, take a look at mine:

I'm sure I have not answered all the questions you may have about an Avon business in this post, so please contact me with any others you think of. I keep no secrets about the Avon business! 

*There are some products (fashion and home) that are fixed earnings and new representatives earn 20% on those items. This earnings chart reflects earnings for core products such as makeup, skin care, bath & body, fragrance, jewelry, etc. 

There is another way to earn, and that is by adding team members and mentoring them to success. You can ask me more about that part of the business, as I have more than 18 years of experience mentoring my team.


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